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Infernal Machine Rebuild (5e) Pay What You Want
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Infernal Machine Rebuild (5e)
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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Ad T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/29/2020 11:58:56

This is the ultimate old school dungeon crawl, referencing the first edition DM's guide original map of the temple of Moloch and the Tomb of Horrors (TOH), if you want to visit some of he most iconic locations in D&D history this is for you, and all for a good cause. If like me you have been playing since 1st ed this is a trip down memory lane, but there is so much new to use it doesn't feel like a rehash. I have run the original TOH and various iterations since it came out, my current campaign for 5th ed is the Tomb of Annihilation, so this refernce back to TOH is a great fit for my campaign. The image from the original players handbook of the large red statue with its gem eyes being looted is the centre piece of the Temple of Moloch segment and I have a fantastic minature of that very statue so my players loved that. There are lots of bizzare magic creatures and paths crossing with several well known NPC's included here, I mixed these up a bit for my running of it to fit with my characters backstories, but there is lots to get your teeth into. whats great is the stat block for all the monsters is included with the adventure (i'm still calling them modules) which makes it easy to show characters illustrations and for easy ref. If you are a retro gamer or a newbie this will be fun to play.

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