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Customer Newsletter for 03/10/2020

Save over 70%! Is your next D&D character inside? 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productWarlock The Restless Souls
by Jakub Zachnik

Whether you are going to visit Barovia, an urban plane like Ravnica or the jungles of Chult, there are spirits who might have a task for you.

The subclass introduces a pact made with spirits stuck between worlds. Some are bound by strong emotions like unfulfilled love, need of vengeance, others linger to fulfill given word or protect someone. This warlock focuses on traveling between Material and Ethereal Planes, manipulate the environment through fear of death and possess others.

If you love stories about ghosts or you were looking for more human-like patron your character could connect with, this D&D 5e warlock homebrew subclass is for you.

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Well met, readers! So you KNOW you want to roll a new D&D character this week, because that is a constant state of being. Today's newsletter has you covered with new player options galore: races, classes, and even TREASURE. Drop the hint, and get your Dungeon Master a copy of our Pick of the Week below. But that's not all that's happening at the Guild...

Save over 70%: DMs Day Sale!

We haven't forgotten about YOU, Dungeon Masters! There are F I V E days left in our DMs Day celebration and sale. Across our site, find all sorts of fifth edition D&D adventures and supplements for up to 40% off.

Plus, we've curated two very special bundles (over 70% off!!), which are the perfect gift for the DM in your life. The Worldbuilders Bundle has everything you need to create rich, memorable settings. Meanwhile, the Monster Mastery Bundle fills your arsenal with archvillains, monster variants, and all new creatures... because who doesn't need more stat blocks?

Kobolds of Unusual Size?!

Dungeon Masters Guild Design Dash is a monthly game show where your friendly ethereal brand manager (that's me) challenges three best-selling DMsGuild writers to a design challenge... with only 15 minutes on the clock! We're returning to the Design Dash arena next week (3/20 @ 11am PT,, so catch up by watching the latest episode.

Willy Abeel, Anthony Joyce, and Makenzie De Armas faced off in an unusual challenge all about K.O.U.S.... kobolds of unusual size! Their encounters were scary. Their encounters were puntastic. Their encounters were... weird! But that's just what you can expect from DMsGuild Design Dash!

Til next time, I've been your friendly ethereal brand manager!

Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Your Next D&D Character

Featured Title

New Wings
by Josh Head


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Featured Title

Prism: Trio of Light
by Steve Fidler


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Featured Title

Elvish Archetypes
by Christian Eichhorn & Christopher Walz


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtifacts of the Old World
by Nikolas TotiefAlessio Bran Petrosino, & more

Experience the Old World once more, in the continuation of the critically acclaimed "Monsters of the Old World".

This book was created by a multi-national team of writers, artists, and editors, originating fromnearly a dozen different European countries. With this project, they hope to share a bit of theircountry’s history, lore, and mythology with you for use in the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Inside you will fin more than 130 unique items inspired by European folklore, mythology and fairytales.


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