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Shore of Dreams
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Over 3300 copies sold! Enjoy this wonderful, additional Pisca Ahlorsath handout as a thank you!*

"The writing, the artwork and the overall feeling of this adventure is absolute triple A quality!" - Mr. Tarrasque

We are MITHRAL! The PDF & Print+PDF Bundle gets exclusive paper miniatures from TRASH MOB MINIS! PISCA AHLORSATH, LARISSA TEMERITY, THE TEMPEST BEAST & MURASA SEPRET come with this adventure!*

More Trash Mob Minis can be found here.

Riches beyond imagination await!

Buried decades ago, the great treasure of the notorious Captain Jadescale is waiting at the Mistcliff.

Though the exact location of the treasure is unknown, it’s said that the owner of the Shore of Dreams has clues about the location, although nothing is ever that straightforward when it comes to treasure.

Can you unearth the secrets of the treasure of Captain Jadescale or will you be undone by its mystery?

A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of level 5 to 7.

This 3 - 6 hours adventure features:

• 18 pages full with social encounters, dungeon crawling, puzzles and a hint of mystery
• custom art and handouts* for your players
• custom map with a DM and a player version*
• new monsters, npcs & magic items

From our playtesters:
"It's very atmospheric, and a breath of fresh air amongst a lot of clones."
"This module was a nice change of pace from the usual fare."
"The story kept my group guessing right up until the end."

From our reviewers:
"Worth every penny. Probably worth five times every penny. Buy it. Read it. Run it." - Travis L.
"Highly recommended!" - Richard M.
"Although, in general, this product is ONE OF THE BEST adventures I’ve ever read. Every DM should try it." - The DM's Tavern
"Recommended!" - Teos A.
"Ovnerall, Shore of Dreams is an excellent adventure." - The Kind DM
"[...] A good adventure, and I appreciate that there are some good opportunities here for both role-playing and combat." - The Rambling Roleplayer
"An amazing adventure!"- DM Dango
"[...] This is a magnificent product for any Dungeon Master that wants to add some extra “flavor” to their campaign [...]" - Aurican's Lair
"[...] This adventure is what I could call the Gold Standard in writing quality, layout design, and artistic aesthetics. [...]" - Death By Mage
"You see all these reviews, speaking of greatness and golden standards? They are all true. No need to add anything more." - Jason B.
"[...] I highly recommend this module to anyone who enjoys one-shots [...]" - Adam D.
"[...] Definitely worth the $3 for any DM to have in their back pocket." - Curt S.
"[...] I love this adventure [...]" - Adam C.
"[...] I cant wait to run it again. [...]" - Steven W.
"[...]  a fantastic excercise in roleplaying and [...] combat." - Jay B.
"[...] It was really fun, nice story line for oneshot, with great characters. [...]" - Kate S.
"[...] My players fully enjoyed the villain as well as the asian theme. [...]" - Justin H.
"[...] This was a single session adventure for my group, and everyone loved it." - Bryan H.
"[...] The NPCs are well rounded and lively, the plot is intriguing and engaging and the setting is adorable and unique. Probably the best adventure module I ever bought." - Alyssa B.
"[...] a fun and interesting side story that would is great in a larger campaign.." - Zian W.
"I loved this adventure! [...]" - Jessica S.
"An amazing adventure that you should definitely pick up. Totally recommended!!" - Stratos F.
"[...] Seriously one of my best purchases on the DMsGuild. THIS is the kind of content that needs to be released in official publications. Well done!" - Talon P.

* only available as digital files to PDF or Print+PDF bundle

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Customer avatar
Will C October 16, 2019 10:12 pm UTC
I just got the package in the mail with my print version and I'm disappointed at the lack of printed maps and handouts. Looking at the asterisk before I purchased, I believed it was indicating that the maps were included if you purchased the digital AND PDF, not that the maps were only included AS PDFs. This wording needs to be made more clear.

Still, looking forward to running this as a one-shot with coworkers in the near future, but I'm going to have to get the maps and handouts printed up separately.
Customer avatar
Florian E October 16, 2019 10:39 pm UTC
Hello Will,

thank you for your comment. While I would have loved to offer those as print-outs that are sent to you, this is unfortunately not how the print on demand program works. While I thought that the wording was not elusive, I also have no intention to accidently deceive anyone. I made the wording a little bit clearer and hope you can apologize this unintended mistake.

Hope you still going are having a wonderful blast!

- Florian

P.S.: The benefit of not having those hand out, are that we could UPDATE the print-outs, as I did with the new Pisca hand out, that was not originally part of the product :).
Customer avatar
VV V August 25, 2019 7:14 pm UTC
Ran the adventure in a totally different setting (a Hungarian fantasy rpg developed in the 90s), it still worked perfectly and my party had loads of fun. Actually they even continued exploring Yokotoro and its surroundings, as Shore of Dreams was good base to expand our game to further adventures. Good job, thank you!
Customer avatar
Florian E August 25, 2019 7:22 pm UTC
Thank you very, very much for the praise!
Customer avatar
James C August 01, 2019 7:36 pm UTC
Have you any plans to implement this into Fantasy Grounds?
Customer avatar
Florian E August 02, 2019 6:12 am UTC
Hey James,

thanks for your purchase & outreach to us. While there are curretnly no active plans to do a full on conversion, this is something that still gets discussed within our realm ;). However , we included the VTT material, so people will have an easy time to use it on any service (including Fantasy Grounds) of their choosing in the meantime!
Customer avatar
jonathon R July 07, 2019 3:48 pm UTC
This was great ran this last week and everyone loved it just two things missing a fake map handout and a map of the island of yakotoro then it would have been perfect
Customer avatar
Florian E July 07, 2019 6:09 pm UTC
Hey there Jonathan; thank you for your comment. While we acknowledge that a map of the town would have been dreamy ;), the hand out for a fake map did not come up during the playtests or the other reports we are getting :). Though we understand this would have been something nice to show to players.

Our decision against a map of Yokotoro was an internal discussion about wanting to have a lot of versions of Yokotoro that were right for each and every player.

However with our newly announced Warriors of Sehanine and the free to grab (or to donate) Serving the Squash we learned from past mistakes and you will find approriate location maps and hope you can forgive us with Shore of Dreams and hope you had fun with the abundance of TrashMobMinis that hopefully slayed your party with cuteness and style!
Customer avatar
jonathon R August 17, 2019 11:57 pm UTC
Thank you for the reply and the msg, appreciate it and will be having a look at the other stuff you got keep it up
Customer avatar
Marc S April 04, 2019 3:43 pm UTC
Hi, read through the adventure. Looks awsome! Great work!
Any tipps to scale it up for three lvl 11 players?
Customer avatar
Florian E April 04, 2019 7:25 pm UTC
Hey Marc,

first of all thank you for purchasing Shore of Dreams. You are wonderful. I must admit, this is a tough one, as you have a party roughly five level over what I think is the sweet spot, but also you have one body less.

With that, I think you should always be wary and make quick changes on the fly.

1] I think you can safely approach the adventure with APL 8 or 9 in mind, so you migitate for one player less.
2] Action economy will be a crucial factor, with that in mind I don't suggest any changes to room T4.
3] Just change the main cast & the Tempest Beast. The Tempest Beast and a certain martial arts expert are straightforward to convert using the DMG.
4] When upgrading the main villain, choose thematic spells that give her an edge in deceipt and let her try to prey on a weak party, though again, don't go over board, you want to challenge them, not outright kill them off.
5] As I suggested below in Lisa's question, if you want to add a...See more
Customer avatar
Marc S April 04, 2019 8:30 pm UTC
Thank you for your respons. Is exactly what i looked for. I love the setting and i'm sure with some changes it will be also a blast for lvl 11 players.
Customer avatar
Florian E April 04, 2019 8:34 pm UTC
I hope there will be a tale of wonderful persons enjoying themselves to tell!
Customer avatar
Lisa S February 19, 2019 11:19 pm UTC
Hi, I brought this one shot but never been a DM before, I have two players can this be modified instead of the recommend 4 player game you suggest and if so how. Thanks
Customer avatar
Florian E February 20, 2019 7:29 am UTC
Hey Lisa,

thank you for reaching out, while it will be hard to scale things that way back, like everything D&D it is not impossible. We recommend roughly the following remedies.

Scale down the enemies as every enemy assumes roughly four party members, even those found in the Monster Manual. There is a whole section in the Dungeon Master's Guide about that, so give this a stern look. For example for the Guards don't use the suggested Veteran but the actual guard statblock found in the Monster Manual

Since this module is done in two parts, you can try things out in the combat encounter at the first part and get a feeling.

The second part would be a bit trickier, especially in room T4. So be very merciful.

Another cool way to bring the party to the more or less required four persons would be having the prisoners go along with your party and you can quickly whip out an additional character sheet per character. Ranger and Babarian would be the two...See more
Customer avatar
Lisa S February 20, 2019 12:38 pm UTC
Thanks that’s been really helpful
Customer avatar
Florian E February 20, 2019 1:29 pm UTC
Happy to help, hopefully your players will have a blast, but we have a feeling that with your level of dedication and you going all out on preparation, you will ace this and make for a wonderful experience on the table.
Customer avatar
Clare M February 03, 2019 6:29 pm UTC
I'm excited to run this as a one-shot for some friends in a few weeks. I will be having a very large group, potentially up to 8 players. Would you recommend I scale them down to level 4 players or just up the HP on the monsters?
Customer avatar
Florian E February 04, 2019 5:03 am UTC
Hey there, glad you are excited, we sure are, too!

We'd rather recommend to adjust the combat encounters. Add HP and or monsters, but don't scale the party down, or they might run into problems in room T4.
Customer avatar
Clare M February 04, 2019 7:23 pm UTC
Thanks so much!
Customer avatar
Florian E February 04, 2019 7:36 pm UTC
No problem! Have a blast playing!
Customer avatar
Justin H August 10, 2018 1:46 pm UTC
Absolutely love this adventure. My players fully enjoyed the villain as well as the asian theme. Grade A work Florian. Florians interview on the Crit Academy podcast was also fantastic. Can't wait to go thru it again a player.
Customer avatar
Trevor A July 30, 2018 5:40 pm UTC
Hi Florian,
Any interest in having this converted for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop program? If so, shoot me an email and we can work out some details (
Customer avatar
Florian E July 30, 2018 5:55 pm UTC
Hey Trevor,

first of all, thank you for reaching out and your interest in converting Shore of Dreams! However, we would be happy if future offers would be made to our mail address, which you can gleam from our twitter page. Currently we got some offers and are reviewing them for viabilty.
Customer avatar
Travis B June 18, 2018 12:32 pm UTC
Ran this last night. Was a great 1 shot. took a little over 6 hours. Was on part with official WOtC content and the players had a lot of fun with the various islanders. Was a little tricky getting the players to eat any of the food after the thugs attacked but got 3 of them out cold, guards got 2 others outside while they were plotting and our 6th followed pisca so 5/6 with this paranoid lot wasn't bad. I would definitely say this is a little on the easy side for a party of 6 lvl 5s but I just scaled up the encounters a tiny bit and they all had a good fight on their hands. Funny enough they are considering making a guild and founding it on the island and basing it out of Yokotoro.
Customer avatar
Florian E June 18, 2018 12:51 pm UTC
Hello Travis,

Thank you for your comment! Glad you had fun and could adjust the encounters accordingly! Don't worry, if they had been paranoid at this part. This is en par with all the playtests and reports we got. Hopefully your party can trust an Innkeeper ever again. Apologies, if not ;).
Customer avatar
Matthew C June 01, 2018 12:11 pm UTC
Is there a map of the village included?
Customer avatar
Florian E June 01, 2018 12:33 pm UTC
Hello Matthew,

thank you for your comment. No, there is no map from Yokotoro, as the adventure runs perfectly without this map. Even in some instances / variables where a battle map might be of use, any generic town map can easily substitue for Yokotoro, as it is built with that in mind.

Since the portion you can access via the preview deals with all the happenings within town, you can check upon yourself and make up your mind. We hope you are satisfied with what you can gleam from the preview.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below!

Customer avatar
Nicholas R May 08, 2018 6:53 pm UTC
Is there any chance that this will be available in print in the future?
Customer avatar
Florian E May 08, 2018 9:06 pm UTC
Hello Nicholas,

thank you for taking the time to comment here. While we are exploring this option and have discussed this already with parties that managed to offer their products as Print in Demand, we can't announce anything yet.

We know, this is probably not the answer you searched for, but this is all we can offer at the moment. Please follow us on Twitter under @poisonpotpress as we will probably announce any decision in this regard there first.
Customer avatar
Florian E May 14, 2018 7:48 pm UTC
Hey Nicholas,

By praising Olhydra and some prophecies coming together, we are now able to offer Shore of Dreams as a print title.
Customer avatar
Scott B April 16, 2018 9:11 pm UTC
I'm currently running this module in my Tomb of Annihilation campaign and have to say it has been amazing so far! Personally $3 seems like a steal for the amount of amazing artwork and depth in NPC's that you get from this module. If you want to run something that is a bit more of a mystery, but also has plenty of combat, look no further!
Customer avatar
Florian E April 17, 2018 6:35 am UTC
Thank you for the very nice comment!
Customer avatar
Steven W March 16, 2018 9:55 pm UTC
This is the first product on DM guild that wasn't made by WotC that I not only didnt regret paying for, but want to run multiple times with different groups. So... Whens the next adventure coming out from you all?
Customer avatar
Florian E March 19, 2018 6:06 am UTC
Thank you for the praise!
We are already actively looking for where to go next and are busy brewing up the next adventure. Though believe us, it took us some time to get to Shore of Dreams. So it might take us a bit! However, whach our twittersphere, so you will be among the first to know, when to buckle up for the next ride!
Customer avatar
Florian E February 27, 2018 9:58 am UTC
We did a small update and added the maps as non-pdf versions, so you can start using them on your virtual tabletop without any hassle to yourself! Hopefully this helps setting up games more quickly.

Sorry that it took a bit!
Customer avatar
Kale M February 22, 2018 1:46 am UTC
Would it be possible to get some non-pdf versions of the map?
Customer avatar
Florian E February 22, 2018 4:42 am UTC
Hey Kale,

you can easily open the pdf for maps into fee products like GIMP, it lets you select the page you want to load in and export it with ease into any other format. That is why we choose to offer the map bundle as pdf files. So it can be handled by anybody, either quickly printed, or converted!

If you are still facing problems, you are welcome to reach us at poisonpotionpress(at)gmail(dot)com and we try to sort things out from there.
Customer avatar
Florian E February 22, 2018 5:04 am UTC
Ooops, that should be free and not fee ;).
Customer avatar
Florian E February 27, 2018 9:55 am UTC
We just added the maps as non-pdf versions for your convenience :D
Customer avatar
Kale M February 27, 2018 9:49 pm UTC
Oh wow, awesome! Thank you so much!!
Customer avatar
Florian E February 28, 2018 5:44 pm UTC
Happy that we could help! :)
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