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Fey Compendium II: Hags

Fey Compendium II: Hags


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Kids like hags, right? Well good, cause this supplement focuses exclusively on hags and how they work. Every shape of wicked witch with every CR range you could want is here, ready to spread misery and horror! Elder hags, new varieties of hags, hag magic, hag related monsters, powerful hags, everything hags!

You can get this supplement along with my new supplement of horror themed fey and a fey horror adventure for level 5 players at this bundle!

Lords and Ladies

Part I. Hag Options

Volo's Guide to Monsters elaborated fantastically on hags, and this supplement aims to do even more.

  • Elder Hags. Many 5e supplements make reference to elder hags. Grandmother hags are generally understood to be elder hags. However, there aren't rules to cover elder hags. This supplement changes that. This supplement includes a simple set of adjustments that can be made to any hag to dramatically increase her CR and make her a worthy challenge for a higher level party. This includes elder annis hags (CR 12), elder bheur hags (CR 13), elder green hag (CR 9), elder night hag (CR 10), and elder sea hags (CR 8).

  • Hag Magic. Hag magic is broad and multivaried, and Volo's Guide to Monsters only scratches the surface. This supplement dives deeper, dealing with unique curses, shape shifting, familiars, alchemy, weird magic, and a broad arsenal of hag made items such as the head of the loveless.

  • Hag Weaknesses. Hags are strange creatures, and many may have strange weaknesses such as an aversion to a particular odor or an inability to enter a home that it hasn't been invited into. These weaknesses enable you, the DM, to throw higher level hags at your players while still giving them a fighting chance.

  • Non-Evil Hags. Not all hags remain evil. Some discover the benefits of goodness and abandon their wicked ways. This section of the supplement addresses such hags, including a name generator for non-evil hags, as well as a handful of sample non-evil hags.

  • Covens. Covens are by far one of the most fun aspects of hags, and this supplement explores covens in great detail. This includes rules for covens which include elder hags, increasing the power of the magic and expanding the spells available; non-evil covens which draw power from nature rather than arcane magic, including a standard non-evil coven as well as covens oriented around fate, the harvest, and healing; new coven spell lists including blasphemy and despair; and unique covens such as Eberron's Daughters of Sora Kell, Olhydra's Blue Coven, Ravenloft's Witches of Tepest, and a myriad of original covens.

Part II. New Hags

This supplement includes stats for 10 new varieties of hags. Some of these hags are adaptations of hags from previous editions such as the fanggen and the marzanna, but most are entirely original. These hags include lair actions and regional effects as well as rules for elder hag adjustment.

  • Carey Hags. These lawful evil hags prowl the skies of the oceans and delight in sinking ships.

  • Deemves Hags. These hags are a lawful evil offshoot of night hags which made a deal with the devil to become a part of the infernal bureaucracy. They use their magic to control people and spread misery. They're also inspired by the DMV.

  • Deep Hags. These hags of the deep oceans are fully saturated with the influence of the Far Realms and they use their psionic powers to spread insanity.

  • Dusk Hags. These hags are a variety found most commonly in Eberron. They are continually plagued by nightmare visions of the future and are compelled to seek the secrets of the universe.

  • Fanggen Hags. Like dryads, these hags are bound to a single tree. Because they cannot stray far from their tree, they cannot easily satisfy their thirst for secrets, so they make do by turning the skulls of their victims into crystalline prisons for their souls.

  • Hocus Hags. These glamour obsessed hags demand the love and adoration of every creature that they encounter. This section also includes a name generator for this variety of hag. They are perfect for working some hocus pocus to put a spell on you.

  • Marzanna Hags. These wintry hags are personifications of death and are astonishingly difficult to kill. Unlike bheur hags, these hags are more oriented towards necromancy and are interested in seeing people lose faith in both kings and gods.

  • Mojan Hags. Inspired by the witches from a popular game about mining and crafting, these hags are obsessed with alchemy and can throw potions at their victims. They hate civilization and would love to see all houses torn down.

  • Powler Hag. Inspired by Peg Powler and Jenny Greenteeth of UK mythos, powler hags are a river dwelling variety of hag that loves to create tragic mysteries.

  • Sighing Hags. These hags are the weakest variety of all hags and dwell on the Shadowfell. They hate light, warmth, and hope and would love nothing more than to see all such things extinguished.

Part III. Hag Related Creatures

This supplement contains stats for over 30 new monsters that would make excellent minions and thugs for hags. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Animated Objects. Statistics for even more animated objects likely to be encountered in a hag lair, such as a dancing cauldrons and swarms of cutlery.

  • Broodswarm. This swarm of tiny demons is bound to the service of a single hag and is a very dangerous foe, able to sew their victims together and summon their hags to them

  • Cait Sith. These black cats can bond to a single creature in order to cause misfortune and misery wherever they please.

  • Canomorph. Fiendish hounds that can transform into humanoid shapes, which include the haraknin, which transforms from a hell hound; the shadurakul, which transforms from a shadow mastiff; and a yeshbavhan, which transforms from a yeth hound.

  • Evil Trees. Hags love evil trees, and this supplement includes stats for black willows, dark cypress, night twists, and umbral banyans

  • Hagspawn. The male offspring of hags are ugly and brutish, though capable of great cunning. This includes rules for hagspawn as a playable race

  • Kenku Mage. A kenku mage is a sorcerous kenku with the ability to mimic spells that it hears. This includes a feat for player kenku.

  • Libation Ooze. These oozes are infused with corrupted potions, causing them to create strange effects in creatures they poison.

  • Scarecrows. This supplement includes four variant rules for scarecrows. This includes effigy scarecrows, which are created in the image of a single creature; guardian scarecrows, which are good aligned protectors of farms; infernal scarecrows, which can throw their flaming heads as weapons; and pestilence scarecrows, which can summon swarms of stinging locusts.

  • Stitched Devils. Unnatural fiends sewn together out of the flesh of slain devils and doomed to serve their hags mistresses.

However, this is not the full extent of all the creatures found in this supplement.

Part IV. Unique Hags

This supplement has stats for five powerful hags unlike any other. This includes lair actions and regional effects for the hags, as well as unique magical tools that they use and noteworthy servants.

  • Baba Yaga, Mother of All Witches. The most powerful of all hags is Baba Yaga, who roams the planes in her dancing hut and keeps her own counsel. This includes stats for her dancing hut and the Solar Knight who serves her.

  • Black Agga, the Voice of Vaprak. This annis hag is a living oracle of Vaprak, the trollish god of slaughter and destruction. She has grafted numerous limbs onto herself and possesses regeneration like a troll.

  • Cegilune, the Moon Crone. This fiendish hag has controlled the larvae trade in Hades for millenia upon millenia, and she brooks no insult, no matter how small. Rather than have lair actions, Cegilune possesses a magic cauldron which enables her to create a variety of effects. She is served directly by Yaya Zhelamiss, a night hag with the power to summon other fiends who wields a powerful magical staff.

  • Ceithlenn, of the Crooked Teeth. This archfey is mentioned in passing in the Curse of Strahd adventure. This supplement expands on her substantially, giving her a background which ties into Strahd as well as motivations that allow her to be easily incorporated into the Curse of Strahd adventure.

  • Malagard, the Hag Countess. This former night hag once ruled over Malbolge, the sixth layer of Hell, after deposing Moloch and taking his throne. However, she died mysteriously and was replaced by Glasya. Now she has allied with an ancient enemy of Hell that slumbers deep beneath the plane, allowing her to begin to resurrect herself. This also includes the statistics for the assassin devil (dogai) and the kalabon.

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A huge thanks to Nell Fallcard for the fantastic work on the cover illustration!

Thanks to homebrewery for creating such a fantastic website.

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Customer avatar
Greg M May 06, 2020 11:04 pm UTC
On page 15 under odor sensitivity the last sentence is incomplete. Just a big cliffhanger :)
Customer avatar
Ned T May 06, 2020 11:41 pm UTC
Thanks for that! Fixed it up!
Customer avatar
John B October 19, 2019 10:15 am UTC
Really enjoying the book, bought it to flesh out bad guys for a player’s personal quest chain but it will be so much more useful than that. One question, would you increase the Save DCs and Hit Points for Elder Hags?
Many thanks,
Customer avatar
Ned T October 19, 2019 12:31 pm UTC
Thank you so much for your support! I'm glad this supplement has been so well received!

I don't believe their save DCs need to be increased, nor do their attack bonuses. The CR calculation for the elder hags accounts for their relatively low modifiers for their CR. Plus, a hag's save DC doesn't usually play much role in determining her CR (except in the case of bheur hags). Similarly, a hag already has relatively high hp for her CR to start with. Combine that with her Legendary Resistance, magic resistance, and non-magical damage resistance and she is pretty durable.

Remember, the core concept of the elder hags is that they became elder hags largely due to being able to avoid combat in the first place. Hags are fairly weak on their own from a cosmic standpoint. The only way one can survive to become elder is to be good at not getting killed. Their unique legendary actions directly facilitate escaping combat, such as knocking creatures prone or going invisible. On top of that, an elder...See more
Customer avatar
Gregory D October 12, 2019 12:35 am UTC
I'm sorry, but can you clarify how the Grand Ladder item works? The description is phrased oddly and I have no idea how it is supposed to work.

Also the first paragraph of the Hand of Glory's description is very odd. It sort of looks like it's not actually supposed to be there.
And the description of the Poisonous corsage says "This corsage appears to be made out of big, beautiful flowers. When worn, the wearer becomes beautiful if it is currently night time and hideous if it is currently nighttime."
Customer avatar
Gregory D October 12, 2019 12:18 am UTC
Just an FYI, under the Elder hag section you spelled "coven" as "convey" twice.
Customer avatar
Gregory D October 12, 2019 3:04 am UTC
Other typos: Under the description of the Daughters of Sora Kell there should be a period after "Eberron" at the end of the first paragraph.
The description of The Nanas of Goldenfields has "The th" at the end of the first paragraph in a place that makes no sense. There's also a missing word in Nana Applebaum's description.
One of the covens is called the "The Grey Eyed Ladies" in the title but the "Pock Eyed Ladies" in the actual description.
Not really a typo, but you should move the title of the Wyrd Sisters coven to the top of the page, since having it at the bottom just looks weird.
Customer avatar
Gregory D October 12, 2019 3:57 am UTC
The description of the Moor Hound reads "A dark enough sin, such as the killing of a family member or a rightful king or the defiling of a sacred place 'can, can' stain the earth," Also, while not a typo, why is the Moor Hound Neutral Evil? It's explicitly stated that it only hunts evil creatures unless ordered to, it seems like neutral or unaligned would be a better fit.
The Styrix's description says "ensuring string offspring," while it presumabky should read "ensuring strong offspring"
Customer avatar
Ned T October 12, 2019 12:12 pm UTC
Thanks for your extremely thorough grammar check! I really appreciate it! I’ve been looking for an editor, since everyone I asked to help me with this supplement fell through. Would you be interested in acting as an editor?
Customer avatar
Ned T October 12, 2019 4:23 pm UTC
Alright! Edits made and uploaded! Thank you again for bringing these to my attention, and please feel free to alert me to any other issues you find with the supplement! And if you have any interest in acting as an editor, please contact me at so we can discuss compensation
Customer avatar
Gregory D October 13, 2019 4:07 pm UTC
I'm not interested in being an editor, sorry. I did notice something new I thought I should bring to your attention though. The Elder Bheur Hag's legendary action lets her conjure a blizzard around her, but there is no actual mechanical effect mentioned. I would assume it deals cold damage, slows nearby creatures, or obscures the hag, but there is no actual mention of these things. Also the description of Guardian Scarecrows has the words "animated with fey spirits as a means" placed at the end of the paragraph in a place that makes no sense.
Customer avatar
Ned T October 14, 2019 1:08 am UTC
Oops! That blizzard is supposed to heavily obscure the area. The idea with all of the unique elder hag legendary actions is that they are supposed to enable the hag to more easily escape, since hags are still comparatively weak in the grand scheme of things, so the only real way for them to reach old age is to be good at escaping.

And yeah, sorry about those occasional no where sentences. I'm a pretty scattered writer, not to mention that I do a lot of this work on my stuff between calls at work, so I tend to get interrupted. I'll have a revised version out shortly!
Customer avatar
Ned T October 14, 2019 8:46 pm UTC
Alright! Got those mistakes fixed, along with a few other mistakes I found! Thanks again for all your help!
Customer avatar
Melanie B August 05, 2020 5:56 am UTC
Sadly, I am one of the helpers that fell though. I started at the beginning, but had too many irons in the fire and wasn't able to go through the whole thing, or I would certainly have caught the typos. It's nice that he can edit and re-upload though.
Also have to add: Ned is an awesomely charming guy, and has a hilarious sense of humor.
Customer avatar
Ned T August 05, 2020 12:34 pm UTC
Awwww, ain't you a sweetheart? :)
Customer avatar
Tom E L October 01, 2019 5:45 pm UTC
Both PDFs (the compendium and the cover) seem to be the same file as the full‑size preview. 1 page long.
Customer avatar
Ned T October 01, 2019 8:52 pm UTC
That's weird. I can't figure out why that would be. Did what I just did fix it?
Customer avatar
Tom E L October 01, 2019 9:49 pm UTC
Whatever you did seems to have fixed it. Both PDFs are now working fine. The previews seems to have changed too.
Customer avatar
Ned T October 02, 2019 12:27 am UTC
Excellent! Thank you for bringing that issue to my attention!
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