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Curse Of Strahd Magic Item Handouts $0.50
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Curse Of Strahd Magic Item Handouts
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Curse Of Strahd Magic Item Handouts
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jay G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/15/2019 17:58:06

Magic item cards are the kinds of add-ons I wish either GF9 or Wizards would print and make available for EVERY published adventure. They are super-handy, save time, and keep the game flowing so that the DM and players don't have to stop mid-session to transcribe information.

These cards are extremely well laid out and I appreciate that the creator took the time not only to create backs for the cards but to format and lay out the PDF so that it's a simple doubles-sided print job with no additional piecing together required for the end user.

My only criticism is probably less a criticism and more a call-out on the limitation of the card format is that complex items (I'm looking at you Sunsword) require such small text to fit on a single card that they become almost unreadable. It might have been worthwhile in the case of The Sunsword and The Staff Of Power to forgo the card backing and instead print those cards double sided to allow for larger text.

Definitely a worthwhile addition, I high recommend these for anyone's Curse Of Strahd game!

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