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Customer Newsletter for 08/03/2021

Monsters galore! New print offering! And more in the DMsGuild newsletter!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productDruids of the Planes
by Micah Muldowney

Druids of the Planes is your complete guide to creating a Druid with an origin outside of the prime material plane. Given that a Druid's power and flavor rely heavily on the natural environment and the world around them, a planar druid aught to reflect the world they hail from. Whether you want to play a Drow Druid from the Underdark, a Dhampir druid from Shadowfell, a Githzerai Druid from the Astral Sea, or a Tiefling Druid from the lower planes, this title includes a multitude of options for customizing your character to give it a flavor and playing style that matches their background. 

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Hail and well met, readers! This week's newsletter is filled with a smorgasborg of community creations. We've got adventures (with pre-gens!), player options, a drop-in marketplace, and three heckin hundred monsters to delight and terrify your table. 

But that's not all...

New Print Hardcover Offering!

Rumors have been spreading in small towns and hamlets, regions isolated in the far reaches of the wilderness and cut off from major cities and trade routes. Rumors of strangeness in the forest... Rumors of Baba Yaga!

Those rumors turn out to be true and the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga has come once again to haunt, confuse, befuddle, and terrorize the far corners of the land. Are you ready to face the grandmother of witches?!

But seriously that's not all...

Look Out for new Print-on-Demand Guidelines!

Calling all community creators in the house! First, let me shout out Dave Coulson, who penned our latest print offering AND offered his title has a guinea pig for some print-on-demand (POD) process changes.

The DMsGuild tech team has been working hard to help streamline the POD process, so we can open this format to more creators. I'm working on the last details needed to release the new guidelines, so creators, keep an eye out for those to drop SOON^TM.

Did you not hear me the first time? That's NOT ALL!

THANK YOU for helping us fight child hunger!

With your help, DMsGuild and Wizards of the Coast were able to raise over $9000 to end child hunger with the No Kid Hungry charity bundle!!! Huge thank you to the creators who volunteered their titles and the many customers who snagged this bundle for a great cause and organization in No Kid Hungry.

Your Friendly Ethereal Brand Manager,
Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

A Goblin Did It! - How the Random Encounter Table Was Born
by AJ Freyley


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Featured Title

Strange Lineages: 4 Weird Ways to Walk the World
by E. R. F. Jordan


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Featured Title

Mournland Market: 10 Shops on the Edge of Eberron
by Judy Black


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekMonster Manual Expanded III (5E)
by Dragonix

Unleash over 300 terrifying new monsters!

Monster Manual Expanded III continues what the two previous Adamantine Best-Selling bestiaries have started, providing dungeon masters with additional creature options to help fill their adventures.

There are 320 statblocks spread across this 280+ page tome. There are more new monsters this third time around, most of which come from earlier D&D editions. A large number of them will have legendary actions, giving the dungeon master more boss options. The biggest change, however, are the gorgeous, professionally commissioned art pieces that will inspire DMs and terrify players!


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