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Map Parcel Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity (3.5E/4E/5E/CoreRPG/PFRPG/PFRPG2/SFRPG rulesets)]

Map Parcel Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity (3.5E/4E/5E/CoreRPG/PFRPG/PFRPG2/SFRPG rulesets)]

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Map Parcel Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity (3.5E/4E/5E/CoreRPG/PFRPG/PFRPG2/SFRPG rulesets)] - Parcels support being displayed/accessed on a map, NPC sheets also support inventory tab and for 5E ruleset has the ability to drop items into the main NPC sheet. Coins have a weight that are now part of the inventory carrying capacity. If using 5E ruleset, the parcels also support die rolls for pick lock and break lock. The map parcel can be unlocked by the DM for access by the players to put things in or take things out (yeah, think about it - permanent storage in your campaign at a map location). Beast of Burden is an NPC trait taken into account for max carry weight (yeah, think about it - NPC like a mule has an inventory to carry around). NPCs inventory will be the responsibility of the host. However, if you have the polymorphism extension (5E only) a player can have full access to a shared NPC inventory (requires ownership considerations when not a host) as that extension has a more complex support of shared NPCs for other purposes. If you don't have polymorphism, Characters still have full access to move things out of the inventory and into a map parcel and visa versa. A parcel that is a direct reference to a module will not have the Map Parcel ability, you will need to make a copy so that it can be dynamically changed as part of Map Parcel capabilities.


V1.1 - Removed ability to place Map Parcel from a parcel directly reference to a module. Must make a copy of those to get the Map Parcel fields displayed on the sheet.

V1.2 - Added ability to MOVE entire contents of charsheet/npc inventory over to partysheet inventory or parcel inventory. Only the host can do this and it is dragging the combat tracker link or sheet link over to the partysheet or parcel inventories. THIS IS A MOVE so do not use this unless you mean to have everything in the inventory shifted OUT of that charsheet/npc sheet. I plan to use this when a character or NPC is dead and I want to distribute their inventories in a map parcel or the partysheet. It is a PAIN to move every item one by one back into charsheet/npc sheet if you mistakenly do this - so DON'T mistakenly do it. 

V1.3 - Removed ability to drop database items into module records. Host was not being prevented from putting inventory items into NPC module data. If the module had inventory items in it that would be fine to display, but to dynamically manipulate the inventory it must work on a record (copy of module data) so that it would be in the db.xml database. Basically, just a minor issue that needed to be prevented to prevent confusion. 

V1.4 - Expanded parcel window width to be able to fit any map parcel controls I add in.

V1.5 - Fix to dropping items into NPC from combat tracker. Only the addNPC logic when first dropping an NPC into combat tracker will create a value used for CT showing the attack strings. This logic had to be duplicate if you dropped an item in an NPC that was already in CT. 

V1.6 - changed how inventory tab is added into NPC sheet. Will have no visible effect to users but may have some compatibility issue with another extension - basically testing to see if this fixes that incompatibility. 

FG Forums:

Extensions = RISK: This note is added to all the extensions I maintain. I want users to understand that extensions are code that is added to or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. I will keep my extensions working with FGU changes, and the extensions I use (listed in my FGU signature) as I have direct control over those things. I cannot make the same promise with other extensions. If I am notified of an incompatibility I will attempt to resolve it - but if I cannot I will list what the known extension incompatibilities are. Understand before you get any extensions that it comes with RISK. Not just my extensions - any extension. 


Made and tested for 5E ruleset.

Created test project and ran one test each in 3.5E/4E/CoreRPG/PFRPG/PFRPG2/SFRPG rulesets.


At the moment Fantasy Grounds Unity is in BETA. This means bugs can creep up and whack things till it goes live. As I use this extension in my own campaign I'll be keeping it up to date/fixed to my way of running things for the immediate future. I do not own, or plan to own, the classic version. So will not support that version even if it turns out this can run under it. Therefore, assume it does not.

You must put this .ext file into the extensions directory where you delivered Fantasy Grounds Unity. When you bring up Fantasy Grounds Unity the new extension will show in the chat window and the features will be already in the game. (ex. put .ext file in C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds\extensions)

A LONG boring soundless video, to put you to sleep, is provided showing essentially a test run of all the operations this extension provides.

Technical Points:

All npc sheets have an inventory tab, just like the charsheet version. It is in fact the same code supporting it. Some low level operations have been modified to make npc=charsheet when dealing with inventory operations. This has the effect that any owner of the NPC (host usually) can operate the NPC inventory exactly the same way the charsheet inventory is used.

5E only:
Support dropping Items (designed for weapons or armor but not limited to these) onto NPC main page and have them added into action section and also into the inventory at the same time. In the case of armor or shield, it updates the AC and it's text in the NPC. The following is the logic used to build in the
attack/hit/AC given an item:

-- [Melee/Ranged] Weapon Attack: +[Prof + ability] to hit. Hit: [damage dice] + [ability] [damage type],[magic property].

-- Prof Bonus (MM P.8) = CR 0-4:+2, 5-8:+3, 9-12:+4, 13-16:+5, 17-20:+6, 21-24:+7, 25-28:+8, 29-30:+9
-- DEX ability bonus added to ranged weapons (subbtype = ranged, properties = range)
-- STR or DEX prof ability bonus added to finesse weapons (properties = finesse)
-- STR ability bonus added to melee weapons (anything else)
-- ARMOR takes into account dexbonus and dexterity ability - also Shields AC is added on not replaced.

This greatly helps DMs in modifying NPC's with weapons or armor picked up - though as things are so wildly different in text definitions you may wish to edit things more after the drop. Either way its an excellent start, if not outright completion, for adding things like weapons and armor (or any item) into NPC actions (which is the grab bag section for NPCs).

All supported rulesets:
Parcels have several new fields. On the host, the parcel sheet has a token field used to place an asset to represent the parcel on the map. Once a token is defined it can be dragged onto the map by the host and placed like any other token. The following are only displayed in 5E ruleset. The player will be able to see the token but not use it for anything.

5E only:
The host has a roll visibility button button used to determine if the pick lock or break lock die rolls are visible to the player making the roll.

The pick lock die roll button (host and player) and a DC value (host only) is provided to do a roll vs DC check. This will only be allowed if the active combat tracker entry (character or NPC) has Thieves' Tools in their inventory. It will also apply any dexterity bonuses or any bonuses for a Thieves' Tools skill (which you must define yourself). Relevant Effects and modifiers will also be taken into account in the die roll.

The break lock die roll button (host and player) and a DC value (host only) is also provided to do a roll vs DC check. This will apply any strength bonuses to the die roll. Relevant Effects and modifiers will also be taken into account in the die roll.

All supported rulesets:
The parcel sheet has a Locked Parcel button. If this button is active then only the host can see the contents of the parcel. Once the host determines the map parcel is to be unlocked then they can deactivate the button and the player will be able to see and operate on the contents of the parcel. For example, in 5E after a successful pick lock or break lock roll the DM can deactivate the button. If not using 5E or the active combat tracker entry then the host will have to use the normal party sheet rolls or other die roll mechanisms to determine if the lock button state will change to be on the parcel. Or they can keep it locked and always only allow themselves control of the parcel.

There is also a button that will push all the coins/items on the parcel to the partysheet inventory. Coins can only truly be distributed by the parthsheet invetory distribute button - any other way requires manual operations by the DM to add and remove coins manually from different places. If the parcel sheet is on the map it will actually remove anything from the parcel that is moved out of it (via this button, or moving individual items, etc.). If the parcel sheet is not on the map (defined as a normal parcel) then this button will just copy everything to the partysheet in the same way dragging the link and dropping it on the party sheet would do normally.

I recommend you copy any fixed parcels you don't want changed before you place them on the map. Once they are on the map they are subject to being emptied and filled as a dynamic part of your campaign. This extension will require you to use your imagination to truly take advantage of all it has to offer. Off the top of my head I can think of a few examples in 5E - since that is all I play:

You can have NPCs pick up weapons and armor much faster without wasting time configuring things. For shared NPCs you can outfit them and have them carry things, though to allow players to manage the NPC inventory instead of the DM you will need polymorphism extension (5E only) or your own way of establishing a player as the owner of an NPC. Personally, I plan to have my players have pack animals full of inventory (with encumbrance penalties of course) - or configure wagons and such as NPCs with inventories. With map parcels I can have chests, cabinets, hollow trees, whatever token I want to represent my parcel. And that parcel can have predefined loot in it - or nothing - and can be filled up with loot for storage. I can design an NPC trap (so I can target it) and make it invisible in combat tracker and place it on the map - then place my map parcel on it as a trapped parcel - or just wait to place the NPC trap when they detect or trigger it. For me - this extension opens the game up. And in the end, I do these extensions because I want them. It's a quest to become...

The laziest DM ever.

Known Issues:

The parcel is made public when placed on the map and removed from public when removed from map. Due to this being the only way to give player the access to the DB node one of the things that will be possible is for the player to move and delete the parcel. Just have them not do that.

Only items moving between npc/charsheet inventories and the parcel or partysheet inventory will support adding into one inventory while removing from another inventory. Moving between partysheet inventory and parcel will still be the copy of the original FGU behavior.

The hidden display roll button will only work if the host is doing the roll. If a player is doing the roll they will still see the full DC result of the roll.

Programming overrides of CoreRPG code (mostly this if for incompatibility determinations):
[ Copy means I had to literally replace the code with mine. Override means I call the original code before or after my new code - meaning if something replaced it lower down than the 99 of my extension it will still be called. ]

Override of ItemManager.getItemSourceType to make sure this will support npc inventory tab sheets - essentially trick it into npc=charsheet so all the logic for inventory gets done correctly.

Override of ItemManager.handleAnyDrop to support map parcel sheet logic.

Override of ItemManager.addItemToList to support map parcel sheet logic.

Override of ItemManager.sendItemTransfer to support map parcel sheet logic.

Override of utility_currencies.xml to support coin weight definitions.

Override of record_npc.xml and npc_main.lua to support NPC inventory.

Override of record_parcel.xml and parcel.lua to support map parcel.

Database Fields created/used by extension:

mapparcel_breaklockdc - break lock DC value.
mapparcel_lock_button - lock button state.
mapparcel_picklockdc - pick lock DC value.
token - holds map parcel token.
tokenrefid - holds map parcel token images ref id.
tokenrefnod - holds map parcel token images ref node.

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Customer avatar
Hector H September 28, 2020 12:34 am UTC
I saw that you can give a lockpick DC to open and see contents in chests (I like this), I also noticed that monsters have an area for items held. If a creature dies (and is left on the tracker) can the PCs check the body the same way they do a chest? In other words, can the PC check the creature and a window pop up showing what it had?
Customer avatar
Bill P September 28, 2020 1:00 am UTC
Basically if you drag combat tracker entry link or sheet link of dead pc or NPC into party sheet or parcel it will move (not copy) all the contents for distribution. That was the way I decided to handle that. That can be at anytime not just when they are dead.
Customer avatar
Hector H September 28, 2020 1:39 am UTC
OK, so if I have creature "A" and I give him a flame tongue (in the inventory area) it will equip it. I can place the flame tongue in the second tab, so when it is defeated, I grab the creature from combat tracker and move it to party sheet and items in the equipment tab will show in the party loot tab.
This won't take the flame tongue from the first tab where it is equipped and being used, correct?
Customer avatar
Bill P September 28, 2020 1:58 am UTC
Not really sure what your saying here. FGU is FGU. This extension does what the description says. Drop logic was changed to support dropping charsheet or NPC sheet link (or CT entry link for them) to drop into party sheet or parcel inventories which will move all inventory list and coins into them. That is it.
Customer avatar
Badger B September 22, 2020 12:46 pm UTC
will these also work with classic please?
Customer avatar
Bill P September 22, 2020 3:12 pm UTC
I never use classic - which is why I always state up front its for Unity. Even when people tell me an extension works in classic - or works with some other extension - I will never "claim" that it does because I don't use those things myself. I can only claim it works in Fantasy Grounds Unity and with the extensions in my FGU forums signature - which are essentially only ones I personally maintain. To be clear, I have other extensions people have said they work with something or other and I always reply publicly - I cannot say that even if they do. As this is a brand new extension - I've heard nothing one way or the other on what it works with or does not. "SilentRuin" is my forum handle where my signature has those extensions I do support it working with.
Customer avatar
Badger B September 22, 2020 9:44 pm UTC
thank you for your honesty, I really appreciate it!

I really like two of your extensions but not prepared to move over to unity until its way more stable.

I will look in on you when FGU stays stable for a reasonable amount of time.
Customer avatar
Bill P September 22, 2020 9:52 pm UTC
Just keep in mind that if you’re using any of my extensions (whatever two you are liking) they are all developed on Unity version. And if you are using them in classic - I will still not “claim” those work on it either. Just FYI, all my stuff is only tested by me on unity.
Customer avatar
Badger B September 26, 2020 12:54 am UTC
do you have an email I can contact yuou on please?
Customer avatar
Bill P September 26, 2020 1:03 am UTC
Just PM me in under "SilentRuin" we can talk there. If really really needed I can then set you up in discord through the PM there.
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