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DDAL09-03 Hungry Shadows $4.99
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DDAL09-03 Hungry Shadows
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DDAL09-03 Hungry Shadows
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/26/2019 10:17:37

Overall, it was good. But it took quite a bit of prep that could have been avoided by a better layout.

  1. Number the rooms and corresponded to the text.

  2. Many of the Perception checks should be Investigation checks.

  3. In the house, combine the description of the rooms and the clues in the room together.

  4. Make the hell hound/imp battle a little harder somehow. I had 7 players with an APL of 2 (I had a few level 3 players) and they wiped the floor with them. I know, I could have added some cultists or another hell hound, but it was getting late.

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