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Customer Newsletter for 02/14/2020

Happy Valentine's Day! Friendship, romance, and LOVEly character options!

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Free PDF of Valentine's Day

Free weekly productCupid vs Cubus
by Christopher J Foster

An Incubus and a Cupid fight over a man's soul, and try to get their Tiefling and Aasimar descendants to join them in the fight. Can the party convince the Tiefling and Aasimar to join their side before the Incubus discovers them?

This adventure includes a new celestial stat block for Cupids and a new Aasimar Subrace for those that want to be descendants of cupids! It is designed for 4 characters of level 5 and up, with various options for scaling difficulties, and should take around 3-5 hours to play.

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(Love) Notes from Lysa's Desk

Well met, readers! On this Valentine's Day, we celebrate L-O-V-E. Love can mean many things, especially when heroics are involved: saving your friend's soul, protecting your party members, romance of the highest order, and just lovely companionship!

How to Incorporate LOVE at the Table

Like most any theme at your D&D table, the extent to which you incorporate romance and love interests is a matter of player comfort and consent, and Ashley May's The Lovers' Handbook is an oldie but a goodie guide for Dungeon Masters.

Wrapped in its cover homage to romance novels, The Lovers' Handbook is filled with guidance for ensuring your players are a-ok with how love is incorporated in your game. Plus, Ashley includes magic items, charts for creating romantic gifts, and more.

Bundles of LOVE

Love yourself some random tables? Duncan Thomson has a special bundle of tables just for Valentine's Day, including non-combat encounters, romantic trinkets, memorable locations, and much more. Snag this Love & Friends Bundle for 25% off.

I've been your friendly ethereal brand manager, wishing a happy Valentine's to you and yours! Have favorite adventures or player options with romantic themes on Dungeon Masters Guild? What about adventures that highlight friendship or companionship? Tell us all about them! Tweet @DMs_Guild!

Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Valentine's Day

Featured Title

CCC-GSP01-03 Tainted Love
by Greasy Snitches & Paul Gabat


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Featured Title

The Adventurer's Archetypes of Love
by Lydia Van Hoy & Sadie Lowry


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Featured Title

by Makenzie De Armas


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Our Crush for Valentine's Day

Pick of the WeekCritical Kiss
by Hannah CarlanNathan DoyleCindy ButorElise CretelDavid HardieAnthony AlipioAlex CatonBeth BreitmaierDave BreitmaierLinda CodegaMary StephensTodd OsborneVictoria RogersHunter Cahoon, & Trystan Goetze

Critical Kiss offers 14 unique romance and action-themed one-shots for parties of varying levels! Adventures range from RP-heavy encounters to action-based based encounters, so there is something for everyone who wants to stab or smooch their way to true love.


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