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Fantasy Grounds 'Spell Tokens' extension

Fantasy Grounds 'Spell Tokens' extension

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Fantasy Grounds 'Spell Tokens' extension for use with 'Fantasy Grounds VTT'

This extension places a token slot within the player's spell lists on the 'action' tab of the character sheet.

Drag a token from the 'assets' section onto the spell you would like a token to represent on the 'map' the player is on.

Using the token on a 'map' is a matter of dragging it from the player's spell token on the 'map' and placing, moving and resizing as required.

This allows the DM ( or player if they have tokens, but player tokens might not share to the group ) to add token to your character sheet for spells to show area effects.

Once on the character sheet spell, they should sync to players and you should be able to drag them onto the map to mark and scale the area of effect for the spell.

Rotate with middle mouse wheel, Resize with CTRL+ middle mouse wheel. 

NOTE.. due to extension rules, I will be removing support for other rule sets that are not 5E, to try and keep the extension hosted. 

NOTE: Spell tokens and normal tokens might get out of sync across client and host in some situations.  This is a FGU unity and has been reported under (Cut'n'Paste):


Fantasy Grounds Forum (Cut'n'Paste):


  • No tokens are provided with this extension, just the ability to apply them onto the character sheet and drag onto a map.
  • Added a config file for 'FG Spell template' graphics pack, again no tokens are provided.  And I feel these graphics dont work well as spell tokens due to been designed for 'alpha' to be controlled in the layer of the 'map' when the dm adds them. So this makes them 'solid', which combined with the token draw order issue makes them not very usable.
  • Advanced token move is only enabled with the 'Extra Selection Mode' settings Option for 'Spell Token', and only works in 'token unlocked' move mode.

Update to v3.9.8

  • Updated to take 40% grid size, instead of 20 pixels, to detect overlap spell token and player token. ( eg. spirit guardians)

Update to v3.9.7

  •  Fix for image state change error, caused by change to rule set.

Update to v3.9.6

  • Adjust vision settings.
  • Add a 'light' to a spell token as an option for FGU.

Update to v3.9.5

  • Fix target select drag, target select 'alt' drag with mixed spell tokens.
  • Added 'nil' protection to spell token create.

Update to v3.8

  • Removed spell tokens from vision on FGU.

Update to v3.7

  • Add 'Token Height Indicators' extension support for 'Alt'+scroll wheel on tokens under spell tokens. ( Requires ' Token Height Indicators' v3.9+ to work. )

Update to v3.6

  • Update for rule set changes.
  • Added support for rotate(shift)/scale(ctrl) + 'scroll wheel' a token under a spell token. ( To go with the drop damage/heal from chat onto token under spell token. )
  • Updated spell token 'owner', so players can not move DM spell/NPC tokens.
  • Adjusted move support due to 4.1.1 release.
  • When you drag a token under a spell token the drag will now move both if the spell token is on top of the token, once the drag is done the system will move the spell token back to its original position. You can hold 'shift' to have the system not return the spell token to the original position.
  • When a token is in the exact center of a spell token, think spirit guardians, the system will move both token and spell token together and does not restore the spell tokens original position. If you hold 'shift' in this case it will restore the original position. ( Note the top item will be restored, so it could move back the token and leave the spell token if the token was on top of the spell token. ) Also rotate(shift) + 'scroll wheel' will rotate both the token and spell token in this case.
  • Movement has been designed to work as normal as possible without the need to press the 'shift' key, depending on placement of the spell token and the tokens, when enabled with the option in mode 'circle' or 'square'. Otherwise in 'disabled' ( default ) mode the system should work as normal game drag but the poor layer order mix of tokens and spell token will cause the need to manually move things out of the way.

Update to v3.5

  • Updated for rule set changes
  • Adjusted DM token move to process during drag action. ( On FGU Holding shift will also include move of the spell token. FGC always moves the spell token and I can not find a way to stop it. )

Update to v3.4

  • added 'hold shift' on reparse to just update spell tokens.
  • made DM spell tokens only movable by DM.
  • fixed combat tracker DM spell token size issue.

Update to v3.3

  • added support for 'scroll of' name used in 5E_Automatic_Effects Players/DM Guide to auto pick up spell tokens.
  • added support for tokens on Combat Tracker/NPC

Update to v3.2

  • Adjusted Spell token name matching to drop [] sections.
  • Protected character sheet Spell tokens from been replaced by dragging on a different token.

Update to v3.1

  • BugFix. User->Session ishost
  • Adjusted advanced token move code for FGU. Now only shows extra tooltip if it is going to move tokens below a spell token.

Update to v3.0

  • Add suffix configuration for grid suffix support to allow mapping of token size into different suffix.. ie ' (ft) and m etc..
  • onDrop support, for dragging on to token (stack) 'attack' and 'damage' message from the chat
  • Fix for getting names for tooltiptext.
  • onDrag ( on host) support for NPC under spell tokens. This works by tracking the below cursor items and on drag will use the 'top' token, which could be a spell token, but on release of drag it will decided to move 'back' the spell token and just move the under npc/player tokens. Only if you select a single token will it move that one. ( Its not a fantastic fix, but due to token layer issues its a solution for now for the DM.  Players dont get this action as player tokens are on top of spell tokens and spell tokens are on top of npc ( which players can not move.. ) so players dont have drag 'issue' with spell tokens.  This works on FGU but due to how FGC layers work this fix is not good.

Update to v2.9

  • Added support for non-square tokens for target selection when covered by a spell token.
  • Added support for rotated tokens for target selection when covered by a spell token.
  • Added support for the FGU 4 different grid types for target selection when covered by a spell token.

Update to v2.8

  • Added FG Classic support for target selection when covered by a spell token. Enable with in game option.

Update to v2.7

  • Added FG Unity support for target selection when covered by a spell token. Enable with in game option.
   Use 'Extra Selection Mode' option to enable and select if tokens should be considered 'square' or 'circle'. Changed the spell token setting, for the client/player side these should be below player tokens but mixed with the npc tokens and with the selection option enabled a client/player should be able to select npc targets under the spell token.  ( You will not be able to drag damage rolls onto the npc token, you should drag this to combat track if you play un-targeted.. )
   DM will still have a layer issue as spell tokens will probably be on top of npc and require the spell token to be moved to be able to grab/move the npc.

Update to v2.6

  • Fixed spell name for 'Sickening Radiance' and 'Snilloc's Snowball Swarm' in SpellTokens.xml file
  • Added support when image is maximized on host.

Update to v2.5d

  • Added 'Show Debug' option.

Update to v2.5

  • Fix token add to image/map from client when DM does not have image/map open.

Update to v2.4

  • Adjusted load order to correct for a conflict.

Update to v2.3

  • Reduce to 5E ruleset only.

Update to v2.2

  • Added GridSnap support.
  • Increased Pixel range for spell tokens to 400.
  • Added drag onto any map from 'character sheet' or 'spell tokens configuration'.
  • Added double click to clear spell token on 'character sheet' or 'spell tokens configuration'.
  • Added FGU 'Distance multiplier' to scale spell tokens on map.

Update to v2.1

  • Spell Token configuration via xml import.
  • Spell Token configuration shown only for GM.
  • Improved Spell Token support on Character sheet.
  • Sample 'SpellTokens.xml' configured for use with SpellTokens

Updated to v2.0

  • Added version v1.8 extension for legacy support. ( While the new version becomes stable )
  • Update to support 5e, 3.5e, pathfinder 1e, 2e, and starfinder.

Update to v1.9 (split version file)

  • 5E only, Adds first pass support for custom graphics support. Access via 'assets' menu, and then the 'spell token' button in the top left. You can add new lines and set 'name' and 'resolution per 5 ft' and drag on the token required from the assets menu. Spells/Powers dragged onto character sheet with matching name in this table will show the token, other Spells/Powers that are not name matched will have the spell token slot hidden on the character sheet.

Update to v1.8

  • Adds basic initial support for pathfinder 1&2 rule sets

Update to v1.7

  • Improve size calculation for token placed on map.

Update to v1.6

  • Bux fix for token size.

Update to v1.5

  • Updated for v2.1 Spell Tokens from Gareth Jensen

Update to v1.4

  • Auto scales token when placed on map
  • Add token/character name when dropped on map

Update to v1.3

  • Add support for better spell name matching. ( Tries to add token even with Rob2E effects coding spell names. )

Update to v1.2

  • Added support for auto icon link from "Fantasy Grounds Spell Tokens" pack.
  • NOTE, NO tokens graphics are provided from this pack.
  • Some of the "Fantasy Grounds Spell Tokens" are for 'line' effects and so show up as very hard to see/select due to the thin line nature of the icon. ( you might have to zoom into the map to do initial resize )

New from v1.9 Spell Tokens can be accessed on the GM side via the 'Assets' and a new 'Spell Token' button. By default no configuration is defined, you can add/edit lines in the normal Fantasy Grounds methods. A provided 'SpellTokens.xml' ( see Update v2.1 above ) can be used with the 'Import Spell Token XML File' button to configure 5E "Fantasy Grounds Spell Tokens" from 'Gareth Jensen'. If you add your own lines you can 'name' and 'Pixel Size' and drag on a custom token from the 'Assets' section. 'Pixel Size' shown at '70' below is the number of pixels your graphic uses for '5 units' of space, this is normally one square on a map. eg. a 40ft square Token would be 40/5 => 8 lots of '5 units', and at 70 pixels per '5 units' 8*70 => 560x560 as the token resolution. 'Pixel Size' can range from 1->400 pixels per '5 Units' of space.

With Fantasy Grounds Unity. If you configure the 'Distance Multiplier' of the 'Grid' from the normal '5.0', then when you drag on a Spell token the correct size should still be shown on the map.  ie if you use a 40ft spell ( 560x560 pixels at 70 pixels per '5 units' ) this would normally cover 8 grid sqares, but if you configure the 'Distance Multiplier' to '10.0' and drag on a token it should now cover 4 grid sqaures, and the 'measure' distance on map should match and show a '40' distance across the token.

Edit and Configure Spell Token

Character Sheet 'Power/Spell names' are 'processed' to allow compatibility with other extensions. ie Rob2e spell names. To find the correct name in the 'Spell Token Configuration', first a check for an 'exact' match is made, if not found then the name is processed by first removing everything to the right ( inclusive ) of the first ':'. ie 'Polymorph: CR1 Giant Octopus (c)' => 'Polymorph'. After this the first '( )' section is considered. ie 'Fireball (150)=' => 'Fireball (150)' and another match is tested for, and if that is not found the text before the first '( )' is used, ie 'Fireball (150)' => 'Fireball' and this is then checked.  This allows for the likes of 'Wall of Fire' which can have a 'round' or 'line' version to be configured as 'Wall of Fire' and 'Wall of Fire (line)' and the 'Wall of Fire (line)' will be used with a higher priority than the basic 'Wall of Fire'.

Spell Tokens dragged from a character sheet are give the name 'Power/Spell name (Character Name)'. Spell Tokens dragged from the 'spell token configuration' are given the name 'Token name ( GM )', this allows for the GM to also add tokens if a creature/npc uses a power/spell and the GM wishes to have these marked on the map for the players.

Ability to drag Spell Tokens on any map from Player or GM

Icon support from when a spell is dragged on or 'Reparse spell actions',

Spell toke auto set

Some of the tokens from "Fantasy Grounds Spell Tokens" come with multiple versions, I've selected the "(Round)" or "(Hot)" versions as this makes a better look on the character sheet. You can use the other version by editing the spell description.

To edit a spell,

  • Select the 'shortcut' for the spell on the character sheet
  • On the spell description, 'unlock' the spell if required
  • Edit the title of the spell and add "(line)"   [ note, "(cold)" is used on "Fire Shield" -> "Fire Shield (cold)" ]
  • Relock the spell if you like and close the 'shortcut'
  • Then select the 'Reparse spell actions' and the token will swap over.
Note, you can use the 'shorcut' by dragging it back onto your character sheet to make a duplicate of the spell, if you want to keep both versions on your character sheet.

spell been edited

spell reparse

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Customer avatar
Gabriel C April 10, 2021 3:39 pm UTC
Do you have a discord? :)
Anyway, I must be doing something wrong since I am the only one mentioning that the targeting is not working.
I turn it on (both circle and square), drag token over a bunch of guys, and nothing.

I even deleted the spell and re-added it just in case.
Customer avatar
Bratch N April 10, 2021 5:37 pm UTC
The spell tokens extension does not 'auto target' via dropping a token on the map. The 'targeting' provided by turning on the extra circle/square option allow the player to 'ctrl-click' down through the spell token graphic as if it was not in the way ( which it is in the way a lot of the time !! ). And for the DM, this option also allow the DM on FG unity to move tokens 'under' the spell effect by just pointing and dragging as if the spell token was not in the way, NOW it is a bit messy due to limit of FG Unity because it end up moving the 'spell token' as the drag and the system caches the 'under tokens' it detected and once you drop the spell token that was in the way, and dragged, it will re-position the spell token back, and move any tokens that were under the spell token. You can see this with the 'tool tip' usage of a list of tokens with different '- name' and '* spell token' to see what its going to do.

If you have any specific questions, check out the FG forum that is linked at the top...See more
Customer avatar
Gabriel C April 10, 2021 6:00 pm UTC
AH!!! That makes great sense - thank you :) I know what you mean by it always selecting the token, I had to turn it off for that reason, but now I know :)
Customer avatar
Marcelo M March 16, 2021 3:22 pm UTC
So, I have just bought the package. I turn the extension ON, i see the "spell token" button on the asset, but the "token slot within the player's spell lists on the 'action' tab of the character sheet" are not appearing in any spell. Do I need to do something else? I already imported the xml file on the Asset icon.
Customer avatar
Bratch N March 17, 2021 10:58 am UTC
if you enabled this with an already created character, then tokens will not show up until you either 'delete and re-drag' on the spell ( recommended for rob2e spells as they dont re-parse ), or you right click on a spell and 're-parse' it off the wheel selection. If you are still having issue post over on the FG forum side with some images and questions, and I'll see if I can sort it out.
Customer avatar
Bryan N March 02, 2021 4:10 am UTC
Hey, great little mod you've got here. I have a question; is it possible to use this to create a spell token for some of Rob Twohy's Class Effects Coding? I'd really like to create a token for when our barbarian player is Raging or the Rogue is Hidden, for example.
Customer avatar
Bratch N March 02, 2021 9:29 am UTC
it depends on how these are coded, if they are 'power' effects listed much like spells, then you should be able to take the name of the power and put it into the 'spell token configuration' window and assign a token for it. Because of the rob2e codes you might have to re-add the effect as they do not 're-parse'. But due to token layer issues I would advise against a token like this, but it depends on exactly what you want to use it for.
The name match should work even if you remove off the rob2e extra codes and just cut down to the pure name, as I try and strip the extra parts for name match so that spell with names that also have rob2e spell effect list also match... so it should be ok with the his class effects.

Try it and let me know, 'power effects' are the same as 'spells' so should work.
Customer avatar
Alain B February 21, 2021 8:50 pm UTC
When you drag the token on the map in FGU the Spell Token is above the character token or monster token and we cannot see them. How can we have the Spell token always bellow all other token ?
Customer avatar
Bratch N February 22, 2021 11:39 am UTC
You can not, its not a supported part of the API available for extensions. Its why I added the extra 'option' for the extension to allow tracking through the bad token stack for selection. ( Check out the FG forum, linked at the top for more informaion )

At the moment we are waiting for the 'lighting' fixes to be release, as this is 'blocking' work on token priority order at FG develoment side.. As the token draw order interactions between FGU and FGC are very much different and its causing this issue.

The fact they you can, without any extensions, drag tokens from the assets/token area onto the map and also cause this same layer of token issue makes it an FG standard issue that needs a fix..

Multiple extensions for the likes of spell tokens have flagged the issue and all we get back is 'will be looked at soon', and its normally not looked it. I also suspect with the new 'spell templates', that this is an effort to try and resolve this. But the way it has been implemented...See more
Customer avatar
Jed S February 18, 2021 3:10 pm UTC
Hi, please excuse my newbness! I've just bought this, Rob's Critically Awesome Extensa and One Click Druid and 5e Spell Tokens 2.1

I've added the 5E_B9_SpellTokens.ext file into the FG Unity Ext folder. I've added the SpellTokens.xml and SpellTemplates.xml files to the root FG Unity folder. I can't see how I can open the Spell Configuration window..? Do I need to select something when loading in FG? I can only see Modules, not Extensions.


Customer avatar
Bratch N February 18, 2021 7:48 pm UTC
hi, the spell configuration in under the 'tokens' or 'assets' button, normally the one just above the modules config on the right of the desktop. Once this is open you should see a 'spell tokens' button on the top right of the tokens/assets window which will open the configuration window.. this has the button to load up the 'spelltokens.xml' file to do a config on the 5e spell tokens 2.1 graphics.
Hope this helps.
Customer avatar
Jed S February 18, 2021 8:43 pm UTC
Thanks for the reply. I've clicked on the Assets button, bottom right hand corner and can see 4 Headers: Tokens, Portraits, Images, All.

I click on Tokens and can see a whole load of sub folder images (bags), including where I copied the Spell Tokens (DataSpell Tokens). I can go to thios folder and see all the available tokens, but I can't see anything that I can click to activate the config window...
Customer avatar
Jed S February 18, 2021 9:53 pm UTC
Ahhh, I can now see it :)
Customer avatar
Bratch N February 18, 2021 10:09 pm UTC
Sorry its on the top left of the assets/tokens window... glad you found it.
Customer avatar
Michael B January 21, 2021 1:41 am UTC
Nice extension, thanks for sharing!

Typos in "Sickening Radience" and "Snilocs Snowball Swarm" cause reparse not to work until fixed in the parsed XML
Customer avatar
Bratch N January 21, 2021 10:16 am UTC
Thanks for reporting these, I've updated the SpellTokens.xml file.
Customer avatar
December 31, 2020 5:14 pm UTC
Hi, I have the extension and the tokens, when I cast Entangle and use the targeting function, it is not only targeting the NPCs under the token image but also targeting my PC and my fellow PCs who are nowhere near the Entangle Token. Is this fixable, does not seem to be a problem on other spells
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 31, 2020 5:51 pm UTC
My extension does not have a targeting function ? ( Sounds like critically awesome extension ? which I know does... Its tokens are to the left side of the effect/power list for the spells... while mine are on the spell title line to the right. )

If you are still thinking its my extension, please drop a message into the 'fantasy grounds forum' listed at the top of the page with some images and reproduction steps. ( As I'm not sure how you would 'target' with my extension. I dont think ctrl click targeting in FG selects 'tokens' under the area of a different 'token'.. )

Customer avatar
Timur B December 26, 2020 3:59 pm UTC
Ouch about the reduction to 5E only. I will keep my older version and check from time to time for manual improvement mergers.
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 31, 2020 5:52 pm UTC
I've added extra files on the forum page at fantasy grounds and a manual merge note to restore the other rule sets.
Customer avatar
Kevin W December 19, 2020 5:35 pm UTC
Where does the xml file go?
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 19, 2020 6:40 pm UTC
the xml can go any place you like, when you use the 'import spell token xml file' ( see first graphic ), an explorer window will open and you then move that to the location you have the xml on your machine.
Customer avatar
Uwe K December 14, 2020 8:36 am UTC
I have installed the 5E_B9_SpellTokens.ext (not version 1.8) for FGU. It should create an additional line under the spell name and a slot for spell tokens after the spell name (right side) on a spell caster's character sheet. But this line does not show up. I have done this several times in the past i.e. with the light spell for clerics (5e) and other spells and it worked fine (but showed the spell slot in front, left side). Those tokens already on a sheet are still usable by players. I just can't add new ones to the sheet. I am a little confused right now. I can still use all spell tokens on a map with no problems. The tokens are from the D&D 5e Spell Tokens 2.1 (DM's Guild). I use some of the critical awesome extensions (one-click druide etc.) too. All are the newest version available. Is there a known issue after some updates of FGU or are those extensions now obsolete? Or is it a handling error from my side?
Customer avatar
Uwe K December 14, 2020 10:09 am UTC
Got it to work - sry for your time, once again a handling error.
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 14, 2020 10:20 am UTC
Hi, the 'spell line' and on the left is from 'Critically_Awesome_Essentials' if thats not working please report it to the extension owner. This spell token adds to the 'right' of the spell name. If you have not 'imported' the 'spelltokens.xml' config file provided with this extension then you will not see any of these tokens on the right of the spell name. If you have 'custom' spell graphics these can be added using the window you imported the 'spelltokens.xml' file from. ( under assets-spell token for GM)
If you could try a new game with just this extension, import the 'spelltokens.xml' file and see if your spell show up on the right of the spell name. If you still have issues then let me know. If you then add 'critically awesome' extension and rob2e spell module and re-check, if issues now show up, please try without my extension to see if the issue is just 'critically awesome' or if its when both are installed.
The 5e rule set changed late last week, which might cause issues on many extensions...See more
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 14, 2020 3:29 pm UTC
Glad you got it working.
Customer avatar
Talon K January 24, 2021 5:19 pm UTC
Uwe K: I appear to be having the same problem. How did you fix?
Customer avatar
Bratch N January 24, 2021 5:55 pm UTC
if you post your issue/some screen shots in the fantasy ground forum for the extension I'm sure the issue can be sorted.
Customer avatar
Uwe K February 02, 2021 5:33 pm UTC
The spells need just to be drawn from the books (like the Player's Handbook) onto the character sheets again.
Customer avatar
Lindsay R December 06, 2020 9:55 am UTC
I have just purchased this to use with FG Unity. Should I install the ext., the v1.8 ext, or both?
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 06, 2020 9:59 pm UTC
The ext version is the one to use. It has the newest features been v2.2. The v1.8 ext version is the old version that was developed for 5e ruleset, which I held available while the new version had its initial release and bug fixes.
Customer avatar
Lindsay R December 07, 2020 12:29 am UTC
Thank you
Customer avatar
Jeramy B December 03, 2020 2:29 pm UTC
What do I do with the xlm file?
Customer avatar
Bratch N December 03, 2020 3:03 pm UTC
If you own the spell tokens for 5E from Gareth Jensen ( Or in general if you want a bulk way to keep personal tokens over multiple campaigns, and make your own custom xml file. ) You use the 'xml' file by using the 'blue' import button on the 'spell token configuration' windows. This 'imports' an xml file, by popping up a file access window that you can use to select the xml file, at the location you have it on your machine. It will then read the file and bulk setup the configuration.
Customer avatar
Timur B November 18, 2020 12:13 pm UTC
Great addon, just what the doctor prescribed for use with my PF2 campaigns. Thanks for that!

Some questions/problems (v2.0):

- Is there any other support channel than the comments section here?

- Where do I find that "Fantasy Grounds Spell Tokens" pack? A search only points to your extension page here, so I suspect that it is listed under a different name?!

- Spell tokens are placed behind PC tokens, but they are placed in front of all others tokens (especially NPCs) and thus cover them. This is the main problem that keeps me from using the extension.

- Tokens are not automatically scaled and need to be resized every time after dragging them on the map. 'Resolution per 5 ft' should remedy for that, but 200 px maximum might be too little (currently I need 180 max for the tokens I already own).

"with matching name in this table" currently only filters for first hit. So "Alarm" is used for everything starting...See more
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 19, 2020 11:14 am UTC
added a thread on fantasy grounds forums.. v2.0 for other rule sets is new so will have some issues.

if you can post some images/more information etc..
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 20, 2020 3:27 pm UTC
I set up 'Alarm' and 'Alarm (3rd)' with different tokens, and when I rename the spell and reparse it goes between both tokens..
I'm not sure how to set up this 'locked' mode you talk about, is this a FGU or a FGC ?
Testing token size seems to be set for me when I drag from a character spell onto the map, again this is FGU. ( Are you using FGC ? )
To delete a toke from a spell, at the moment, you would have to go into the 'spell token' in the assets section and create a new line with the name of the spell, and leave its token in the 'empty' state.. then re-parse the spell on the character sheet. ( I've added a bug to my list to clear the slot if the associated line in the spell token is removed when re-parsed on the character sheet. )
Customer avatar
Edoardo S November 11, 2020 6:23 pm UTC
Hi, is that possibile on player action sheet, to have the icon for token only on spell player want and not on all? Thanks in advance.
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 12, 2020 10:20 am UTC
Hi, are you saying some players with spells don't want a token to show and some players with spells do want a token to show ? As the extension is written this is not possible. If this is the sort of thing you would like, is per 'client' ( ie a client option in the 'options' button sidebar ) suitable, or do you have players that have multiple characters open at once and they want a mix per-character ( ie a per character option, say in the 'spell meta' popup for a character ). Both are possible from a code point of view but are different amounts of work to code.
Customer avatar
Edoardo S November 12, 2020 5:01 pm UTC
What i mean is that players dont need a token slot on every spells they have on the action tab, so i was wondering if in the future you can implement the feature to have a token slot only for desidered spell. Es: fireball yes, detect magic no, identify no, faerie fire yes etc
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 12, 2020 6:30 pm UTC
The issue with that is 'how' you decide to turn on/off the spells spell token... because to do that per line you would need some form of button to enable/disable it... which would take up basically the same space as the spell token anyway ?
I am thinking about having some form of way to control how spells spell tokens map to graphic tokens, so its would be possible to have the ability to make the spell token invisible if the spell did not have a configured token for its name. So some way to say 'fireball' -> fireball.png token at a config level, then only enable these lines for the spell..
Customer avatar
Edoardo S November 12, 2020 7:06 pm UTC
This could be a start. Or make the spell token slot a lot smaller.
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 13, 2020 8:19 pm UTC
v1.9 (5E) has first pass version of configuration of token.. access via assets menu and 'spell token' button in top left.. You can configure a name, pixel per 5ft, and token. Spell/Powers dragged onto character should pick up these setting if a matching name is found. Custom lines can be added to configure.
Customer avatar
Alex C November 07, 2020 8:54 am UTC
Hi I bought this extension in the hope of being able to get it to work in my Pathfinder 1e/2e games, I managed to make it selectable under the 1e ruleset, but it doesn't work. is there any chance of making a Pathfinder 1e/2e version? Or helping me to get it working?
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 07, 2020 11:17 am UTC
It talks direct with items in the 5e rule set, you would have to change the code to point to the pathfinder versions. I've not looked at pathfinder code, so I can not advise. Do you understand programming in lua ? I busy with work and other code in fantasy grounds... I'll add it to my list as some of the code uses 'coreRPG', so maybe I can move it into core and add ruleset specific files for linkage. Do you have any 'tokens' for pathfinder or are you thinking of using Gareths set in pathfinder ?
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Alex C November 07, 2020 1:22 pm UTC
I've adapted/resized/repurposed a bunch of tokens from 5e to Pathfinder sizes from a set of 5e tokens I bought before and added some new ones for common spells that were missing graphics. I have no programming experience in lua unfortunately.
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Bratch N November 07, 2020 2:13 pm UTC
Thanks for the feedback, i'm busy doing prep for my dm starfinder tonight, but should get a chance on sunday to take a look.
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Bratch N November 09, 2020 3:04 pm UTC
v1.8 now has basic support for pathfinder 1&2. The GM might have to set tokens as FG has issues sharing tokens out to players.
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Alex C November 10, 2020 9:48 am UTC
Awesome, thank you so much :D
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Darrin M October 26, 2020 12:17 am UTC
I'm using the extension (as DM). I also have a spell token pack that I'm using, and I've dragged the images into the token spot on the actions tab. Everything works fine when I drag and drop the token from the actions tab. The problem is when my players do it, the token gets dropped as a 5'x5' instead of the usual size (eg: fireball)
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Bratch N October 26, 2020 10:02 am UTC
Thanks for the information, I did notice the rule set had some changes in the area but it did not look like it would cause an issue. Either way I'll try and make some time to debug into the issues. I noticed that FGC and FGU do different scale code, can I ask if you were on FGU or FGC ?
Customer avatar
Darrin M October 26, 2020 1:27 pm UTC
We play on FGU
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Bratch N October 27, 2020 5:48 pm UTC
Would you like to give v1.6 a go and let me know how that feels. ( Note tokens are assumed to be 70 pixels per 5 feet. )
Customer avatar
Darrin M November 07, 2020 5:02 pm UTC
Whoops! I forgot to respond to this. It's working great now with 1.6!
Customer avatar
Bratch N November 07, 2020 5:43 pm UTC
Thanks for the feedback.
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