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Horrific Herbarium $2.00
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Horrific Herbarium
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Horrific Herbarium
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jose U. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/28/2020 10:27:13

An excellent content package for any Dungeon Master looking to spice up the plants in their world with more details than simply a name, a DC number, and some damage rolls. It contains details for 14 plants of which 2 are quite similar and 1 is effectively a tent, which may be too unusual some games. The document does not make any significant references to details in any of the published settings and as such the contents can easily be integrated into any setting of your choice. Although the mechanics of the plants are designed for the D20 system and Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, it would not be difficult to adjust the numbers to suit any gaming system or to level the plants to better suit your party.

Overall the plants are varied enough to be distinct from each other, their effects and appearances (trees, bushes, berries, grasses) are believable and toned-down enough (while still being interesting!) to not warrant a full-blown encounter and as such are flavorful additions to overworld travel. However, the Lightwood having 10–25 ft diameter leaves is a little over the top for my taste as is dealing 3d10 acid damage if the plant is in a reasonably "normal" forest (should such a thing even exist in the Forgotten Realms) but could prove to be an intriguing event for higher level parties. On the other hand plants such as the Noxious Elm and Poison Parsnip are simply excellent little bumps in the road to add to the journey of any party.

For each plant, the document provides:

  • A name fitting the vernacular in any area.
  • A general description of the plant, including any effects, and the general habitat suitable for giving to your players (with perhaps minor modifications depending on how much information you wish to reveal).
  • A detailed description of the appearance (height, leaf shape, flowers, color, flavor, etc.) that characters interested in herbalism should enjoy.
  • A detailed description of the mechanics for the Dungeon Master.

If you're looking to add more variety to your party's travels in temperate regions (none of the plants really fit into arctic or dry regions), I can highly recommend this product! For Dungeon Masters looking to add more content for herbalism be prepared to spend some time coming up with crafting components that could be harvested from the plants.

Purchasing the volume 2 of this supplement for more content is an obvious choice for anyone interested in this product.

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