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D&D Solo Adventure: Tyrant of Zhentil Keep

D&D Solo Adventure: Tyrant of Zhentil Keep


This is the pdf version. For the Fantasy Grounds module, click here.

5e Solo Gamebooks presents Tyrant of Zhentil Keep by Paul Bimler, a 160+ page solo adventure for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. This adventure is designed for one 3rd-level PC of any race or class, without a DM. Tyrant of Zhentil Keep continues the narrative of The Death Knight’s Squire (the first solo adventure in this series) but can be played as a standalone also. It follows the story of your PC as they continue their journey across Faerun, a lone adventurer wandering wherever the wind takes them. Eventually, it takes them to Zhentil Keep in the Moonsea Region, a strange city, full of secrets. There they begin a quest which takes place over two books, this being the first one, part 2 being Citadel of the Raven.

Tyrant of Zhentil Keep is a mini-sandbox in gamebook form, with multiple sidequests and locations to explore. Everything leads towards a central story arc that becomes clearer as the book progresses. Where Death Knight’s Squire had a clear-cut mission at its core, this adventure is pure exploration at first, similar to how a game with a Dungeon Master might commence. The nature of your quest becomes clearer as you advance, collecting snippets of information and encountering various NPCs and locations. The adventure builds upon The Death Knight's Squire in several ways, introducing new combat sheets, sidequests and even audio sound FX embedded in the PDF!

You have two ways to approach playing this adventure. You could print out the maps booklet and use actual tokens or miniatures (you’ll need access to a printer for this), or you can load individual .png files of the maps (included) into Roll20 or similar applications and place and move tokens on your device. 

Gamebook News called The Death Knight’s Squire “An exciting new interactive format for lovers of fantasy gamebooks and roleplaying.”


I ran through this last night… it was a ton of fun!

Allen D.

The writing (superb), maps, and overall presentation are excellent… for me, any future chapters / modules will be an automatic buy.

Tim C.

It was challenging at points, which as a player of D&D I was looking for… its replayability is great though.

Matthew M.


Tyrant of Zhentil Keep is a fun choose-your-own 5e adventure with tons of variety. As soon as I was finished, I wanted to go through it again to see what I’d missed.

Kristina Chun

There’s something here for everyone. Every class, every playstyle. And you literally can’t do it all in one go. This book provides so many thrilling encounters and intriguing stories that it demands that you replay again and again.

Shayne Rodrigues

Tyrant of Zhentil Keep is part one of a two-part quest, however it is playable as a stand-alone adventure. It can be played as DM + 1, DM +2, dual PC scenario without a DM, and there are rules included for running it as such, and ideas for converting it to a full campaign.

At just under 500 entries, the adventure has numerous possible routes, ensuring high replayability. This is something that has come back repeatedly during playtesting. There are multiple sidequests and encounters throughout the adventure. There are even audio files embedded in the pdf which provide sound fx and ambient backgrounds relevant to the area you are adventuring through!

(NOTE: In order to play audio, you need Adobe Acrobat 10.0 with the latest version of Flash installed. More info HERE).

What really sets this module apart, however, is that it only needs the addition of you, the player, for fun to commence. So what are you waiting for? Pick this badboy up and get D&Ding now!

The sequel to Tyrant of Zhentil Keep is Citadel of the Raven, now available here

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Customer avatar
5E Solo G June 09, 2022 7:30 pm UTC
Hey all
A new version of this product has just been uploaded which hopefully fixes the issues discussed below.
The sidequest issue is fixed, allowing completion of multiple sidequests no matter which route you take through the adventure.
Several typos were fixed, notably a couple of stat blocks that were mentioned below.
And several hyperlinks were added.
Please don't hesitate to comment in here if you find any other issues.
Customer avatar
5E Solo G June 02, 2022 11:24 pm UTC
Hey previous purchasers! Just a heads up.
I am aware that some of you were dissatisfied with your experience.
In an effort to remedy this, I am currently doing a major revision of this product.
Once it's done, I will comment in here again... and you should receive an email informing you of an updated version which will of course be freely available to you.
Customer avatar
M A B February 23, 2022 9:07 pm UTC
There should probably be more caveats to the effect that this isn't really a standalone adventure - you don't get any XP until you complete the next one. That said, it's cool that this is essentially a sandbox that eventually leads to the next adventure. Interestingly, every single combat I got into could have been avoided, so it's possible to do this adventure without fighting anyone.

NITS: There are weird formatting (?) issues with some of the stat blocks at the end of the Adventure Booklet, e.g. Zlug has two and a half Battleaxe entries, Danahdir seems to have a shortsword that can also bludgeon? Also, several of the creatures I fought with or against had ACs and/or attacks that didn't seem in line with their stats, e.g. the Black Paladin with a 16 AC, but no shield (who is using a weapon two-handed), and poor Slug, who should try using DEX with his shortsword.
Customer avatar
M A B February 23, 2022 9:39 pm UTC
Oh, and I almost forgot - Danahdir has Protection fighting style, which requires a shield, but no shield? In my run, we tried to sneak in, so he clearly didn't bring any shield he had with him, so it worked out, but he really should have a shield and not want to leave it behind.
Customer avatar
Els E December 17, 2021 7:04 am UTC
Hi, I loved playing this adventure. I’m relatively new at dnd and trying to become a DM for some of my family. This helped a lot. My Palladin had a tough time but made it through. Now I’m searching for the amount of XP I should add. The book says it will be rewarded as milestones and I should level up at the end, but I can’t find any amount anywhere in the book. Should I just level up my character to level 4 and set it at 2700 XP? It feels much too soon, I only fought three monsters. Or will XP be rewarded at the end of the second part?
Customer avatar
5E Solo G December 17, 2021 7:54 am UTC
Hi Els! Yes, you level up to level 4 after the end of the second part.
Customer avatar
Craig W October 17, 2021 2:35 pm UTC
I bought the Solo adventure bundle 1, absolutely loved the Death Knight's Squire, really well done, though I don't see the point of the Blood knight, it almost get completely forgotten about after this...

I , like most others from reading the discussions am rather disappointed in the Tyrant of Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven.
ToZK seems very rushed, to get you in and out without you even doing anything in the keep, Understandably, the first afternoon/evening you get there, you want to get a drink, maybe gamble some money or look at a board of information, but that's it, you need to sleep, you can choose to say hey to a halfling down on his luck which leads to a side quest... then you absolutely must find an inn and sleep.

New day, you can roam around and shop in 4 places, get info or trinkets, maybe find a second side quest. But once you head back to the inn and get a side quest done, that's it, The Spanish Inquisition turn up, drag you to a dark room and tell you to...See more
Customer avatar
Dan J December 12, 2020 6:17 am UTC
I played the first book and loved it and just finished this one for the second time.
I definitely appreciate the amount of work and detail put into such a huge sandbox style adventure. However, it appears that the side quests really don’t work at all in this sandbox style, and need a very specific path to even experience.

First play through, I got all the side quests, then Teodric woke me up and ended the adventure before I ever encountered their code word starting points.

Took a different path the second time, got to some start points before I actually got the quests and had to cheat and pretend I had the quest already to even experience it, then the adventure ended before I could do any other ones.

What’s the order you need to do everything in to actually be able to complete things?
Customer avatar
Juliet S December 06, 2020 10:34 pm UTC
Something I just noticed - the Navigation Kits in the Market Square seem to be missing a price!
Thanks, really enjoying this so far.
Customer avatar
Juliet S December 06, 2020 11:31 pm UTC
Just got to the Kelelan scene and I'm going to stop here. Being kissed without my consent by a random stranger, and "Then, you thank Kelelan for her help and depart her fine establishment."?? Bruh. My character doesn't know this woman and you don't know my character would be okay with this and I'm not going to thank someone for sexually assaulting me.
Customer avatar
Nathan M December 05, 2020 1:58 pm UTC
I just want to say that I'm really enjoying your solo adventures. I'm new to DnD, and they're really helping me learn the game. After finishing The Dark Knight's Squire yesterday, I've purchased just about every solo adventure you have available on DMG. I'm sure these quests will keep me busy for a while. Grateful!
Customer avatar
Jessica G August 31, 2020 9:16 pm UTC
Looking for some clarification .... for characters who made it through the Death Knight's Squire, should they REFRAIN from buying/selling ANYTHING before starting the Tyrant of Zhentil Keep? That is, should a character NOT upgrade his/her armor nor weapons, NOT buy potions of healing, NOT sell items (loot) found during the Death Knight's Squire adventure, etc.? Also, can a character KEEP magic items found during the Death Knight's Squire adventure?
Customer avatar
5E Solo G September 01, 2020 7:12 am UTC
Absolutely, you may keep magic items from Death Knight's Squire, and also purchase any new items you wish to from the PHB equipment lists. You will pass through several settlements on your way to Zhentil Keep and this shouldn't be a problem.
Customer avatar
Michael V August 31, 2020 7:43 am UTC
This adventure was riddled with problems immediately. Many links don't work. This was published too soon and I'm worried about the rest of the package. I started noticing problems immediately and they only got worse. It would be a great adventure if it worked properly. Links are faulty.
Customer avatar
Kevin S July 18, 2020 8:42 am UTC
I just started going through this book and after my first day in the town exploring, the campaign abruptly ended. I used up all my progress points so it told me to go to entry 132. That entry took me on a path where you speak with Teodric the Elven Knight. After speaking with him, it immediately puts you on a quest to the citadel of the raven and says "Congratulations, you made it to the end of Part 1 of this adventure". Is this book and citadel of the raven meant to be played simultaneously? Or did I screw up, read the wrong passage, or take an odd path at some point? For now I will try a different path
Customer avatar
Jessica G September 03, 2020 3:57 am UTC
Kevin S. - I had the exact same problem. Got to town. Spent the night. Shopped the next day and learned about 3 different side quests. Didn't engage in any combat. Went back to the inn. Woken in the night by Teodric. Met the old knights. Then a few more clicks and the adventure ended. I never had the opportunity to do any of the side quests. Not sure if I did something wrong. The entire adventure took an hour or so ... not what I expected. I'll definitely run it again with other characters. But it would be nice to know if something was glitchy with my first run ... especially the lack of opportunity to do the side quests.
Customer avatar
Edward L July 14, 2020 4:06 am UTC
Amazing story. Well written. it feels like living in the world of Conan. I easily felt immersed in the story and felt like my character belonged there. And the sounds provoke the imagination. so well done. This is a masterpiece. I bought the set of 4 books. So glad i did!!!
Customer avatar
Sean D June 12, 2020 7:08 pm UTC
Really enjoyed this and ran it through twice, but when I was looking back through, there doesn't appear to be a way to get to certain outcomes. For example, I couldn't find a way to get to #39. Please let me know if I'm missing something!
Customer avatar
Sean D June 12, 2020 9:09 pm UTC
Nvm, I found it!
Customer avatar
Allen S May 05, 2020 12:28 am UTC
Really enjoyed playing this through with my daughter as a two-character adventure (halfling paladin and halfling assassin). The stormstone is a neat little monster that I'd like to bring into my own adventures. Does its stat block exist anywhere?
Customer avatar
Brittany B May 03, 2020 6:06 am UTC
Another title I have enjoyed and will keep playing with the next one. I didn't die in this one, but I was glad that I was challenged like I was in Death Knight's Squire. I'm going to be playing the next one and can't wait what's in store for me, because I really love these adventures so much
Customer avatar
5E Solo G May 04, 2020 6:11 am UTC
Many thanks Brittany! I write them for players just such as yourself :) Glad you're enjoying them.
Customer avatar
Robert D April 25, 2020 6:26 pm UTC
The goblins Zlug and Slug both have Goblin Quickness as an Immediate reaction when missed by a melee attack. However, it doesn't say what the reaction is? Does anyone know what it is supposed to be?
Customer avatar
Robert D April 30, 2020 11:59 pm UTC
I purchased the 4 adventure bundle so it doesn't show I"m a purchaser here. Is it better if I ask my question under the 4-bundle product so it shows I bought it?
Customer avatar
5E Solo G May 01, 2020 1:39 am UTC
Hey Robert
I'll go and correct this soon. Their reaction is that they get a free attack.
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