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AE01-06 Night's Gambit by Imogen Gingell $4.95
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AE01-06 Night\'s Gambit by Imogen Gingell
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AE01-06 Night's Gambit by Imogen Gingell
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Antonio V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/27/2019 23:01:00

Overall: An excellent heist adventure with lots of room for clever PCs to innovate and come up with fun solutions. There may be some weird political implications, but that can just be more fun!


  • It's a heist! A great place for players to scheme and shine.
  • Flashback mechanic helps to make up for people not being cunning masterminds.
  • The Bone Collector fight feels suitably dramatic and tense.
  • Great bunch of characters to play with throughout the adventure.
  • Tense artifact even when players GET it!


  • Less proactive players might get bogged down.
  • Some confusion in the schedule means that things can seem to happen very chaotically at points.
  • More clarity on what should happen when a player loots somebody like Alinda would be nice.
  • Probably should be more problematic politically if the CAG adventurers are seen killing the captain of Fort Bones. This is not brought up.

Possible Errata:

  • It looks like the skeleton statblock says CR 2, while this looks like the standard CR 1/4 skeleton.

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