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Dungeon Tales #2 $9.95
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Dungeon Tales #2
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Dungeon Tales #2
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by RICHARD H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/21/2018 05:23:23

Dungeon Tales Volume 2 is a substantial compilation providing over 130 pages of adventure for your D&D group. The intention is to unearth worthy authors who's material might overwise be buried under the immense weight of publications available via DM's Guild. Each of the eight adventures is authored by a different writer, and the whole set is produced by MT Black.

Starting with The Amulet of Shavaka, the ruins of a tomb lie buried under the desert sands and are occupied by a host of undead. The exotic races such as Tabaxi and Yuan-Ti will feel at home here. Can the party steal the amulet without awakening Shavaka himself? I enjoy the atmosphere created here by the storyline and setting.

The Ballad of the Dark Maiden, is a ship-board voyage and provides details on handling the ship and its encounters. The players must overcome a series of fast paced challenges in what at first seems a routine mission. I like the sketches in this adventure!

In Dead of the Howling Hills, a small dungeon awaits the party - a mysterious hill top tomb which holds the long lost secrets of the local tribesfolk. A dark feeling pervades this adventure.

A Danger at Deepforge sees the party set on a mission to a Dwarven mine to recover a lost item. It sounds simple enough, what could possibly go wrong? Yet the Dwarves are a curious lot, and their mine is long abandoned. You'll have to venture into Deepforge to find out!

Safety Guaranteed invites us into the world of a Forgotten Realms "game convention" paradoxically mirroring modern day game conventions, and to take your mind on an even further twist, the adventure itself was performed at an actual game convention! A set of amusing treasures complements the adventure (my favourite being the Startled Cat Carrier), each one submitted by fans from social media.

Temple of the Dragon Priestess is a series of caverns and tunnels, wherein the party will find themselves eventually running into the Dragon Priestess and her minions that infest the underground complex. Your players will enjoy this traditional dungeon crawl with plenty to explore.

In An Uneasy Truce the (higher level) party is called upon to investigate a strange situation, and will find themselves trying to unravel a complex plot. A small adventure of monstrous proportions!

Valanche's Eye provides the players with a gnome and an offer they can't refuse. Soon enough, the party enters into the mysterious world of the gnomes and discover what trouble they get themselves (and the party) into. Like An Uneasy Truce, this adventure is less battle, and more plot unravelling. The party will never look at a gnome the same way again!

I have yet to play these adventures, but I highly recommend this collection as a way to dip into a variety of writing styles and add depth to your own campaigns.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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