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Heroes of the Infinite Planes


Heroes of the Infinite Planes

Character Options from Across the Multiverse!

Fully bookmarked 130 page PDF with 45 new subclasses, 30 backgrounds, 34 new spells, and cultural overviews!


The planes hold an abundance of wonders, treasure, and excitement, enough to fill any campaign with untold sights, riches beyond compare, and horrendous monsters never before seen. These aspects are the purview of the Dungeon Master, who has an infinite sandbox with which to play around and construct extraordinary settings in which to stage countless stories.

But what about the players? There’s no reason to leave them out – they’re the stars of the show after all! The multiverse holds infinite varieties and possibilities ranging from just off from standard to the truly bizarre. Heroes of the Infinite Planes helps you harness those possibilities and build a character cut from a wholly different cloth. 

Within these pages are new subclass options for all 13 of the base classes in D&D, along with overviews of the cultures found throughout the planes. New backgrounds are provided to ground a character in the multiverse, and over 30 new spells can be found to allow a magic-using character to grab hold the planes and make it do their bidding – for a short time, at least.

Contents in Brief

This book provides options for characters inspired by or set within the infinite planes of the multiverse.

Chapter 1 Cultures of the Infinite Planes reviews the races found in D&D and how they fit into the larger multiverse. No new features or attributes are provided here, with the full statistics reserved for the original cited source material, but you’ll find information regarding the unusual races of Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Eberron: Rising from the Last War, and Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica among other sources.

Chapter 2 Classes of the Infinite Planes includes 45 new subclasses spread across the spectrum of the 13 base classes: artificer, barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard. Each class has its own dedicated section with information on how the class features on the planes, such as highlighting organizations, groups, and legends.

Chapter 3 Backgrounds of the Infinite Planes provides six fully detailed new backgrounds for characters to select, representing core backgrounds not easily replicated from existing material. These backgrounds include the Astral Drifter, Deep Miner, Dream Savant, Former Slave, Planar Agent, and Vacated. Also included are more than 20 modified versions of existing backgrounds. Examples here include the Janissary and Nameless Legionnaire, both based on the soldier background from the Player’s Handbook but providing alternate features to fit the specific described role.

Chapter 4 Spells of the Infinite Planes details over 30 new spells, inspired by or directly related to the functions and hazards of the multiverse. Summon and maintain a powerful flow of magma with lava geyser, entrap foes in acidic muck with torrent of slime, and cast your enemies across the planes themselves through a gauntlet of dangerous locales with dimensional cascade.

Subclass Overviews

Heroes of the Infinite Planes contains 45 new subclasses spanning all 13 base classes.

ARTIFICER: Includes information on artificer organizations with influence across the planes.

Clockwork Engineer. Mastering the clockwork wonders of Mechanus, these artificers craft unique weapons and companions to help them in their adventuring.

Gem Binder. Gem binders capture magical power in a star gem to enhance their arcane features and unlock new capabilities.

Wonderkin. These artificers pull dreamstuff from the Plane of Dreams to create wondrous items seemingly out of thin air.

BARBARIAN: Includes some thrilling barbarian legends.

Path of the Primal Host. Barbarians of this path learn to synchronize themselves with the Primal Host, a powerful nature element originating from Arborea.

Path of the Reaver. A reaver is a barbarian who has learned to take exploit every weakness of their opponent. They are fast moving warriors capable of lightning-quick strikes.

Path of the Skald. Many barbarians of Ysgard follow the Path of the Skald, bolstering their companions in battle with fierce songs and keeping the legends of their people alive.

Path of Umbra. The Plane of Shadow is a dark, malevolent place, but those following the Path of Umbra have learned to take its power and weave it in their fury.

BARDS: Includes a look at the bard troupes performing across the planes

College of the Circus. Entertainers and acrobats, bards of the College of the Circus are always on the move, dazzling others with amazing feats of acrobatic expertise.

College of Joy. Bards of the College of Joy tap into the latent energy of Mount Celestia to spread tidings of good will to everyone they meet.

College of Memories. On the Astral Plane, bards from the College of Memories learn to access long-buried memories and recall lost information.

College of Storms. Thunder and lightning crash down around bards of this college, who are often referred to as heavy metal masters.

CLERIC: Includes a look at the divine realms found throughout the planes.

Elemental Domain. Elemental clerics see greatness in the raw power of the Inner Planes, where deities and powerful forces control the building blocks of the multiverse.

DRUID: Includes an overview of druidic forces across the multiverse.

Circle of the Hive. The insect world is tiny but vast. Druids who follow this circle see beauty and power in that world.

Circle of the Hunt. Predators are a part of the natural cycle, and these druids take on predatory features as part of their place in that cycle.

Circle of the River. The River Oceanus is a wellspring of health and revitalization, and its purifying waters can be harnessed by these druids.

FIGHTERS: Includes a review of some noteworthy martial orders

Greenblade. The archfey are capricious creatures of the Plane of Faerie, and sometimes they choose to bestow boons upon a fighter who serves as their agent in the planes.

Juggernaut. Few warriors can match the heavily armored juggernaut in sheer battlefield domination, who utilize their armor to wage ultimate war.

Mad Howler. Wild, unpredictable, and chaotic, the mad howler zigs when others think they’re going to zag, throwing opponents off balance while they take advantage of arising situations.

Stone Breaker. The lessons of stone are hard and unyielding, but to the patient it can become a crucible capable of producing perfectly timed strikes.

MONKS: Includes a brief description of a few planar monasteries

Way of the Honed MindAmidst the endless churning chaos of Limbo, monks who follow the Way of the Honed Mind learn to calm their bodies and achieve intense focus.

Way of the Silver Lantern. The Astral Plane is a vast unending Silver Void, and the monks of the Silver Lantern take up the task of aiding those lost in their ways. 

Way of the Warrior Soul. Acheron breeds iron-willed warriors, and some monks take this inspiration to perfect their inner warrior soul.

PALADINS: Includes general information on planar causes and crusades

Oath of Anarchy. The multiverse is in a constant state of flux, and the paladins who adhere to the Oath of Anarchy strive to make sure it stays that way.

Oath of Clarity. In order to confront a problem, the problem must be seen. The Oath of Clarity pushes to make sure everyone can see clearly in an endless multiverse.

Oath of the White Flame. Demons and fiends represent not only a physical danger but an existential threat to everyone, everywhere, and they must be stopped at any cost. The White Flame illuminates the ways to stop these creatures of pure evil and chaos.

RANGERS: Includes a brief description of ranger enclaves across the planes

Arcane Warden. Arcane wardens are the warriors and scouts of the Plane of Faerie, using the power of ancient elven magic to attack and defend.

Demonskin. Demonskin rangers use the power of demons against their foes.

Unicorn Knight. The Unicorn Knights are noble defenders of goodness and justice across the multiverse, harnessing unicorn-like powers to aid in their endeavors.

Windrunner. Windrunners move with the speed of the wind wherever they go, and few are better than they at navigating difficult terrain.

ROGUES: Includes information on the various thieves' guilds operating in the multiverse

Fire Dancer. Blending beauty and danger, the fire dancer weaves a delicate balance using fire to enhance their natural talents.

Gatecrasher. The multiverse is riddled with gates and portals, and the gatecrasher specializes in finding these paths and exploiting them for their own personal gain.

Luckspinner. Luck is a fickle mistress, but it’s not an untamable one. The luckspinner grabs luck, good and bad, and captures it for later use.

Mind Stalker. Illithids and other aberrations are scourges of reality wherever they are found. The mind stalker specializes in hunting them down and turning their telepathic powers against them.

SORCERER: Includes some thoughts on the magical sources of sorcerers in the planes

Glittertouched. The residents of Bytopia recognize the strange but brilliant power of glitter, a heritage passed down from the gnome gods of the Golden Hills.

Hero Blood. Arborea is a plane of heroes and gods, and while much of their former glory has passed, their legacy continues in these competent sorcerers.

Ooze Magic. Oozes slither and crawl through the dark places of the multiverse. Long ago, a band of powerful wizard-lords on the Plane of Ooze sought to tame their power, and the legacy of their meddling extends far beyond the lost city.

WARLOCK: Includes some information on how the various patrons operate across the planes

The Metal Master. A being made of metal, such as a powerful golem or golden god, has need of an agent across the planes. 

The Scorched. Your pact is made with a creature of passionate fire, burning rage, and relentless fury.

WIZARDS: Includes general information on the arcane institutions of the multiverse

School of Aeromancy. Air is arguably the most common element across the planes, and the wizards of aeromancy capture and harness its power to create wondrous effects.

School of Cryomancy. The frozen magic of the Plane of Ice is the domain of the School of Cryomancy.

School of Geomancy. Earth and stone are the playgrounds of the School of Geomancy, who keep their feet on the ground and can summon powerful elemental forces.

School of Hydromancy. The flowing power of water itself is at the beck and call of the School of Hydromancy. Summoning and stealing water are all part of their magical repertoire.

School of Nomomancy. Magic is a powerful force that obeys its own set of ubiquitous laws. The School of Nomomancy seeks to understand those laws, and by doing so they learn to manipulate magic in new ways.

School of Oneiromancy. The Plane of Dreams is a wondrous, strange realm, and the School of Oneiromancy is concerned with capturing the dream magic latent in that plane to power their spells and effects.

School of Pyromancy. Fire burns, and the School of Pyromancy studies that burn with intense scrutiny. Their fire magic is second to none.

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Reviews (1)
Discussions (8)
Customer avatar
Armando D October 09, 2023 6:13 am UTC
Any chance on getting this POD. loved CODEX OF INFINITE PLANES. would like a print version of this and Monsters of Infinite Planes.
Customer avatar
Dave C October 09, 2023 12:40 pm UTC
Thank you for the interest! The release of the playtest content for the 2024 D&D books gave me pause about the viability of a print version, since it looked like almost all subclasses and backgrounds would need an adjustment to be compatible. The most recent playtest release showed WotC seems to be keeping most of the progression the same to keep it compatible so I'm less worried now. I'll get back into looking into a POD version for Heroes and Monsters in light of these latest changes. Thank you again!
Customer avatar
Eric L October 06, 2022 3:43 am UTC
Any chance of having a print option for this? I really enjoy your work, but I prefer to have physical copies, if possible.
Customer avatar
Dave C October 10, 2022 1:17 pm UTC
Thank you for the kind words! I'd love to get this into POD and I'll be working on incorporating a few tweaks/updates before submitting it. Hopefully in the next month or so it will be up!
Customer avatar
Paul S July 30, 2023 7:09 pm UTC
any updates on getting a POD of this?
Customer avatar
Alexander T November 25, 2021 12:47 pm UTC
Hey there, love what you've done with this, the Codex of the Infinite Planes, and Monsters of the Infinite Planes!

In this book, as well as the Codex, there's something I've been infinitely curious about, and that's the Monastery of Seven Flowers on Mount Celestia. This seems to lend itself perfectly to a monk subclass from the text in the Codex and this book, and in fact it's mentioned on page 58 as being one!

"The following options are available to monks at 3rd level: Way of the Honed Mind, Way of Seven Flowers, Way of the Silver Lantern, and Way of the Warrior Soul."

However, the book then goes on to only list Honed Mind, Silver Lantern, and Warrior Soul. What's the story on this? It seems as though it was cut from the final version, but I'm super curious about what it entailed. I'm actually planning on either running or playing in a planar campaign using your setting and would love to have this monk subclass available.

Thank you!
Customer avatar
Dave C November 29, 2021 1:58 pm UTC
Thank you for your question! As I developed the content for Heroes of the Infinite Planes, I built out a matrix of class options. My goal was to have three or four subclasses detailed for each class, and they were all culled from ideas germinated from developing the individual Codex of the Infinite Planes entries. I liked the idea of the Way of Seven Flowers, but as I worked on the design I wasn't satisfied with any of my attempts, and playtesting revealed them to be uninspired. Ultimately it's an idea that still sits in my files but needs more refinement, and I decided to release Heroes of the Infinite Planes without it. I didn't quite scrub all references to it though! I need to make some updates to the PDF soon for some language and rules clarifications so I'll clean out this reference. Oooooorrrrr I might have an idea or two on how to turn the Way of Seven Flowers monk into an actual idea and add it in!

Thank you again for your interest!
Customer avatar
Don S March 17, 2021 4:40 pm UTC
Some other things I have noticed and suggestions:
-Clockwork Engineer - The clockwork weapon should be considered a magic weapon (it is probably intended as such, but should be mentioned)
-Path of Umbra - Moving through objects (like walls) is a big thing and trivializes some things too early (maybe make it an add-on later)
-Elemental Domain - "Elemental Soul - Fire" should be reworded, as the damage aura as written can't be turned off, only the light (except for the case you want those clerics to live in total solitude or otherwise kill everything around them)...or make it only work on creatures of choice
-Circle of the River - I am really uncertain as "Renew Resources" scales with Proficiency....with a Warlock in the party this can turn into a balancing nightmare
-Stone Breaker - Maybe make "Maximum Strike" a bonus action, but it only consumes a "charge" if it is applied...I see nightmarish scenarios with "Holy Weapon", "Divine...See more
Customer avatar
Dave C March 17, 2021 5:01 pm UTC
Thank you for the feedback! I'm revisiting and revising many of the elements in the book.

-Clockwork Engineer - Yup, I'll make that explicit in the text, good to call out.
-Path of Umbra - This one I think could use a bit of pulling back with room for expanding the feature at later levels. Maybe start with "difficult terrain does not impede your movement and you can move through creature's as if they were difficult terrain" to start with. Advance it to full move through physical objects at 10th level.
-Elemental Domain - I'll update the wording so that the cleric can choose X targets to be immune.
-Circle of the River - Warlock would definitely get the biggest boost out of it, but it's still a noncombat feature that essential reduces the need for a short rest from an hour to a minute. Originally the feature was even stronger! I'm OK with the boost helping out warlocks but theoretically everyone could use it (even just to regain some hp).
-Stone Breaker - I tried to...See more
Customer avatar
Don S March 17, 2021 5:53 pm UTC
-Stone Breaker - I just reread "Maximum Strike" and "Divine Smite". It excludes this at least. Spells and features that modify the damage dice of a weapon on the other hand get doubled too. I think by making it a bonus action and making it apply to the first that hits during this turn it is quite balanced. This fighter kinda lacks a good sink for his bonus action anyway.
-Gatecrasher - Maybe that is really a matter of the group. Porting through prison bars or simply narrow cracks you can see through, as well as escaping grapples and certain spells without a check (which mostly require investment of an action) seems strong to me if no resource is invested.

Customer avatar
Paul A March 16, 2021 10:42 am UTC
I noticed a typo regarding the Circle of the Hive.
"Shape of the Swarm
2nd-level Circle of the Hive feature
You gain the ability to use Wild Shape to transform
into a swarm of insects. At 2nd level, you can choose
a swarm of beetles, a swarm of spiders, or a swarm
of spiders. At 4th level, you can choose a swarm of
wasps." Swarm of spiders is mentioned twice.
Customer avatar
Dave C March 16, 2021 11:24 pm UTC
Gah! Thank you, I thought I had squashed that particular typo previously. It'll get squashed in the next update!
Customer avatar
Harmony G March 14, 2021 12:26 am UTC
Customer avatar
Don S March 13, 2021 6:49 am UTC
What is the use for Reaver Speed? You take a Dash Action outside of yor turn...but you can't move outside of your turn unless you use the Ready Action, which consumes your reaction. It is an empty feature.
Customer avatar
Don S March 13, 2021 7:51 am UTC
Just read more and it gets worse...the author has a poor understanding of the action economy, as well as balancing in general. Most things are extremely weak, with some exceptions. The worst offender is the Glittertouched Sorcerer - As a 1st level feature to cast Faerie Fire (with a reduced area), without save and concentration - How anyone would even entertain the idea is baffling. Afterwards blinding without a save...
Someone please tell me, why a 1-lvl dip in this class shouldn't be mandatory?
Customer avatar
Patrick W March 14, 2021 3:53 am UTC
Why would you need to ready an action to Dash when the feature specifically gives you a reaction triggered by "the end of a creature's turn" that allows you to Dash? The general rule may be that you cannot move outside of your turn, but specific features can give you abilities that trump the "general" rules. Definitely agree that some of the features need a balance touch-up, however; Glittertouch should be a dex save to avoid being coated and a con save to avoid being blinded, I think. Certainly not for free. Another I've noticed is the Gem Binder artificer that at level 5 gets the ability to teleport an unlimited number of times- Should probably be something like PB or Int bonus times per day.
Customer avatar
Don S March 14, 2021 6:00 am UTC
Because "Dash" does not make you move, it only doubles your movement speed for that turn. So the feature as it is worded does nothing except waste a reaction. "And move up to your (movement) speed" should be added and it would work. Same problem, with the Mad Howler Fighter. On a different note the free unconditional melee attack of the Mad Howler as a reaction is stronger than the Battle Master's Riposte, making it a prime option for Rogues - especially with the free advantage. Or getting Dodge as a reaction.
Customer avatar
Dave C March 14, 2021 2:35 pm UTC
I see what you're saying now, and you are correct! I hope the intent is clear, and I'll go through and update the wording to be specific in the latest update regarding Dash. Thank you!
Customer avatar
Richard T February 17, 2021 3:11 pm UTC
Any chance of this as a Fantasy Grounds product?
Customer avatar
Dave C February 17, 2021 3:16 pm UTC
Not yet, but I am currently investigating options to convert it! I hope to have good news on that front soon. Thank you for your interest!
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