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Shore of Dreams
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"The writing, the artwork and the overall feeling of this adventure is absolute triple A quality!" - Mr. Tarrasque

We are ADAMANTINE Bestseller, thanks to you! The PDF & Print+PDF Bundle gets exclusive paper miniatures from TRASH MOB MINIS! PISCA AHLORSATH, LARISSA TEMERITY, THE TEMPEST BEAST, MURASA SEPRET & BREENA 'SCORCH' SIZZLEPOCK come with this adventure!*


More Trash Mob Minis can be found here.

Riches beyond imagination await!

Buried decades ago, the great treasure of the notorious Captain Jadescale is waiting at the Mistcliff.

Though the exact location of the treasure is unknown, it’s said that the owner of the Shore of Dreams has clues about the location, although nothing is ever that straightforward when it comes to treasure.

Can you unearth the secrets of the treasure of Captain Jadescale or will you be undone by its mystery?

A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of level 5 to 7.

This 3 - 6 hours adventure features:

• 18 pages full with social encounters, dungeon crawling, puzzles and a hint of mystery
• custom art and handouts* for your players
• custom map with a DM and a player version*
• new monsters, npcs & magic items

From our playtesters:
"It's very atmospheric, and a breath of fresh air amongst a lot of clones."
"This module was a nice change of pace from the usual fare."
"The story kept my group guessing right up until the end."

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"Worth every penny. Probably worth five times every penny. Buy it. Read it. Run it." - Travis L.
"Highly recommended!" - Richard M.
"Although, in general, this product is ONE OF THE BEST adventures I’ve ever read. Every DM should try it." - The DM's Tavern
"Recommended!" - Teos A.
"Ovnerall, Shore of Dreams is an excellent adventure." - The Kind DM
"[...] A good adventure, and I appreciate that there are some good opportunities here for both role-playing and combat." - The Rambling Roleplayer
"An amazing adventure!"- DM Dango
"[...] This is a magnificent product for any Dungeon Master that wants to add some extra “flavor” to their campaign [...]" - Aurican's Lair
"[...] This adventure is what I could call the Gold Standard in writing quality, layout design, and artistic aesthetics. [...]" - Death By Mage
"You see all these reviews, speaking of greatness and golden standards? They are all true. No need to add anything more." - Jason B.
"[...] I highly recommend this module to anyone who enjoys one-shots [...]" - Adam D.
"[...] Definitely worth the $3 for any DM to have in their back pocket." - Curt S.
"[...] I love this adventure [...]" - Adam C.
"[...] I cant wait to run it again. [...]" - Steven W.
"[...]  a fantastic excercise in roleplaying and [...] combat." - Jay B.
"[...] It was really fun, nice story line for oneshot, with great characters. [...]" - Kate S.
"[...] My players fully enjoyed the villain as well as the asian theme. [...]" - Justin H.
"[...] This was a single session adventure for my group, and everyone loved it." - Bryan H.
"[...] The NPCs are well rounded and lively, the plot is intriguing and engaging and the setting is adorable and unique. Probably the best adventure module I ever bought." - Alyssa B.
"[...] a fun and interesting side story that would is great in a larger campaign.." - Zian W.
"I loved this adventure! [...]" - Jessica S.
"An amazing adventure that you should definitely pick up. Totally recommended!!" - Stratos F.
"[...] Seriously one of my best purchases on the DMsGuild. THIS is the kind of content that needs to be released in official publications. Well done!" - Taron P.
"This is probably one of the best products available on the dmsguild [...]." - Kale M.
"[...] It was my first time as a DM. We had a lot of fun.[...]" - Daniel W.
"[...] This truly is a beautiful looking and beautifully crafted adventure full of stories, some true, some not, but all exciting, entertaining and accessible. [...]" - Curse of Sebs
"New DM here and I really enjoyed running this adventure. Lots of good story material while still allowing enough ambiguity for the ending to feel natural. [...]" - Lilith T.P.
"Without a doubt the best thing I've bought on DM Guild. This is exactly the kind of fun "side-quest" stuff that I like to plop into my adventures when it fits [...] " - Alan M.
"[...] Awesome little threads to follow. Would definitely run it again. Art was beautiful, enemies and stat blocks were easy to read and worked well [...]" - Evan L.
"[...] There is a huge variety of things to do (RP, combat, skills, intrigue, puzzles) and everyone had a chance to shine [...]" - Finlay L.
"[...] It was a good adventure with interesting setting. [...]" - Everett S.
"One of the best third party modules I've ever run! So many cool tricks in the 'dungeon' portion, so many interesting and memorable encounters, and I LOVED playing the main NPC, she was a blast![...]" - Lindy B.
"[...] In addition to the wonderful adventure itself, it has so much polish: the full-color maps are beautiful and the paper minis really bring the characters to life. [...]" - Joonas K.
"Great module, wonderful art and descriptions, the paper minis are awesone! [...]" - Jeremy G.

* only available as digital files to PDF or Print+PDF bundle

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Reviews (32)
Discussions (46)
Customer avatar
Sean G June 15, 2022 11:42 pm UTC
Hi there i am planning on running this campaign for some groups and was hoping to get some custom stickers made from the cover art as gifts for the players.
Is there anyone i am able to get in contact with regarding the use of the artwork?
Customer avatar
Florian E June 16, 2022 8:38 am UTC
Hey there Sean,

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately I can't grant you rights to use the artwork. Though why not gift the players those custom made Trashmob Minis in the end? Something they can put on their table and remeber a wonderful adventure?
Customer avatar
JJ S May 08, 2022 6:53 pm UTC
Does anyone know the map dimensions to get the grid to align nicely on a VTT? Having trouble getting it perfect on Roll20.
Customer avatar
Florian E May 08, 2022 8:21 pm UTC
Hey there JJ S, tha is for your comment. While I can't unfortunately provide you with the solution, as I've no Roll20 account to quickly check. I've seen people making it work.
Customer avatar
JJ S May 09, 2022 11:59 am UTC
Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know the dimensions of the map?
Customer avatar
Florian E May 09, 2022 1:51 pm UTC
Thanks so much,

I checked the file sizes for you. So The overall map has a width of 3300 pixel and a height of 2550 pixel with 300 dpi in mind a rectangle is roughly 70 pixel by 70 pixel with 300 dpi. Does this help?
Customer avatar
Nicola M April 16, 2022 6:38 am UTC
SPOILERS for those who've not read the module

Hi, bought this and I'm planning to run it for some friends... First time dming!
Couple of questions for either the authors or those who already ran it...
-im not 100% sure I understood when/if the party is expected to fight Temerity, whether they get captured or not. Does she join the fight to subdue them if they avoid the poison? If they are poisoned/captured, does she pop up at some point in the temple? If they are neither poisoned nor subdued and she did not join the fight, what does she do?
- any general advice on running the trap, as we are all rather new to the game (and they'll lack an int based character!)
-if pisca is ahead of the party, what determines whether she beats them to the crown? Just my choice of whether I want her to have it for the fight?


Customer avatar
Florian E April 16, 2022 7:06 am UTC
Hey there Nicola,

thank you for reaching out. Let me first reply to you with. YOU GOT THIS and since you are first time DMing, always treat an adventure module (no matter who wrote it) as a stage play; knowing that the audience does not know the exact words. But let's answer your specific answers.

- So Temerity tries only to subdue the party, if they avoid being poisoned. At that time, the party should already have a clue what is going on and are paranoid. The fight is a way to confirm their suspicisions. If the party is poisoned, Temerity will tend to the Shore of Dreams, assuming everything will go as planned and soon a next set of adventures might be needed to "help" to excavate the temple further. If the party is still oblivious, she rather deals with Murasa. Temerity and Pisca really wants and extra set of hands, after the last workers had been driven to the brink of their exhaustion, so she will make sure the party will stay, for good! If the party is subdued and excapes,...See more
Customer avatar
John D March 16, 2022 8:56 pm UTC
Would this fit well into "Call from the Deep" in Chapter 3 as something additional to the campaign content?
Customer avatar
Florian E March 16, 2022 9:09 pm UTC
Hey there John,

thank you for your question. Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable with the Call from the Deep campaign and JVC Parry does not receive commentary from this product page. However it might be good to reach out directly to him via Twitter via @jvcparry.

In general though, the crucial moving parts are easily identifiable in this module and equally easily amendable. Do make use of the preview, that should give you ample information to see if it fits.

I do apologize for not being able to answer your question to your full satisfaction though.
Customer avatar
John D March 16, 2022 9:16 pm UTC
I'm open to any hooks that might slip in nicely, as well. ;)
Customer avatar
Florian E March 16, 2022 9:19 pm UTC
While I would love to help you in that regard, I need again to stress, that I am not privy to the Call from the Deep campaign. I do apologize.
Customer avatar
John D March 16, 2022 9:29 pm UTC
Wow, fast reply. Thanks so much. I have been reading the campaign and the sample and I'm pretty sure I can slip it in even though it's not likely to tie into the plot as I can see it, but thematically and by level it fits perfectly. I'm excited to run this and if I run it as part of CftD, I'll get to have my players attached to the characters they play in this module.
Customer avatar
Florian E March 16, 2022 9:47 pm UTC
Hey there John,

You just caught me staring on my phone, so I could spring to it.

As a recommendation, even if I adore the main villain here (as REDACTED was my first creation) if you have recurring characters from Call from the Deep, so supplant everything that does not fit! Remember, your players do not know what is in the text, so improvise or change when needed.

Maybe even maybe the villain here has a place in JVC Parry's grand campaign!

Hope those little extra nudges do help!
Customer avatar
Florian E March 17, 2022 7:45 am UTC
Hey there John,

this morning I reached out to JVC Parry on your behalf and he agrees with me, since Shore of Dreams is (more or less) self contained, the best course of action would be to supersede some of the elements in Shore of Dreams with elements of Call from the Deep. Since you are familiar with Call from the Deep, you will be make those changes easily.

JVC Parry did not mention anything particular you need to be mindful at and encourages you (as I do) to go to town and make it your very own, using only the base framework.

I've seen that with lots of outings. If you want to share, I am eager to know how you interwoven both campaigns / adventures and maybe someone passing here, will also cherish your comments.

Be awesome!


- Florian
Customer avatar
Hana H December 23, 2021 8:49 pm UTC
Hello there, my group is looking to play this as a one shot adventure. I noticed in previous responses for a group of three players at lvl 7 simply reduce the hit points and spell slots on the named characters correct?


Also for the trap T4 room it states that the trap activates on initiatives 30 and 10, what does this mean?
Customer avatar
Florian E December 23, 2021 8:57 pm UTC
Hey Hana

Thabk you for reaching out! I am currently travelling so my reply will be a bit on the briefer side. I do apologize.

1) Yes, this is what I suggest.
2) This means that, as with combat, the trap will act at those initiave values, with 30 being probably the highest, it will move before the party and the remainder starting at 10. So treat this as a an combat encounter.

Hope this clarifies your question. You got this!
Customer avatar
Diyanah H December 20, 2021 3:56 am UTC
Hi! I'm looking to play this with my friends and am very excited, it sounds great! We will only have 3 players, though, and I know the final battles can be rough. Would you recommend I bring them all up to Level 8, or adjust the encounters and keep them at Level 7?

If it's the latter, what are some good ways for me to adjust the Thundering Squall trap?
Customer avatar
Florian E December 20, 2021 6:48 am UTC
Hey there Diyanah,

thank you so much for reaching out. I would suggest to flat out reduce the HP of them and maybe in case of some of the named characters reduce their spellslots a bit.

It is great that you already identified the trap as one of the hurdlestones. Since this trap relies on overwhelming the party, I suggest to reduce the number of successes to deactivate it and reduce some of the effects (maybe the spawning) and the damage profile (maybe consider lowering some dice i.e. d6 -> d4, to make it managable for the group. Remember, you all want to have a good time and a TPK is pobably not the way to go ;).
Customer avatar
Diyanah H December 20, 2021 7:35 am UTC
Hi Florian,

That makes sense - I'll keep them at Level 7 then, and go ahead to do as you suggested! Thank you for responding so quickly and of course for sharing such a great story with us!
Customer avatar
Florian E December 20, 2021 7:36 am UTC
No, thank you for reaching out. Hope you all have a blast! You got this.
Customer avatar
Mikhail S December 05, 2021 5:53 am UTC
Would really love some help on ambiguity! What should I do if players pursue conversation with Murasa after the battle? Encourage her to step outside the bar, or even request to speak first thing in the morning? What do Temerity and Pisca say after the battle (PCs won vs thugs, no survivors)? One player noticed that Temerity didn't join the fight even though the chef did, and I've described Temerity as a strong looking individual.
Customer avatar
Florian E December 05, 2021 6:17 am UTC
Hey there Mikkhail,

thank you for reaching out. Remember that Pisca and Temerity know about Scorch's checkered past and use that to further subterfuge. While I think you can reward players, Temerity has probably a flimsy excuse (remember, Pisca's room is full with trinkets of adoration and Temerity "... just made sure none of the thugs would make a dash for them." and further "... she was at awe at the wonderful display of power the party gave.") to not act.

Pisca and Temerity want to still hinder the conversation, making Murasa clean up and ushering the party out, but if the party find a good way to speak to Murasa, reward your players for being keen that something is tritony... err fishy!
Customer avatar
Mikhail S December 10, 2021 9:47 pm UTC
That's great insight! Thanks Florian!

I have a couple of more things that I'd love to disambiguate. Players arrive to Yokotoro by ship, so why can't they take that ship to their next destination? I used the hook of missing adventurers and my players decided they're on a rescue mission and aren't interested in any treasure.

The players wanted to eat on day 1, and I didn't poison their food then... should I have? After the fight Murasa slipped them the potion, and whispered a warning. I think that next session they just won't eat any food at all, regardless of the potion.
Customer avatar
Florian E December 11, 2021 5:50 am UTC
Thanks for the follow up;

They can leave any minute, but I'd wager they noticed something is fishy and if they did not caught on; well there will be some mighty Triton coming back to haunt them, maybe they cross path later on.

If they don't eat it, Temerity will also catch on that something is amiss and take matters in their own hand, treat it as if they ingested the potion :)
Customer avatar
Taylor B October 15, 2021 3:32 pm UTC
Hey Florian I am planning on running this module for my wife and two others in my homebrewed world. They are all very new to playing dnd (my wife sitting in on sessions I have ran/played in AND watching CR w/ me and a friend playing a bit of pathfinder). That being said I want to accomplish this in one session of 3/4 hrs. Of the recommendation of levels 5 - 7, what would be a good level to keep them at as I help them build characters and what would be the best route for getting to the temple and getting the main beats of the adventure accomplished in that context? Thanks a lot!
Customer avatar
Florian E October 15, 2021 5:02 pm UTC
Hey there Taylor,

thank you for reaching out. Personally I think the best way is for them having a good time is having them at Lv 7+, after all there is no fun to be had with introducing new players with a TPK if they are woefully underleveled. As for the the later delving, make sure they can survive T4, as this trap designeed to slightly overwhelm the players and in the heat of the action they can get overwhelmed.

It is always good to remember that you get together to have fun as DM & players alike.

You might want to skip the dungeon part alltogether and have this for a potential follow up session and leave with the cliffhanger of the party learning something crucial, so you have some easy fights and witrh them testing the water and lots of chances to RP :).

As a bonus, this creator has some nice buildings on the sister site drivethrurpg, they might mesh well with the miniatures provided by Trashmobminis.
Customer avatar
Michael S August 22, 2021 2:06 am UTC
This was a fantastically fun module. I turned it into a little mini-arc one shot that took about 5 sessions. I just loved the scenery and wanted the characters to bask in it for a little while before being swept away by the twist and dungeon crawl.
Customer avatar
Florian E August 22, 2021 4:46 am UTC
Thank you for sharing all the fun you had!
Customer avatar
Cassidy F July 22, 2021 10:20 pm UTC
Currently preparing to run this and really looking forward to it! I have two questions that I'd love an answer to if possible :)

1. If the players take the potion from Marusa and use it as directed, how are we intended to make up for the big loss of the fun drugging scene? The fact the potion confers advantage on poison saves seems irrelevant if the poison in question automatically grants immunity from falling unconscious. I feel like I'm missing something as this, coupled with the wisdom saves against distraction and the opportunities to catch Scorch doing the deed, mean that it's extremely unlikely that my players will fall unconscious. I know I could cheese it a bit so it's more likely to happen but wanted to check your intentions first, I'm sorry if I've misunderstood something! Do you suggest that they witness somebody else falling unconscious or something like that if it doesn't work?

2. Do you have a plain text version of the adventure? I use assistive technology to help me read...See more
Customer avatar
Florian E July 23, 2021 4:09 am UTC
Hey there Cassidy,

First of all, thank you for reaching out!

1] Well there is now fun in trusting Murasa and getting the better of the villains, though a lot of groups are starting to doubt everyone, Murasa included, at least from the lots of groups we heard back. The advantage on poison saves is a small addition in case they take the offered potion but do not drink it. If they happen to take the potion isn't them sitting sly on the table of the Shore of Dreams reward enough? Though I am sure that at this point they want to collect evidence and you can still run the (hidden) Wisdom Saving throw. The Shore of Dreams is a lively place after all and I am sure everyone in the know will still try to distract the heroes as much as possible.

2] Unfortunately there is no plain text, though you should be able to quickly copy & paste the PDF in a text or similar word processing document.
Customer avatar
Jo K June 28, 2021 12:17 am UTC
** spoiler below

Does the second part of Thunderous Slam, impact each turn or just once?
Customer avatar
Florian E June 28, 2021 8:06 am UTC
Only once :) It will be already hard enough.
Customer avatar
Jo K June 01, 2021 8:42 pm UTC

So I need a clarification where is the party supposed to fight Pisca? Both of they have all of their gear and of they do not and are relying on stuff inside the dungeon.
Customer avatar
Florian E June 01, 2021 9:44 pm UTC
Hey there Jo, thank you for reaching out. There is no fixed boss room(so to speak) for Pisca and the text accounts for some permutations. Wether they have been captured by falling for a certain event, or found out what is happening on the island.

Drop her what feels right for the party and what you are going for. Heck, if you think the temple is too much for what you want, there could be a fight at the beach, with Pisca already having claimed a certain prize!

We've heard that a lot like to have a fight (if geared up properly), is in room T2 or T3.
Customer avatar
Marek J May 23, 2021 8:41 pm UTC
I have just finished DMing this adventure and it was a lot of fun. The artwork is wonderful, onyl I wanted to show players the various handouts as they were meeting the characters and all were wonderful, only in the case of Temerity, they sort of give away she's a possible antagonist (both her arts are really nice but one has her swinging a nunchaku and one puts her into a pretty action pose that doesn't really spell "I am an ordinary waitress"). There is also a small mistake in her statblock - her passive perception should be 15, not 12.
Nonetheless, this adventure is 100% worth it, thank you for the great work.
Customer avatar
Florian E May 24, 2021 5:34 am UTC
Thank you so much for your comment and the praise Temerity is also on the full cover art serving tables, meaning you can show her to the party without giving away the game ;).

Otherwise you could also show her dealing with some bar ruffians and drunkards unwilling to pay their tab ;).

Glad you and your party had fun though!
Customer avatar
Jo K March 29, 2021 6:11 pm UTC
Can you clarify what lv the party should be more for the adventure. Inside it said 4 to 5 PC behind 5th and 7th lv. My group has 5 PC if it helps. Leaning toward the midpoint of CR 6. Input though from those who ran it would be appreciated.
Customer avatar
Florian E March 29, 2021 6:20 pm UTC
First of all, thank you so much for purchasing Shore of Dreams. Yes, an APL (average party level) of 6 is the sweetspot. Depeding on party composition it can be done with an APL of 5, and an APL of 7 is more a surefire way. Though I want to stress the deadliness of the trap and the outcome of that pretty much depends on how quick the party can figure out a way to stop the trap in its tracks.
Customer avatar
Gabriel B March 06, 2021 2:14 pm UTC
Got this as a gift and really enjoyed it, ran it twice so far.
I'm interested in translating this to brazilian portuguese officially. How can I contact you guys?
Customer avatar
Florian E March 06, 2021 5:19 pm UTC
Hey there Gabriel,

thank you for your praise and reaching out so far. You can find our contact address at our social media profile. Please note that we currently have all available hands working on a new project and even deciding if we want to do another Shore of Dreams translation might take time for the whole team to decide on!
Customer avatar
Joseph G March 03, 2021 10:31 pm UTC
Is it possible to get this on POD? All I see is PDF. Thanks.
Customer avatar
Florian E March 03, 2021 10:39 pm UTC
Hey Joseph!

Shore of Dreams is indeed a Print on Demand title, however currently One Book Shelf (the parent company encompassing DriveThruRGP and other sites) are in the process of converting the files, as they recently removed saddle stichted options for perfect bound. The titles will return as Print on Demand, though only after One Book Shelf completed their work. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused, though this is currently out of my hands.
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