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For over three years, the Merchant has been bringing more business-minded adventurers to Dungeons & Dragons tables around the world! 

The merchant a high-support spellcaster that helps the party stay equipped and rewards players that enjoy solving problems using the equipment they have on-hand rather than spellcasting and skill checks. The class creates characters with the playstyle of a:

• Midline Support with spells and features that manipulate the abilities and overall power of other creatures.

• Supplier that gives the party guaranteed access to both mundane and magical items on-the-go.

• Dungeoneer and Face, equipped for the perils of adventuring with a large arsenal of on-demand items.


While this class was first and foremost designed to be a Player Character option, its high support playstyle and unique Portable Storefront feature can be used to create NPCs the party is sure to want to keep around. Allow your players to truly shine by:

• Subsidizing the expensive material components and spell slots of your casters with the Merchant's value-based magic

• Allow them to customize enchantments on their magic items with the Blacksmith, keep them healthy and buffed with the Apothecary, or build a new addition to their base with the Architect!

• Give them a way to shop on the road!

Statblocks for merchant NPCs are provided at the end of the class for examples of how to create such NPCs!

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Community Reviews

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4.7/5 Stars


Eric "Rogue Watson" Watson

"I'm gonna say it right now: the Merchant Class is one of my favorite class supplements that I have reviewed-I think so far-in my years of reviewing class supplements."

Nerd Immersion's Review

Nerd Immersion (Ted Sikora)

Rated 2nd in Ted's Top Homebrew Classes

"I really like it a lot, probably more than I should? I think I'll definitely be using this to populate my NPCs."

heavyarms review

heavyarms (Creator of the Armorer's Handbook)

"The Merchant is a fantastic class that brings a whole new play style to an adventuring party. Not just to one player--to the whole party.The 3rd-Anniversary update adds even more subclasses, including the Architect by guest contributor Ross Leiser (Outlandish Adventure Productions) which I'm excited to see in-play, but my heart will always be with the Swindler because their Misdirection feature is so ridiculous and wonderful."

Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star


Home Brew Crew

"Ever wish you had a traveling merchant to follow you around in your Dungeons & Dragons adventures. Wouldn't it be great to have exactly what you need right when you needed it? Feel like there should be a role in the party for a pure support class caster, who always seems to have the very thing you need... for a price of course. Well, then the Merchant Class by Taron Pounds is exactly what you have been searching for to put into your homebrew campaign!"

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Reviews (6)
Discussions (47)
Customer avatar
Kaylee H December 01, 2023 2:04 am UTC
Enjoying the class a great deal, but I'm realizing Money Shot's higher level casting isn't very clear. If I cast it as a second level spell, do the added coins just add damage, or can I split the attack? On subsequent bonus actions, do I control one coin, all the coins? I can consult with my DM, of course, but what's intended?
Customer avatar
matthew M August 28, 2023 4:42 pm UTC
Is it intentional that Merchant doesn't have ritual casting other than the modified Identify it gets for free?
I know the artificer chassis was an inspiration for merchant, but artificer has ritual caster while merchant does not.
For example this means base merchant can't take advantage of the many rituals on their list, and gourmand can not cast create mandrake as a ritual.
Maybe fit it in with Pack Mule because it seems weak for a level 5 ability, and can be flavored as always being prepared for certain situations thanks to contents of your "packs".
Technically we could also fix this by taking ritual caster feat.
Customer avatar
matthew M August 28, 2023 8:52 am UTC
1. The Aid spell shows in both the level 1 and level 2 list.
2. Create Mandrake says it is a level 1 spell but is in the level 3 Gourmand list.
3. Immovable object doesn't appear in any of the merchant lists.
4. Could I use Tagmay’s Thermal Container as my portable storefront so I can have a pet treasure chest?
5. I am still hazy on your interpretation of the "use an object" action. on hand I see it as dungeonneering equipment + potions, but on the other I could see RAI including magic items as well. The wand of Magic Missile would get pretty strong if affected by BFYB.

Subclass idea:
Costume artist
-Armorer artificer but focuses more on diplomacy/intimidation.
-Costumes need to be prepared each morning.
-disguise/polymorph. Able to disguise self as other people/races and polymorph into preset forms(costumes) that give different abilities/bonuses.
-Horror costume: Immune to fear, Fear based ability that causes frightened like hex or...See more
Customer avatar
Marcel K August 20, 2023 7:08 pm UTC
another question came to mind: does the Portable Storefront (Top Shelf) interact with a Bag of Holding (or similar items) in the same way those storage items usually do, or does the Portable Storefront's Top Shelf actually allow for these items to be stored there?
Customer avatar
DEVON C August 12, 2023 8:31 am UTC
Hey thanks for this great class hope to try it out one day. just confused about on the functions of the blacksmith. Also maybe a way to add clothes in general to Armor as it would be cool to RP making new robes for the wizard with enchantments.

1.) "an item you CREATE can only have one property on it" is this supposed to mean if I make a dagger from scratch and add the 1d4 fire property I now have a magic item to sell? I feel like that portion of text is meant to refer to enchanted items at level 3 can only have one property.

2.) This is a multi part question but essentially, do properties stack? If I know both the "1d4 fire damage" and "2d4 fire damage" does it now stack to 3d4? what if one property is 1d4 fire and another is 1d8 fire can they both be added?

3.) Im assuming that once you strip a property you also take its intended use. For instance the 1d4 fire damage is meant to be used when you hit with a weapon attack and not just "on...See more
Customer avatar
David J August 11, 2023 12:48 am UTC
Thank you so much for this awesome class! I can't wait to play it. I have some questions about Gourmand. It says it takes a minute for a player to eat a meal and to gain its benefits, but the level 5 feature says a player can now have one XXX XXX and instantly gain the meal benefits, instead of waiting for a short or long rest.<br /><br />
This confuses me. Do players usually have to finish a meal after a short or long rest to gain a meals benefits or does it take 1 minute no matter what? Also with the level 5 feature can multiple players now take bites of the same meal?<br /><br />
Thank you so much for your time!
Customer avatar
Marcel K August 07, 2023 11:12 am UTC
Love the class so far, the only thing that I would love to have in addition would be a class specific character sheet.
I suppose you did not create or plan to create one? :)

probably will try to create a class specific character sheet for it myself, but not sure how that is going to turn out :D
Customer avatar
Marcel K August 20, 2023 7:10 pm UTC
I did create a class specific character sheet for the Merchant class based on the sheets done by Emmet Byrne in case anybody is interested
Customer avatar
name N August 04, 2023 4:28 am UTC
I have some questions about the Potion Seller subclass: What limitations, if any, are there for how many effects you can put on a potion? Do you have to expend a spell slot to fill a vial with a blank consumable or blast potion, and then another to add actual effects? On existing potions (like DMG potions of healing) can you just add blast (or splash) and throw it? The Healing effect also mentions that for every 50 GP above the first you heal 2d4 more, but there is no other reference anywhere for spending GP on these potion effects that I can see. What's that about? Is the saving throw for envenomed the same as for blast potions?

As a side note, a splash envenomed potion seems mildly scuffed to me. 12d6 after a single save seems... high to me, even if it trickles in at 1d6 per round after the initial 2.
Customer avatar
Simon W July 29, 2023 5:32 pm UTC
a few quick things I've noticed reading through this..
"If you are incapacitated, the defender can take any action of its choice" (page 13 in the "Domesticate" feature) is this supposed to say defender? domesticated creatures are otherwise never referred to as defenders.

"You can only control one domesticated beast at a time." (page 13 in the "Domesticate" feature) does this restrict how many creatures you can have domesticated at once or how many you control? what happens to the ones you do not control and how do you decide which ones you do? furthermore, what does it mean to care for a creature mechanically?

"you can use 20 gp as an additional material component in the casting of the spell, which is consumed. If you do, the spell’s casting time is instantaneous and the familiar becomes an autonomous beast no longer under the effects of the spell." (page 12 in the "Mobile Menagerie" feature) are beasts summoned this...See more
Customer avatar
Simon W July 29, 2023 8:50 pm UTC
I've also noticed that the "Gilded Touch" Cantrip says it's a merchant spell but doesn't appear in the spell list. (sorry if there is a more official feedback bit that I did not see, I hope this helps anyways)
Customer avatar
Taron P July 29, 2023 9:42 pm UTC
Thanks for the feedback!

It's been about 2 years since I wrote the Pet Dealer, so I'm trying to recall why I chose the word "Defender" there. I want to say it was in cases of multiple pets being under your control, or it was some wording that was being adopted around Tasha's Cauldron, but I can't immediately recall. In any case, it's automation for the pet.

You can have as many creatures domesticated as you can with Domesticate, but you aren't able to just take the whole crew with you everywhere you go. This restricts how many you're able to have under your command for the purposes of combat.

You got it right on find familiar. The purpose of this was to allow you to "stock" beasts in a way. If you want it under your command, you need to use the Domesticate feature on it.

Gilded Touch is supposed to be on the Merchant spell list, that's an oversight. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!
Customer avatar
name N August 06, 2023 6:45 am UTC
The pet dealer's find familiar also mentions being able to choose any beast of 1/8th CR or lower, and this seems like it might be a separate clause from the 20 GP to make it wild thing. Is this the case? Can pet dealers have any beast of 1/8th CR or lower as a normal familiar?
Customer avatar
Ian H July 07, 2023 10:31 pm UTC
Hustler's Gambit for the Swindler subclass on page 11 says you can purchase trinkets at half price when restocking your portable storefront. much are Trinkets? 'Cause I can't find a price for them ANYWHERE.
Customer avatar
Damian F July 08, 2023 7:59 am UTC
Trinkets are like these really minor things. You can find them in the PHB for backgrounds and there are more specialised trinkets in some campaign books
Customer avatar
Ian H July 08, 2023 8:11 am UTC
Right. If you get a discount to stock them, how much do they initially cost? Could my players, say, spend 10 GP and gain 2d10 random trinkets to sell? Is that too much? Is that too little? While some of the trinkets are curiosities, mementos even, some are actually useful. Some are really useful! Do those cost more? My players are now very excited about selling these, and I'd like a little more guidance.
Customer avatar
Taron P July 08, 2023 1:58 pm UTC
This was honestly more for flavor, as I felt trinkets were a funny idea for swindling customers into thinking they're buying a magic item or something. They leave it open-ended to allow DMs flexibility to price as they wish, and I opted not to step on that turf too hard. Generally, I don't see many trinkets I'd price above 1gp.
Customer avatar
Damian F December 22, 2022 3:46 pm UTC
Hm, the v3 changelog mentioned a spell called "Land Grab", but I don't see it in the V3.2 version of the file. What happened to that spell?
Customer avatar
Taron P December 23, 2022 5:27 am UTC
Ah yeah, Land Grab was a spell that was concepted and just didn't make it through to the final pass. There is an update coming in early-to-mid 2023.
Customer avatar
Matías R November 14, 2022 4:14 am UTC
Hi. I bought the Merchant class PDF some time ago, I saw that it has received updates. Still it's not clear to me how the main ability "Portable Storefront" works, is it similar to the Bard of Creation ability? What I pull an item at my whim and then it disappears when the bag is restocked. how do I determine the Supply List?
Customer avatar
Damian F November 14, 2022 8:40 am UTC
You make your supply list when you get the feature and change it during a long rest whenever you restock.
Items you brought out won't disappear when you restock, because the items are real. I guess you could say they're conjured or created by money magic. It's just that you have to pay to cover any items you took out and didn't return.

The only part of the Portable Storefront I've never been keen on is "Top Shelf", where you can add magic items in - and that's only because the rules for magic item costs are fuzzy at best, making it a "discuss with the DM" type ability.
Customer avatar
Ebony P September 30, 2022 2:38 pm UTC
Hey there! Bought this class a little while back and started plugging it into foundry. I just hit the Gourmand class and the spell list mentions a spell called Light Bulb with the NAD note on it, but the spell does not appear in the spell list further down. I am having trouble finding any mention of it online. Would you be able to post the spell here?
Customer avatar
Simone R August 01, 2023 12:51 am UTC
I'm encountering the same problem, was it scrapped? If not, could you please post the spell here?
Customer avatar
Thony D April 07, 2022 12:44 pm UTC
Apologies, but one more thought. The Esotericism Guild's 9th level feature feels quite weak compared to many of the other classes. Considering other classes do things like confer resistance to poison damage, give temporary HP, and can just reduce damage, being able to be undetected by divination-type things for an hour seems quite small.
Customer avatar
Taron P April 07, 2022 9:06 pm UTC
Esotericism's 9th level is one of those features that I think shifts in power pretty drastically from table to table. Underdark/Eldritch Horror centric campaigns would see quite a lot of use for it, but others might find it a little lacking. This subclass was also designed pre-Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, so I was still designing way more conservatively than I likely would today. I will say the subclass as a whole package comes with quite a lot of flexibility other Merchants don't have. Page Master is essentially "Magical Secrets on steroids" if you have other spellcasters on your team that spend downtime scribing spells for you. Esotericism is the one subclass here I haven't heard much of any playtest feedback on, so there's potential it might receive some kind of face-lift at a later date.
Customer avatar
Lex V November 07, 2022 9:18 am UTC
I have a question regarding the subclass Esotericism. Page master allows spell scrolls that you find to be added to the portable storefront even if the rarity is higher than allowed. How do you price this spell scroll in the portable storefront? For example I am a lvl 3 merchant with a max of 150 gold in the storefront and I find a lvl 2 spell scroll priced at 250 if u buy it normally. Does this mean that it can't be added due to the pricing or does the price not count towards the storefront inventory?

I also have a question regarding the spell scrolls that can be added to the storefront. How does this compare to the Wizard with his spellbook? Wouldn't this feature just add more flexibility than a traditional wizard spell book? This being the result of changing your storefront inventory during a longrest?
Customer avatar
Thony D April 04, 2022 10:12 am UTC
I just bought this class yesterday, as one of my players loved the idea of the character and split the cost with me. This class is utterly wonderful. A serious support class that's just the right amount of silly. This clearly has a lot of hard work and love in it. That said, there's a few tiny questions and things I'd like to point out.

-A formatting error more than anything, but a few of the spells "At higher levels" portions aren't in bold, making them a bit hard to read.

-For the spell "Money Shot", is it intended to be able to let you attack twice in the same turn for the casting of the spell? As it costs an action to initially use it, then a bonus action, in seems one can do that. Not that the spell is that terribly powerful, but not what I'm used to seeing.

-The Mugger feat is a delightful idea. My only gripe is the lack of wording about needing to be holding an object already in order to plant one, or clarity on being able to pull out and plant...See more
Customer avatar
Taron P February 09, 2022 6:37 am UTC
Version 3.2 Change Log:
• Layout updates

• Removed "crossbows" as a proficiency.

• Swapped hand crossbow for light crossbow.

Portable Storefront
• Change to pulling the item from the bag now shifting from Bonus Action to Use an Object, with the use of the object being a part of the same action. Current Merchant characters will need an update for the new wording.

• Restocking should be a little easier to interpret and is generally more straightforward on its restrictions.

• Mandrake Minion was cleaned up and will require updating any Merchant characters with the spell.
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