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Customer Newsletter for 04/07/2021

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productDice Books: Candlekeep Thick Books Part 1
by Tabletop Unglued

Librarians have always been cool, powerful quest givers, both in-game and in real life. Candlekeep Mysteries just made it official.  Each adventure kicks off with a unique, intriguing book.  It's a clever way to build anticipation and make fantastic possibilities feel more at-hand.

Our Dice Books serve as props for Candlekeep Mysteries, and also hold your dice and other small items.  Each Dice Book has cover art that represents one of the books of Candlekeep.  Or, copy and edit the source files with your own art and words.  Dice Books are very sturdy and close with a satisfying snugness.  

Optional templates can be used to add embellishments, organize your stuff, and secure your book when traveling.  Some sets include small props for items mentioned in the adventures, such as cylinders and puzzle books.

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Hail and well met, readers!

Join DMsGuild at Dungeon Con Online

Dungeon Masters Guild and Goodman Games are joining forces to bring you Dungeon Con Online, a 5th edition celebration happening virtually May 28-31. Join us for a long weekend of games, seminars, streaming, and more. The virtual convention space will include an interactive dealers hall and artist alley!

Event submissions are now open, and if you're a community creator at DMsGuild, we encourage you apply. Run your adventure modules or craft adventures to spotlight pregens of your player options! Organize a panel! Set up a digital booth in the dealers hall to showcase your work! There's even an adventure design contest. Click here to learn more.

What's in WebDM's DMsGuild Library?!

We love the videos over on WebDM's YouTube channels. How do you roleplay combat, craft engaging NPCs, or create memorable locations? WebDM has you covered!

Their latest video is all about...*drumroll*... Dungeon Masters Guild! Jim and Pruitt break down what rule supplements, player options, and monster PDFs they use at their tables.

Last Day to Snag the WIZARD Adventure Kit!

Save 66% off spells, subclasses, and more with Dungeon Masters Guild's Wizard Adventure Kit. Forget your explorer's pack! This bundle of 12 titles is everything your wizard needs to take on their next adventure, including:

I've been your friendly, ethereal brand manager,
Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Candlekeep

Featured Title

Adventure Sidekicks: Candlekeep Mysteries
by Jane AdamsAdam Hancock, & Gwenyth Gamble Jarvi


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Featured Title

Possessed Tome: Player Race Option
by Lucas Zellers


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Featured Title

A Guide to Candlekeep Mysteries
by Dylan Ramsey


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekParagon Boons
by Oliver Werth

The purpose of the Paragon Boons is to allow for additional character development in the third character tier(level 11-16).  It is intended to support roleplay with mechanical benefits and to offer a major character choice in the advanced stage of an adventuring career.

A Paragon Boon usually includes features that are not active until the character reaches a certain character level. The first feature is received at the end of the second tier(level 9) and further features become active on level 12 and level 15.

In this supplement you'll find 42 Paragon Boons along with guidelines on how to create your own. 

A Paragon Boon is supposed to be a reasonable but strong reward for a character of level 9 or onwards.


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