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Elemental Magic of Zakhara (Al-Qadim & Forgotten Realms) Pay What You Want
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Elemental Magic of Zakhara (Al-Qadim & Forgotten Realms)
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Elemental Magic of Zakhara (Al-Qadim & Forgotten Realms)
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Phillip W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/26/2016 08:53:28

This is a good product. The sidebar that notates that for 5th edition you should probably get rid of the opposition schools and thereby lose the elemental attunement is a good recommendation, though this isn't nearly as impacting as it was in 2nd edition when these elementalist mages lacked the standard wizard's spell list. The arcane traditions are nice, and the spells are a generally a good addition (along with those from the elemental evil player's companion from WotC). I may put these spells (just the spell names) in my class spell list in my product (the Red Book of Spell Strategy) with a reference to this product (as a means to make it easier for player's to find good resources AND have an easy reference to where all these different spells are and which classes they're for). If there were one thing that I wish the author had done, I wish he had actually created a class spell list including the other classes (though he does list a section of why he worries about doing so). Certain of these spells (such as the wind jambiya cantrip) should have no problem being a cantrip for say a bard or druid to give them a better thematic feel without overpowering them. Certain of the rituals though will need to be careful about whether they become standard wizard spells (as opposed to Zakharan wizard spells), which he does discuss (for instance, the converse with sea creatures, wind compass, and waves of sand probably should not be made standard wizard spells if they remain rituals) .

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