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Customer Newsletter for 02/04/2020

Adventurers League Sale! 1000 New Spells! Best of CHILLING New Adventures! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productMagic Mirrors
by Petr Joura

Although we think little of them, mirrors hold great power over us.

Now imagine what else they could do, with just a little magic.

This booklet details ten mirrors whose powers go well beyond the norm, and all the information you need to include them in your Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventures.

It details their look, their feel and their powers; how they are crafted (for players), and possible encounters or adventures that can be built around them (for Dungeon Masters).

May you never again underestimate the power of mirrors.

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Well met, readers! What hides beneath haunted ruins... beneath the ice... beneath a dead god's corpse? This week's Featured PDF adventures answer these questions and explore the most chilling of lairs. In other Dungeon Masters Guild news...

Save 40% OFF Adventurers League!

The D&D Adventurers League is Wizards of the Coast's fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons official play campaign, allowing you to take your "AL" character to any table where Adventurers League is played - at game stores, conventions and events, and even your own home.

For a limited time, save up to 40% OFF our trove of adventures allowed for Adventurers League play! Whether you're seeking more AL content OR adventure trilogies, series, and overarching storylines for your D&D campaign, this sale is a great way to stock up.

Watch DMsGuild Design Dash!

Every month, I challenge some of DMsGuild's best designers to write a D&D encounter... in only 15 minutes! It's Dungeon Masters Guild Design Dash, the wackiest game show on the D&D Twitch Network.

Watch the latest episode, featuring co-host and Guild Adept James Haeck and contestants Willy Abeel, Emily Smith, and Christopher Walz, for a hilarious, wildly creative time.

Featured on Geek & Sundry!

On Geek & Sundry: "You know it’s the place to go when you need a new adventure, but did you know the Dungeon Masters Guild is also a thriving fan community? Not only will you find the next great story to tell your players, you’ll also meet the future stars of Dungeons & Dragons narrative design supported by the one-of-a-kind creative community." Read more on the Geek & Sundry website!

I've been your friendly ethereal brand manager! Are you headed to Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne, IN, this weekend? I'll be there, so make sure to say hi!

Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Best of CHILLING New Adventures

Featured Title

Terror Beneath The Frozen Gate
by Joe RasoKarl Resch,& Jeff C. Stevens


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Featured Title

They Came from the Deep
by Zeke Gonzalez


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Featured Title

What the Ruins Kept
by Paige Ford


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells
by Scott BeanHeath Harris, & Jeremy Forbing

The Blackstaff’s Book of 1,000 Spells is the largest compilation of 5E spells ever released, over 300 pages, from the creators behind such titles as Elminster's Guide to Magic, the Player's Companion, Faiths of the Forgotten Realms (I and II), and the Ravenloft Archetypes series (which Critical Role creator Matt Mercer praised as "Really grand content! Well thought out, well presented, and a fantastic supplement to any campaign... Highly recommended!")

This ancient book of magical secrets and the wisdom of the greatest spellcasters in the Forgotten Realms lives up to its name, with over 1,000 spells for every character class, every occasion, and every level of power.

In addition, notes from some of D&D greatest spellcasters-- including Mordenkainen, Elminster, and Laeral Silverhand-- reveal secrets for making the best use of these new spells, and uncover their connections to the ancient lore of Eberron, Ravenloft, the Forgotten Realms, and other settings. 


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