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DDAL00-11 Pipyap's Guide to All of the Nine Hells $22.99
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DDAL00-11 Pipyap\'s Guide to All of the Nine Hells
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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/07/2019 13:08:03

I really, really, really enjoyed Pipyap's Guide to All of the Nine Hells. Kudos to AL team that put this amazing, robust document together. The information is helpful and easy to process. The adventures look like a ton of fun. (I'm planning to DM a few of them.) And the guidance on creating your own CCC adventures in the Nine Hells is HUGE for Adventurers League. This guide is one of the best things I've downloaded from DMsGuild. It's been a joy to read through.

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