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It Got Under His Skin - Waterdeep Faction Adventure
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Arik F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/06/2018 13:16:18

Overall, I thought this was really well put together and useful. It contained everything that I needed to run as a one-off, and took about 4 hours for one player playing two PCs plus two DM PCs.

I am running Storm King's Thunder and the party is stopping off in waterdeep. I wanted a side quest for a few PC's to help them level up a bit before continuing and this fit the bill nicely. The party was comprised of L1 Cleric, L2 Ranger, L3 Ranger, L4 Sorcerer.

The explanations for the encounters were easy to follow. The tactics section for each NPC in each encounter was especially appreciated. The fights felt tough to the party, especially A, S, & D.

Here are a few notes from play. I imagine any problems were caused by DM inexperience on my part. Hence the 5 star rating anyway. SPOILERS follow:

  • The player wanted to contact local law enforcement after the attempted lynching. I hadn't thought of that so I had to come up with an NPC and reaction on the fly. Would be a great addition to have som suggestion how to plan this part.
  • The PCs were interested in tracking down all the people based on the initials listed in the minutes. It worked out okay because I sort of hand-waved that to move things along, having them not find any but the obvious ones.
  • PCs didn't make the connection between the guard and the demon, and so he didn't realize the quest was over after defeating the demon.
  • Player didn't understand why the demon was digging
  • I treated the Quasit as a red herring... not sure if I was supposed to do anything with it or not but I didn't.
  • The PCs diffused the prison riot with grapples and disarming, so I allowed the prisoners to surrender. They hadn't killed any guards and I didn't think they'd fight to the death when all their friends had been subdued. I also assured my LG PC that the penalty would likely be years added to their sentence, but not death as the text described.

That's all I can think of. Thanks for making this available! This was $ well spent.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
It Got Under His Skin - Waterdeep Faction Adventure
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Creator Reply:
Thank you for the thoughtful review! It sounds like you did a great job adapting the adventure to your table. Please reach out to me on Twitter @metzpaul or metzpaul@ Gmail if you would like a complementary review copy of one of my other adventures.
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