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Customer Newsletter for 01/28/2020

New from Critical Role's Matthew Mercer! Group spellcasting! Play a lich, lycanthrope, and more! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Disruptor: An Artificer Specialist
by Will BrolleyImogen Gingell, & Laura Hirsbrunner

The Disruptor excels at controlling the battlefields of Eberron, then when the moment is right, blowing it all to Khyber. The blast disks they use to spread mayhem were developed at the start of the Last War in a collaboration between Brelish artificers and the gnomes of Zilargo, but the practice quickly spread to the other nations, and within a generation, all nations employed their own Disruptors as valued combat specialists. Now that the Last War is ended, Disruptors gravitate toward pursuits where they feel valued and useful, especially to adventuring and mercenary companies.

Scholars at Morgrave University also report finding evidence of ancient Dhakaani stone disks that suggest a similar tradition of arcane explosives. Explorers to the Tashana Tundra of Sarlona bear tales of dwarves there with similarly advanced explosive techniques.

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Well met, readers! This week's Featured PDFs theme is "Adventure Together". That means "sidekicks" expanding on the Dungeons & Dragons companion rules originally released in the D&D Essentials Kit. Plus, learn group spellcasting rules to combine your party's arcane might. But that's not all that's new on DMsGuild...

New from Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer!

Find Matthew Mercer's UPDATED Blood Hunter Class exclusively on Dungeon Masters Guild, benefiting Australia brushfire relief. Even this acclaimed Critical Role Dungeon Master learns and grows with each D&D game. The Blood Hunter was Mercer's first homebrew class, and years and interations later, Mercer has revisited this popular player option with all he's learned about fun design and balance.

The new Blood Hunter also is a part of one of our charity bundles benefiting the Red Cross and World Wildlife Fund in Australia. Check out all of these charity bundles for great deals that do good. Together we've raised over $80,000!


Explore the Planes!

Did you know you can find tons of books from previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons IN PRINT on DMsGuild? The latest edition to our print-on-demand library is Manual of the Planes (4e). Explore the magical realms of the Feywild, the haunted lands of the Shadowfell, the divine dominions of the Astral Sea, and the savage maelstrom of the Elemental Chaos and the Abyss.

New from the Dungeon Masters Guild Adepts!

I'm always excited to see what the Guild Adepts cook up next. Recognizable by the golden ampersand emblem on their covers, the Guild Adepts are authors spotlighted by Wizards of the Coast for the consistent and superb quality of their content, and many have penned some of your favorite hardcover adventures from Dungeon & Dragons.

Their newest release explores a land of intrigue, empire of the sands, and home to a million marvels and mysteries. Check out M.T. Black's Calimshan Adventurer's Guide to learn of a region unlike any other in Faerun.

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Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Adventure Together!

Featured Title

Collective Ritual Casting System for 5E
by Stratos Fotakis


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Featured Title

Eberron Sidekicks
by Sven Truckenbrodt


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Featured Title

Adventure Sidekicks
by Di.Kristy Dalangini, & Olobosk


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekCursed Classes
by Isaac MayAlex ClippingerBryan HolmesRyan LangrJacob S KelloggAshley May, & Matthew Whitby

6 brand new classes and over 20 new subclasses!

You've been bitten by a werewolf! You failed your saving throw against the cursed bite! Now you gain the benefits of a bite attack and slightly higher stats. Also the DM will assume control of your character now as your personality changed... no? You don't like that idea? Then why don't you take a look into the pages of this forbidden tome.

Cursed Classes has everything you need to turn a vampire bite into 20 levels of biting, flying, controlling and laughing at the sun's feeble attempts to roast you! Play as someone infected with russet mold and tangle your enemies in your new viney form! Crawl out of the grave ready to avenge yourself as a Revenant! Live your best power fantasy atop your tower as a mighty Lich!

Cursed Classes has everything you need to accept the darkness in a way never thought possible. 


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