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A Manse of Special Purpose
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A Manse of Special Purpose
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Bryan R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/27/2019 18:04:43

First the details - I ran this module with a party of 4 Level 11 characters. Our runtime was about 7 hours over three sessions, though admittedly that was with much lollygagging and our own time constraints so we couldn’t go longer. It certainly could’ve been faster, or I could honestly have spun this into an entire, short campaign with all the ideas here.

The setting is FANTASTIC! From the second they walk into town and all the way through the manse, it is a wonderful way to traipse through a variety of different planes – something that usually takes a great amount of sessions to manage in a full campaign. Dabbling in a little bit of the Abyss maybe, and a little bit of Hell, with a dash of a few other planes was both fun to run for me and fun for my players to experience and adapt to. I could vary the flavor of things to be silly and comical at times, but still bring a serious tone to it when needed.

The module offers several ways to introduce the setting, allowing for it to fit nicely in a larger campaign if that’s what you need and help the players understand their motivation for taking care of this situation. With the nature of the manse being influenced on a per-room basis, this also gives it a pretty solid re-playing score too. My party only went to half the rooms in the place, so I could change those out to be different rooms/planes on my own and run it again, totally fresh, even if the players have been through it once before.

The ending…well I won’t give anything away, but the module provides an excellent opportunity to really make it memorable.

There are puzzles to solve, choices to make, and real consequences that can come of those choices. All in all, it was a great experience, and I’m definitely keeping it to run again in my own campaigns. The concept of the planar-ly confused estate is a really fun one that I absolutely vibe with and look forward to playing more!

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