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Shore of Dreams
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Evan V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/11/2020 21:03:18

Ran this as a side mission/story arc for my home campaign as a means to get the party prepped for a long sea voyage (i.e. training wheels for sea exploration) and gosh, what a fun adventure.

It's very open-ended, and has some fantastic opportunities for excellent roleplay. Great brute strength fights, chances for good sneak/subterfuge gameplay, nice interlacing with Zhentarim and some other factions if you choose, diplomacy/deception is DEFINITELY an option, and excellent trail of breadcrumbs you can get your party involved in. In particular, my group LOVED the cook leaping from behind the counter to engage in the bar battle with her chef's knives as a rogue, loved the betrayal section as a party member tried on one of the magical items and turned his coat, and loved piecing together the mystery/sneaking around the island after breaking out of prison. I had gave the big bad a few extra escape spells (dimension door, etc) and had her harry the party as they explored further into the temple (I extended the temple in the area where it's possible, went very underwater indiana jones style of temple with odd globs of barnacles sticking precious items to the walls/ceilings... the other end of the temple on the other side of the island was a Morkoth's Lair - SUPER fun boss fight and was fun to extend the adventure!)

Awesome little threads to follow. Would definitely run it again. Art was beautiful, enemies and stat blocks were easy to read and worked well (had to modify them since my party was at 7 players when we ran it, but that wasn't too hard).

Only critique was that I found the layout a bit confusing, would have loved to have a few reminders as to where certain items were when reading (i.e. section 3, page # so that when reading it was easier to find things on the fly) but after memorizing the surprisingly short booklet for... nearly 20+ hours of play? it became a non-issue. I made a map but when the party destroyed it, i destroyed the map i made... Strongly encourage others to make maps of the island as well if you intend to extend the adventure!

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Shore of Dreams
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Creator Reply:
Thank you for sharing your experience! Glad your party and you enjoyed your stay at the SHORE OF DREAMS!
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