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Codex Siberys: Mourning & Madness
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Codex Siberys: Mourning & Madness


The Dragon Above presents…

Codex Siberys: Mourning and Madness

This compendium of enemies and allies contains statistics and illustrations for 30 original monsters built specifically for your Eberron campaign. By embracing the unique potential of social tabletop gameplay, these monsters offer outlandish, encounter-defining abilities which are sure to lead to dynamic combat and rich opportunities for roleplay and problem-solving.

Each creature is fully integrated into Eberron lore, including links to the factions and nations of Khorvaire and beyond. Some of these monsters are prime targets for a hunt, if you can find the right patron - but tangling with others might draw the attention of powerful villains...

Force your players to “donate” blood to the Mournland’s glass horrors, shatter their psyches in telepathic battle with a mad kalashtar, or watch them succumb to the Etherclaw hive mind in Khyber - Eberron has never been as fun, or as deadly!

The Codex includes:

  • 30 new monsters, complete with 24 original illustrations by the creator.
  • 1 new player race, the Eneko, with 2 subraces.
  • 2 magic items derived from featured monsters.

The Codex Siberys is a collected work based on over a decade of homebrew content at the "Dragon Above" blog. The Dragon Above started life in 2004 as the Eberron Bestiary, and has created hundreds of monsters across 3.5 Edition, 4th Edition, and now 5th Edition D&D.

If you enjoyed the Codex Siberys and would like to see more, or if you’d like a free preview of what to expect from the Dragon Above, be sure to check out Imogen Gingell’s other work on the DM’s Guild:

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Reviews (2)
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Customer avatar
the D October 04, 2018 3:42 pm UTC
There are appear to be some mistakes with some creature's challenge rating and the exp reward. For example:

The Etherclaw Drone's listed CR is 1/2 but then says (700XP) (either its CR should be higher or the XP should be lower)
The Etherclaw Clairvoyant CR 16 (8,400 XP) listed (either its CR should be higher or the XP should be lower)
Customer avatar
Imogen G October 04, 2018 9:20 pm UTC
Thank you for pointing these out to me!
I can confirm that the XP rewards are listed wrong, rather than the CRs.

The Drone should be CR 1/2 (100XP)
The Clairvoyant should be CR 16 (15,000 XP)

They'll be fixed in the next update to the Codex.
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