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Abyssal Tieflings
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Abyssal Tieflings
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Nicholas W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/19/2019 11:49:13

Overall a nice product that offers something I feel WoTC neglected. There are some very minor formatting issue that don't hinder readability but do cut down on presentation: spell names should be italicized and Orcus' second ability isn't properly spaced. Besides these small issues I think the overall flavor of each Demon Lord has been captured well by the abilities offered to each subrace. I believe that Crown of Madness might be a better fit for Demogorgon's level 5 spell, as it captures the chaotic and mad nature of him better, but that's personal preferance. Similarly, Graz'zt's level 5 spell might be changed to Suggestion, to avoid undue duplication. I recommend picking this up if you're interested in offering more tiefling options for your players (or yourself) that fit well within the base game.

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Creator Reply:
I am glad to see you liked it! Formatting will be corrected in the next version. As for Graz'zt's spell, I did originally want to choose Suggestion. However, that would make it too similar to the Fierna Tiefling in my opinion. Of course, it is perfectly fine that you have your own opinion, just wanted to explain my reasoning!
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