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430 Thieves Guild / Gang Names Pay What You Want
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430 Thieves Guild / Gang Names
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430 Thieves Guild / Gang Names
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Robert M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/21/2017 22:03:26

An un-edited and un-proofread, single-column list of 415— not 430 —entries vertiably vomitted into 18 pages.

Entries range from the following:

♦ The extremely uninspired pop-culture referenced (e.g., the "Alley Rats" which is referenced in more places that I could list here, "dead rabbits" which is a reference to the movie "Gangs of New York", the "T-Birds and Pink Ladies"— and later, the "the Pink Ladies!" entry —which is a reference to the movie "Grease" , "The R.O.U.S.es (rogues of unusual skill)" which is a reference, redefined, from the movie "The Princess Bride", "The badstreet boys" which is a reference to the "Backstreet Boys" music group, "The sharks and the jets" and "Finger snapping guilds!" which are refernces to the movie "West Side Story", the "Crazy 88s" which is a reference to the movie "Kill Bill: Vol 1", and even "The purple eye stabbers." from the Cyanide & Happiness comic strip) ♦ The cliche' (e.g., "Congress", "the Parliament") ♦ The completely irrelevant anagramatic (e.g., "The House Is Extremely Fun (T.H.I.E.F)", "S.T.E.AL strategic transfer of equipment to alternative locations", and "TLM - Thief Lives Matter") ♦ The obviously unusable-in-all-but-the-most-inane-campaigns (e.g., "the adjective nouns", "the adverb nouns", "The Coughing hurts", "3 easy steps", and "Group two." (yes, including the period).

I would consider the vast majority of this product to be useless and almost painful to look at, but there are some real gems here for those desperate enough to search through this badly constructed list.

One star for the effort of collecting all of these from wherever they actually came from, plus one star for having the guts to spew them out in this format and present them all here.

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