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Customer Newsletter for 04/08/2020

Make the Most of your Monster Manual in DMsGuild Newsletter

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productAntipaladin's Booklet
by Francesco Brezzo

Not all heroes are righteous — none of them is incorruptible. With the Antipaladin and the Oath of the Archdevils, you’ll be the antihero of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Hail and well met, readers! Today's newsletter is all about making the most of your Monster Manual. These titles use existing fifth edition D&D monsters as a launching point and add so much more. Legendary actions for low CR monsters! Lairs! Crafting from monster loot (plus, more wilderness mechanics)!

Now, let's chat some more about playing at home while you stay at home...


Wizards of the Coast is releasing FREE Dungeons & Dragons content daily at 5pm PT to help everyone enjoy the magic of D&D while we stay safe and separate. Content is geared towards all types of fans from new players to those playing "kitchen table campagins" to those who enjoy official play with the D&D Adventurers League. Check this page daily for your limited-time freebies, many of which are available here on Dungeon Masters Guild!

In fact, here's what's free so far. Some won't be available for free forever, so snag your copies now:

Save 80%, Donate to Doctors Without Borders

Our charity bundles supporting Doctors Without Borders have raised over $23k so far thanks to our generous community! These $20 bundles (all proceeds benefit the non-profit!) are packed with adventures, new rules, and tons of player options. They're available til the end of the week... or longer if we keep momentum going! Spread the word, so we can do good with games!

Solo & Duet Gaming

Here's one last reminder that if you can't connect with your party right now, you can still play Dungeons & Dragons with yourself or one other player. (It's time to lure your roommate into the world of storytelling and shiny math rocks.) We've compiled our list of recommendations for solo D&D adventuring, games for two, and sidekicks who can join small parties in this blog post.

Your friendly ethereal brand manager,
Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Make the Most of your Monster Manual

Featured Title

Legendary Actions for Low-Level Monsters
by Christopher WalzChristian Eichhorn, & Alex Clippinger


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Featured Title

Lairs: Quickling
by Zac Goins


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Featured Title

The Lone Hunter's Bushcraft Guide
by Massimo Tartaro


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekVolo's Guide to Getting Murdered
by Matthew Whitby & Justice Arman

Our beloved Volo has invited guests far and wide to celebrate the release of his new book: Volo’s Enchiridion to Making Friends. Unfortunately for Volo, one of his guests plans to murder him! Volo’s Guide to Getting Murdered is a murder mystery one-shot that ties in directly with Waterdeep: Dragon Heist!

This adventure is designed for characters of 4th or 5th level!

Volo’s Guide to Getting Murdered provides a replayable 3-4 hour adventure with four unique culprits, all set in a fantastical location with countless secrets and mysteries to uncover.


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