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Greger\'s Grotto
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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Andrew H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/07/2019 23:30:46

I know it's been some time since this was released but here's my story. I hope this finds some eyes. I played in a few games for a few sessions each, so I was a total noob. I saw a post on my school's esports team's facebook for a group of 4 friends that needed a DM. I said "eff it, let's do it." I agreed to DM and it was my first time, obviously. I only had about 20 hours of dnd under my belt at that point. I scrambled for the next two weeks to prepare and research for good campaigns to run. I decided on Greger's Grotto. My god, I am so happy I did (I'm skipping ahead, but I can run Greger's from memory now and I've done it with about 6 different groups). I DM'd with that group for a year and a half and I have Greger's to thank. That group of people are my best friends in the world now, and if I didn't have a totally kick-ass campaign to start with, I never would have made those friends. I truly thank the creator of this campaign, from the bottom of my heart, for such wonderful masterpiece. This is the campaign that changed my life. It made me into the DM I am today and totally changed my college experience. I did add a little twist after they left the Grotto though. This is the end of the review, but you can keep reading for a story. I made Jisthelek, which is weird typing it out on a public forum now, the main character of the campaign. The arcane tattoos were a curse placed on him by Asmodeus. He was originally a blue dragon that worked for Zeus to guard one of the gates to the first level of Hell. He was cursed and killed by Asmodeus and turned into a Dracolich. The special curse made him incorporate the nearest dead corpse when he died, instead of his soul returning to his phelactery. He was a lonely creature wandering the material plane for thousands of years and decided to land himself in jail (Greger's), just to check out what it was like. He had been in thousands of different bodies at that point, learning magic and other knowledge in each of them. He became my DMPC that traveled with the party. Blue Draconic Blood Sorcerer but there were some catches. You may call them OP, and I would agree, but it was fun watching the players struggle to figure out what and who he was and his past. He was able to cast spells from all classes, knew double the spells as normal, and had double the spell slots. He was able to use any die for any move that damaged or healed, but if he used more than a -1 die (so d4s instead of d6s on a fireball) he would instantly implode and die. It made for great fun as I would cast lightning bolt and roll d4s and describe the lightning bolt spell, but the fool metagamers could never figure it out. He began the campaign as a goblin, just as you wrote him, but around level 6 he died and took over the body of a red haired fighter woman. Around level 12 he died again and took over the body of a mind flayer. Around level 15 the party was on the hunt for one of the PC's mom, who was the Goddess Leira (the background made sense I promise, he was an Aasimar with a grudge against her, basically the living embodiment of Sasuke, so you can imagine the rage coming up next). She was being controlled by Asmodeus, unknown to the PCs for sure, but it was hinted heavily. The players were so invested in their characters at that point and they were dead set on killing Leira and then Asmodeus. Jisthelek, at the final moment of the fight with Leira, misty stepped behind her and thrust the Sword of Cyric through himself and her, killing them both. He took over her body (I used a homebrewed fallen angel race) and became her. He was now the BBEG, screw Asmodeus. The campaign effectively ended soon after that for other reasons, but for the 3 next campaign that my friends would take turns DMing, they would base it on my world and the lore of Jisthelek. A creature of legends, to be feared, loved, and hated. Eventually one of the PCs (Leira's son) became god level, and hunted down Jisthelek, killing him for good, taking his power, and then systematically hunted down every single dragon that existed, just to spite Jisthelek. Imagine how pissed Sasuke would be if in the moment he was about to kill Itachi, Madara came in and took his moment from him. Douche move, but I regret nothing. I am a writer, a creator. I live to invoke all emotions, and god dang what a moment that was. Greger's Grotto inspired me and grew to be one of my fondest memories, nay, my most fond memory from college. Thank you, and if there is anything else the creater of Gregor's Grotto has put out, I would play/DM it in a heartbeat.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
It's heartwarming to hear that this adventure helped you so. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. It made my day! It's odd to think of Jisthelek as a BBEG, let alone a high-level NPC. But he does have the personality for it. I put the tattoos in as an open-ended hook for DMs, and you sure made good use of it! Andrew H., if you're reading this and you find the time, contact me. I'd be honoured to give you complimentary copies of the few other things I've created besides this adventure. You can find my contact info at the back of the Greger's Grotto PDF.
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