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Tremors in the Sand - Tier 1 desert adventure $4.95
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Tremors in the Sand - Tier 1 desert adventure
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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Harrison O. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/11/2018 04:03:19

After running a mostly desert based adventure for the last two years myself, it was good to see how a professional does things in a published work. There were many similarities that made this very easy to run in an established setting, but the subtle differences were a surprising improvement on how I usually run things, or have seen in other modules.

  • First off, I enjoy the way the author lays out information in a consistent way ahead of time. Usually this is before an encounter that may rely on it, rather than having to flip back to an exposition heavy intro (which i've seen in some other modules), and provides some good follow through on how everything fits together into a cohesive whole.
  • Secondly, a lot of what is in the adventure makes sense. This might be wierd to how some people run things, I enjoy an adventure where not only does the story make sense but the events and environment ancillary to the plot have a logic to them. The town, the NPCs, the encounters, and the main temple all have a logic to them that you could expect in the "real world".
  • Thirdly, the adventure is concise. I sometimes have an issue where epic huge events can take me six months to build and get to. Not so here, by the end of this module the players felt like they had achieved a huge victory, and understood how close and how bad defeat would have been. The course of the adventure had weight and purpose.

My only criticism, and it's minor at that, is I would have liked some thought put into what happened to your 'helpers' in the conclusion. I ended up binding them to the service of the surprise guest at the end (the same surprise guest that you might have to encourage your players not to immediately think is the proper bad guy and attack...) and it was satisfying.

All in all, an excellent adventure and I thoroughly recommend it to others, even if it's only to send your players on a brief jaunt out of middle-england that most adventures seem to be based in.

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