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{OAP} The Accursed Class
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{OAP} The Accursed Class


Outlandish Adventure Productions presents:

The Accursed, a halfcaster class that has taken control of the curse that ailed it! At some point in their past, each accursed was afflicted with a permanent curse designed to make them endlessly suffer. Not content with accepting their fate, the accursed found a way to bring the curse under their control, utilizing its magic while mitigating the worst of its effects. They can use their Jinx feature to imbue other creatures with a small amount of curse energy with a touch, and use their Curse Control to Suppress their curse’s ailments or Afflict other creatures with them temporarily.

Accurseds are defined by their Accursed Affliction, the curse that they made their own, and by their choice of curse ability, the ability score – Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma – that they used to bring their curse to heel. Each affliction has its own method of approaching exploration and combat and its own list of curse spells tied to the magic of that curse, as well as lingering ailments that add some complication to its bearer's every day life!

Accursed Afflictions

Curse of Lycanthropy – You were afflicted with the curse that turns civilized humanoids into ravenous beasts. Upon conquering it, however, you realized that its true nature is the ability to transform into mammalian shapes, which you use to enhance your senses and gain a natural weapon.

Curse of Misfortune – You were afflicted with extreme chronic unluck, but have since realized that the magic simply alters probability. You use this newfound ability to cheat fate, and turn the tide of luck in your favor.

Curse of Possession – You were afflicted with possession by a spirit that refuses to pass on. After regaining control of your body, you made a deal with the spirit to share your flesh, working together to accomplish both of your goals.

Curse of the Armament – You were afflicted with attunement to a cursed weapon. You’ve learned to make use of the weapon’s unique properties, using its attachment to you to your advantage.

Curse of Vampirism – You were afflicted with being turned into a vampire. You’ve since restored yourself to a form of life that isn’t exactly undeath, and can still feel the vampiric power and thirst within you.

The Accursed Class also comes with 16 completely original spells usable by accurseds and a number of other classes, but especially Warlock!

We hope you love being cursed as much as we and our players do! We’d love to hear your feedback, so please send us any questions or comments you have. Also, if you perceive any balance issues, please let us know and we will address them as quickly as we can.


Update History

1/4/2019 v1.0 – Original Accursed Class uploaded.


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Reviews (4)
Discussions (4)
Customer avatar
Andrew G February 15, 2019 12:40 pm UTC
Looking over the class again and trying to make a character work with it, I've realised that the class is rather horrifically MAD. Lycanthropy for example locks the player out of Dex usage in its features, but due to a lack of Heavy armor, they need at least 14 there in order to be getting the most of their armor.

Say I wanted to make a Lycan Accursed, at level 1 I'm expected to have 16 Str for my attacks, 14 Dex for my armor, 14 Con as I'm going to be in the frontline as a martial class (and one that needs to make Concentration saves), and then a 14 or 16 in my Curse Ability Modifier. The lack of Heavy armor and forced Strength usage makes it a truly difficult option. I would suggest giving the whole class or the Str-based subclasses (Lycanthropy and Armament) access to heavy armor (but not shields) to alleviate this. As it stands the class design ends up a lot like Strength-based Rangers, except even they can tote around a shield and constant access to better weapons to boot.
Customer avatar
Ross L February 15, 2019 9:56 pm UTC
Hello again, Andrew!

You are correct: certain archetypes were made intentionally MAD, because they would be absolutely broken otherwise. Lycanthropy, for example, gets two attacks at early levels, which allows it to make incredibly good use of Hex, allowing for absolutely enormous damage numbers, and it also has some rather overlooked tanking ability at level 3 due to the healing from Hybrid Shift. In the case of Armament, you can afford to have a lower AC because you're attacking from the midlines, not the front, most of the time, meaning that you most likely won't be getting targeted quite so much as the tank in the enemy's face.

That said, we did know this could be a problem for certain builds, and added in a workaround in the Protective Hex Malediction Metamorphosis, which lets you calculate your AC using your curse ability instead of Dex. It doesn't help at level 1, no, but level 1 is a fragile level for every class in the game that isn't Barbarian.

I have, personally,...See more
Customer avatar
Andrew G February 16, 2019 12:28 am UTC
I guess it'll come to proper play rather than theory, but 15 AC on a frontliner (that isn't a Barbarian with half damage from conventional forms and 20+% more HP) is pretty uncomfortable for me.

My other thought is that the replacement for Fighting Style you've put in place is a great idea, but at the same time feels like Eldritch Invocations or Mercer's Blood Hunter. Now, that's a good thing, as it does the opposite of my previous issue with MADness: it gives choice. However, the bonuses are too far apart, I feel, for it to give the feel of improving as you go along rather than being "sudden power spikes". I think getting a fourth upgrade to it would help, but this of course would mean re-examining the later features. Could take half-progression of Invocations as a basis (the class very much akin to Warlock, though a half-caster). It may ne a little trouble to do, but I feel it'd have an excellent effect on character progression and helping the class feel more expansive.
Customer avatar
Ross L February 16, 2019 1:25 pm UTC
Thank you very much for your feedback. It will definitely be difficult to include a fourth tier of Malediction Metamorphoses from a balance perspective without losing some of the class's core flavor, but we'll definitely look into it when we do other revisions.

I can't make by promises on when we'll be able to do that exploration, as we're knee-deep in two other large projects right now with another upcoming, but you can follow our social media to get the updates as they occur.
Customer avatar
Andrew G January 24, 2019 5:44 pm UTC
I have a minor balance gripe. The "Afflict" subfeature of the Curse Control feature should probably require an additional save on it for certain abilities. As it stands, a Vampirism, Possession or Armament Accursed can throw a single save at a creature, that if failed, can completely cripple the enemy for the duration by throwing Disadvantage on them. I would strongly suggest the following addition at the end of the subfeature:

"If the ailment chosen has the effect of giving the creature disadvantage on attack rolls, the afflicted creature may make an additional saving throw at the end of each of its turns".

If you feel this weakens the power too much, you can make the additional saving throw with disadvantage, but I would at least allow them to have a chance to break free from the effect.
Customer avatar
Ross L January 24, 2019 5:59 pm UTC
Hi, Andrew!

This is a very fair criticism. When we initially tested the Afflict ability, we had the ability to break out of it in there, and our testers said it felt weak, especially against mobs of enemies. The current version didn't cause any gamebreaking scenarios when it we tested, but we can see how powerful it could be against certain boss creatures, and will conduct a more thorough inquiry into it.

Thank you for your feedback!
Customer avatar
Sam S February 08, 2019 6:32 pm UTC
This was also my biggest concern with the class when I looked it over. A curse of misfortune would make mincemeat of almost any martial enemies. That said, having the ability require concentration could be the solution. It would certainly butt heads with many of the spells on its list -- of the spells created for the class included in the document, only 2 aren't concentration.
Customer avatar
Ross L February 09, 2019 4:26 am UTC
Hi, Sam!

I think you may have a few misconceptions about Curse of Misfortune's interaction with Afflict. The ailment I believe you're referring to is the shroud of unluck, which of course gives disadvantage on attack rolls (among other rolls) if you have it. However, that only applies if you have the shroud of unluck, which only applies if you finish a rest, roll initiative, or choose to gain it after you make an applicable roll. Since, by the time you Afflict a martial opponent, initiative will likely have been rolled, the only way said enemy would receive the shroud is by choosing to gain it, which they would likely never do. In that way, Misfortune's Afflict can only be really used to apply the extra critical damage ailment effectively, which is a much less powerful effect overall.

That said, we are already working on a v1.1 of the class that will address the Afflict concerns mentioned in this thread by implementing a "The afflicted creature can use its action to repeat the Wisdom...See more
Customer avatar
Sam S February 16, 2019 3:19 pm UTC
Ah, gotcha! Yes, seems I was very much misinterpreting that ability. I was very worried about that ailment being abused, in that case. Having an action requirement to reroll is a perfect solution! Thanks for clarification.

Also, just out of curiosity, do you know if Nathanael Roux will be making Class-specific character sheets for this class as well, as they have with some of your other classes?
Customer avatar
Ross L February 16, 2019 3:21 pm UTC
You're very welcome! Happy I could help!
Customer avatar
James H March 17, 2019 3:39 am UTC
That's actually incredibly weak. It seems like afflict is almost useless for Misfortune.
Customer avatar
Ross L March 17, 2019 1:00 pm UTC
Hi, James!

Curse Control isn't meant to be an especially load-bearing mechanic, especially given it comes at the same level as Malediction Metamorphosis and Spellcasting, both of which are exceptionally load-bearing features. For Misfortune, which deals most of its damage at a relatively safe range and is the best user of Jinx of any other Accursed Affliction, you don't need quite as much oomph from Curse Control. Also, if you have a party member with easy access to advantage like a barbarian or an increased crit range like a Champion fighter, afflicting a creature with the extra crit damage ailment can be quite powerful, but we didn't want to give them a widely applicable ailment for all the reasons listed above.
Customer avatar
Kyle C January 23, 2019 6:32 am UTC
Hey, I am thinking of DMing a game for the first time and I want to have homebrew classes that I have okayed before the players ask me about them. Would it be fine if I featured your guy's classes as acceptable homebrew options after I purchase them? Basically it would be "(Class Name) from OAP - (Description of the class) - (a pdf or Google doc that can be shared in order to not just give them the full version) - (link to the site I bought it off of so they can buy it themselves if they like it). If you will allow it with a different format then I will use that instead.
Customer avatar
Ross L January 23, 2019 2:27 pm UTC
Hi, Kyle!

First, thank you for being so incredibly polite about asking, and for the amazing compliment of including our work among your pre-approved options!

Second, ABSOLUTELY YES YOU CAN DO THIS! Did I thank you yet for making me smile from ear to ear when I saw that you wanted to do this with our work? Because, my goodness, thank you!

I'm not sure if you've bought any of our products yet, but each purchase comes with a full art file as well as an art-less Printer Friendly file. If you look at the bottom of each of our product descriptions, you'll see that we give these art-less copies away for free, so that would be the ideal version to post on something like Google Drive for your friends and players to access and print for their own use. Other than that, the format of credit, description, and the link is absolutely PERFECT.

Thank you again for reaching out, and I hope you, your friends, and your players enjoy our products! Please don't hesitate to contact...See more
Customer avatar
Will R January 21, 2019 12:24 am UTC
I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to come across this class supplement. I am a player with infamous luck, to the point where people have actually named certain dice rolls after me (it's not flattering). I have been wanting a class that actually let's me weaponize my rotten luck, so the curse of misfortune options have me giddy with excitement. I look forward to actually trying some of these features out.
Customer avatar
Ross L January 21, 2019 1:44 am UTC
I'm so glad you like it! I DM for a player who has an unbelievable natural 1 track record, and the Curse of Misfortune was made very much made with people like you and he in mind (once you hit level 3, you never have to make an attack roll again if you don't want to)! It was also heavily inspired by the curse of an awesome character named Luna in the Alex Verus series by Benedict Jacka, which is an wonderful urban fantasy series set in the UK.
Customer avatar
Will R January 21, 2019 4:33 am UTC
I already have a concept for the character I want to go with. Likewise with the curse of the possessed now. All I need to do now is find a game to try them out in. I kinda want to wait to try them out so I can leave a more in depth and official review, but I'm already happy with the purchase just from a creative stand point. And I'm probably not going to be able to shut up about them for my next few sessions. (hmm... maybe I can work one in as an npc during my STK game...). Either way, I will be telling people about this.
Customer avatar
Ross L January 21, 2019 12:35 pm UTC
You have me smiling from ear to ear! Thank you for your enthusiasm and for your willingness to share our work; word of mouth is by far the most effective and meaningful form of advertisement for a company our size, so we greatly appreciate it. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and once you do end up creating an accursed character, we'd love to hear about the character and your experience with them!
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