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Plane Shift: Ixalan
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Plane Shift: Ixalan
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by joshua C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/02/2020 10:51:29

I have been running a Plane Shift: Ixalan campaign for the past several months and I have to say it has been a delight. It is easily one of the most fun settings in recent Magic the Gathering history and the options provided in this book to use interesting factions and races to further the progress of campaigns has proven to be very exciting. With the built in opposition of the four separate factions (the fifth being mother nature herself sometimes haha) the stories have a real easy time flowing from adventure to adventure.

In particular playing the Brazen Coalition faction seems to lead to excellent handling and control to prolonged, multiple session expeditions and voyages to monster of the week, deal with this right now adventures. Great mix of roleplay with characters onboard ships, and in the city of High and Dry provide an interesting mix of combat, intrigue, pirate-y backstabbery and all types of goodness! I can't recommend this product enough for people who are a fan of either the Ixalan session or a campaign that has clear factions as a foil for the players to explore and try to survive in.

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