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Customer Newsletter for 03/31/2020

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productWarlock Patron: The Lord of Blades
by Zac Goins

You have been recruited into a select unit within the ranks of the Lord of Blades and have formed a pact with your tyrant ruler. For your undying devotion he has bestowed upon you godsends of both physical and magical might. As long as you remain in his service, your power will increase alongside his. The inverse is also true. Your ascension will parallel his own.

This product offers a new Warlock Patron exclusively for the warforged race in Eberron. 

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Hail and well met, readers! Raise your hand if you've been rolling virtual dice with friends via video calls or virtual tabletops like Astral!

If you can't gather your party right now and still want to adventure, make sure you've read our list of solo and duet Dungeons & Dragons recommendations. We shared our original Tweet thread last week, but we've converted the list into an easy to share article with even more recommendations (many of which are free or pay what you want). Read it here.

But let's move onto the main event of this newsletter...

Support Doctors Without Borders with the DMsGuild Community!

Thanks the generosity of our community, we've been able to curate some amazing CHARITY BUNDLES that fully support Doctors Without Borders.

Both $20 bundles save you 80% off popular Dungeon Masters Guild titles. One is packed with adventure, new rules for your DMs kit, and tons and tons of player options. The other has "CCC" adventure galore... i.e. adventures approved for D&D's official play campaign, the D&D Adventurers League.

Just want to donate or donate even more than your purchase? There's even a PWYW option that goes directly to Doctors Without Borders, too. Thanks for helping Dungeon Masters Guild do good with games!

Updates for Community Creators!

As you can probably tell already, DMsGuild is very much a COMMUNITY of creators, and our tech team has been hard at work making improvements to the quality of life for creators. If you've missed our announcements on Twitter or the Creator Facebook Group, here's the latest:

  • Royalties now are held only 30 days before you can redeem them (not the former 60), and you should see your balance affected right away.
  • Best-seller metal badges used to only count sales on any particular one of our sister sites, but now we've combined sales totals across OneBookShelf sites - a popular request!
  • Our community creators are, well, creative, especially when it comes to advertising their titles with beautiful graphics and even video trailers. By popular demand, we've released a badge of the DMsGuild logo that you can use for such advertisements. Find it at the bottom of this updated FAQ page.
Curious to learn more about any of the above? Check out our FAQ!
Your friendly ethereal brand manager,
Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Steampunk! Pulp Noir! Eberron!

Featured Title

Politics of the Shadow Marches
by Joseph Meehan


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Featured Title

Blackwater Redux | An Eberron Campaign
by Christian Eichhorn


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Featured Title

Sharn: City of Blood
by Alex Clippinger


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtificers of Eberron
by William LawlerKai LinderIam PaceChris HopperE. R. F. JordanSven Truckenbrodt, & Ashton Duncan

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic- Arthurt C. Clarke

Artifice is woven into the very fabric of Eberron, and now it can be woven into your campaign as well! This book contains 8 new artificer subclasses.


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