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Prism: Light & Magic


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A brand new class for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The Prism bring a unique gameplay experience to the table. A prism has a pool of influence that restores at the start of each turn in combat, and increases in size steadily as they level. This influence is the fuel for their basic actions - called Projections - each turn and can be spent while using a projection to alter the emotional state of a target. This is done to both punish enemies and to bolster allies.

The Magic of Light

Most of a prism's magic is focused on the manipulation of light, energy, and emotions. As a prism grows in power, they specialize into an aspect of the light known as a facet--a single way of interacting with the prismatic world. Some specialize in manifesting hardened light into weapons and tools. Some seek to manipulate the ambient light of the area around them to align everyone to the same emotions. Others selfishly seek to drain the light from the world around them to bolster their own radiance.


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[...] I've seen the prism. I hate the idea of adding more and more classes to the game when the archetype system exists. But if a player asked me to use the prism, I'd say yes. I see no reason it should be a single archetype so it works as a full class. It is (to my eye) balanced as heck, it's thematic (which is important in D&D, if your supplement can't add to the narrative then it falls flat to me), and it's well composed. Nothing about it feels rushed. It shows that it's a labor of love, time, and effort. It's good content. - DMsGuild Author Bryan Holmes

Mechanically? It's pretty [bleep] awesome. Thematically? It's flavorful as hell, and what it does is very clear. - ACOG_Muffin @ Discord of Many Things

A unique concept executed well. Prism introduces a new light-weight magic system with a lot of potential for expressive characters and new stories. - Izzy @ Discord of Many Things

It feels good, it reads well, I was jazzed about the influence progression and and core mechanics for projections and barriers. - twitter user @itsjoshnow

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Reviews (4)
Discussions (7)
Customer avatar
Devon B August 13, 2023 5:47 pm UTC
Will the Prism class get a Roll20 compendium at some point?
Customer avatar
Gabriel A May 05, 2020 5:25 am UTC
Hello, good evening, I don't speak English very well, so sorry something (I'm Brazilian), I would like to know if I can translate the homebrew Prism, light & magic to my language (Português) ? It would be in order to make it easier to understand other people with whom I play, not for profit

I appreciate any answer, and I'm sorry for any mistake.
Customer avatar
Lucas E March 20, 2020 4:37 am UTC
A classe é incrível!!! Gostaria de saber se terá tradução para o português. Eu sou brasileiro e jogo com o prisma, mas sem uma tradução realmente clara, fica um pouco difícil de se jogar. Independente disso eu amo essa classe!!! Por favor não deixe de trabalhar no prisma.
Customer avatar
Stijn V February 12, 2020 7:28 pm UTC
I first off all want to say that I love the class! but is there a Changelog for version 1.3?
Customer avatar
Steve F February 12, 2020 8:57 pm UTC

1.3 had a slight wording clarification to the 3rd level feature Empathy. Nothing changed mechanically, just clearer wording.

Aside from that, it was just a visual update to bring the document in line with the new subclass supplement coming out soon, Trio of Light!
Customer avatar
Stijn V February 12, 2020 10:37 pm UTC
Ah okay, thank you for the quick response!
Customer avatar
Corey R November 11, 2019 11:26 pm UTC
Can Empathy be used with Refraction? If yes, how does that play out? I'm uncertain how the two abilities interact.
Customer avatar
Steve F November 12, 2019 5:13 pm UTC
Hi Corey

Refraction functions like Extra Attack; but specific to Projections.

Whenever you manifest a projection, you can spend 1 influence to use an Empathy option.

So at 5th level, when you gain Refraction, you have 3 Influence. It costs minimum 1 to create a Projection, so you could theoretically add an Empathy option to one of the projections you use.

At 7th level when you gain another Influence, you can start using Empathy on both projections you create.
Customer avatar
Corey R November 12, 2019 5:19 pm UTC
Thank you for the clarity. Can a single target be hit by two attack projections and two different empathies in the same turn after 7? To do bonus damage with the one empathy on their first time taking damage then hit them with a different one to give a separate effect entirely at the end of your attack and turn.
Customer avatar
Steve F November 12, 2019 5:55 pm UTC
Yes they can; but this isn't exactly intended nor would it be a useful endeavour in many cases.

RAW, you can cast Projection Attack and influence someone with Languor, then cast Projection Attack again on that target; immediately triggering the Languor effect and taking damage for hitting them; and then you can Empathy them again - but you've now spent 1 influence on Languor only to take the damage yourself?

But you could also hit them with Panic and Fury at the same time; which is a soft lock (making it really difficult for them to move) but doesn't make sense narratively.

RAI: A creature can only be under one Empathy effect at a time; and if you use Empathy again, the original effect fades.

I will fix this in a wording update - which I'm planning for next week!
Customer avatar
gabriel D November 01, 2019 1:17 pm UTC
Hello, i'm from Brazil and i'm loving playing with prism class, please make more content for this class
Customer avatar
Steve F November 01, 2019 1:27 pm UTC
Hi Gabriel!

You're in luck, we're actively developing more content for the Prism class. I expect at least one supplement before the end of this year!

Would you benefit from a Portuguese translation? I've considered getting some translators to do Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian, and French.

Cheers and thank you for the comment!
Customer avatar
Zach L September 26, 2019 8:50 am UTC
Hi again! Been spending some time with the Prism and I'm just a little concerned about the relative power of the Armament Facet:
Is the intention that a character can use Projection Strike as their action and attack with their Blade of Light as a bonus? The wording is a little unclear, though it isn't my biggest concern.

Between Refraction and Circle of Empathy, a level 6 Armament Prism can attack for 1d8 + 2d6 + CHA and 1d8 +1d6 + CHA every turn, which far outshines any martial character of the same level in an extended encounter. If you can attack again with Blade of Light as a bonus, that's another 1d8 + CHA.

Just curious if I'm missing something, or if you have any ideas for a simple fix. Thanks again for your time and work.
Customer avatar
Steve F September 26, 2019 1:12 pm UTC
You have the right of it.

For comparison's sake:

A rogue with a Rapier at level 6 can deal 1d8 + 3d6 + DEX and 1d8 + DEX using the same number of actions.

Which is 1d8 + CHA/DEX less damage, but that same Rogue can use its reaction to half the damage it takes from an attack.

For a Prism to do effectively the same, they have to remove 1d6 from the damage of either of their first two Projection Strikes and the target also takes half damage from the next attack as well; which would reduce the damage dealt by your BA attack since it must be taken after the Projection Attacks; further reducing your damage output.

So while yes, the Prism can potentially push out more damage than the Rogue, they do so at more risk than the Rogue themselves.

If you're still worried about the relative power of this feature, you can try removing the Versatile property at lv6 and see how that works in terms of how competitive their damage stays. If you do, please...See more
Customer avatar
Steve F September 26, 2019 7:23 pm UTC
1d6 + 3d6 + DEX and 1d6 + DEX for the Rogue, not 1d8.

Customer avatar
Zach L September 28, 2019 1:51 pm UTC
Thanks for the insight! Will continue playing around with it, cheers!
Customer avatar
Nikos T January 09, 2021 12:10 pm UTC
Hi Steve; I just want to say I'm a huge fan of both this and the Warden class. I seriously don't have enough praise for what you've made. This particular Class is fantastic, with the exception of the Armament.

What you're getting wrong in this, is that Rogues don't get an extra attack and if they were to attack with their bonus action, they would not get to add their Dex, unless they had two-weapon fighting, which requires either a multiclass (reducing their sneak attack) or a feat (reducing an ability score).

A Rogue with no feats at level 6, during their turn, can do 1d8+3d6 or 1d6+3d6+1d6 (if using a bonus action for an attack with an off-hand weapon). This is only about half the damage a Prism can do.

A Hexblade warlock, expending a spell slot for Hex and a use of Hexblade's curse would be able to do the same amount of damage (though it would require a full turn to set it up) and they're maintaining concentration.

A Paladin expending a 2nd level slot for...See more
Customer avatar
Nikos T January 09, 2021 12:34 pm UTC
Oh, apologies Steve, I think I see something I missed:

"When you use your action to attack with your blade of light, you can use your bonus action to make an additional attack with the same weapon."

This means when you're using Projection strike, you don't get to attack as a bonus action. So at level 6 you don't get 2x attacks+bonus action attack, you can make two projection attacks and that's it.

Apologies for being so daft.

I would probably rephrase it to:

"When you take the attack action with your blade of light, you can use your bonus action to make an additional attack with the same weapon."

Anyway, my bad! Keep up the good work
Customer avatar
Steve F January 09, 2021 5:56 pm UTC
Hi Nikos!

I'm going to respond to both of your messages here, just so its in one place. Mentioning that now so that you know I've read both of them.

First, thank you for being a fan of my work! That means a lot.

What means even more is that you're not just a fan, but you're willing to look critically at the work and share your analysis. That means you not only enjoy the work, but you care about the integrity of it. For that, thank you.

As for your inquiries. Regarding your follow up post, no - actually - you had it right the first time. You can always make a Bonus Action attack with the Blade of Light after taking an action on your turn to make a weapon attack with it. That includes the Attack action, and Projection Strike.

So, looking at 6th level and comparing Rogue v. Prism with no feats or multiclass; assuming 18 in their attack stat.

Rogue with 2x Shortsword: Attack Action (1d6 + 3d6 + 4) + Bonus Action TWF (1d6) for a total of...See more
Customer avatar
M. B February 01, 2022 5:43 pm UTC
I have a player playing this in one of my games and I have a concern the class is overpowered at level 3 compared to every other class in the campaign. The prism seems to be doing significantly more damage than the other players round by round, has the best Ac without even having any armour, consistently out damaging the others by a long way. It would probably outdamage a melee class but appreciate it has the HPs of a half caster. Is that the balancing factor?

Are we perhaps playing it wrong? I thought reading above it was that we were using the bonus attack incorrectly with projection strike but it seems not.

It feels like a monk with a barbarian or fighters levels of damage without the need to take two weapon fighting feat to get the bonus on the bonus action attack. What am I missing so I can get comfortable with this? We regularly get rounds where everyone is chipping away at a monster and the prism comes in and takes 50% off something in one turn, at level 3. I can feel the other...See more
Customer avatar
Steve F February 01, 2022 8:37 pm UTC
Hi M.B.!

I'd need to know a lot more about what you're seeing to understand what's up. Especially if any mistakes are being made. You can reach out to me at or on twitter at @vorpaldicepress and we can chat about it sometime.

If you're experiencing that kind of oomf, I'd love to see where and why so I can make adjustments if necessary!

Customer avatar
M. B February 02, 2022 3:57 pm UTC
I am sure it's good just trying to get past my discomfort. I may drop you a mail. As mentioned I love the concept and theme its beautiful and the empathy ability is getting a lot of cool uses.

Am I right in thinking that Projection Strike does 1d4 + 2d6 + Cha, plus they get a bonus attack also with cha bonus too. What I am seeing and I suspect its because of the number of dice involved is a consistently higher average than every one else, Ive kept foundry logs so I may go through it may just be everyone else rolling terribly ;). At level 3 range is 3 to 14 + cha from projection strike. It feels similar to the rogue sneak attack perhaps I should maybe think of it in that respect, so higher average but lower max potential? Rogues can bonus action attack but of course without the dex bonus but they tend to disengage, dash etc. I think Im starting to see it.
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