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Customer Newsletter for 12/24/2019

Last-Minute Holiday One-Shots! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productEight Nights of Mishegas: A Chanukah-Inspired, Tower Defense-Style Adventure
by David Sheldon

The town has been ransacked by the army of the evil King Mishegas, yet the temple’s Holy Lamp has remained lit, inspiring a rebellion in this region. Help is on the way but the adventurers must protect the lamp through eight nights of assaults from cruel, ugly monsters, starting with just a few Schlemiels and Schlimazels but then escalating to a massive hoard, along with them jagunda Machers, Momzer snipers, and Meeskait gnomes armed with magic.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

A blue beholder with a white beard and a red and white-trimmed hatBelthaziir's Holiday BUNDLES!

New from our Community Creators are three bundles packed with adventures, player options, and Dungeon Master tools at 75% OFF or MORE... but only til December 31, 2019!

LAST DAY: Teach Your Kids to Game Sale

What better gift to give your kids can the gift of gaming?

Save 25-50% on select licensed fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons digital PDFs that are perfect for children who love D&D or want to learn! Adopt cuddly animal companions. Adventure away on kid-friendly heroics. Read tips and guides for running D&D with children at the table. And much more.


Featured PDFs: Last-Minute Holiday One-Shots!

Featured Title

Spirit of The Season
by Home Brew Crew


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Featured Title

Last Winter
by Kayla Bayens


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Featured Title

Craftmas With Grimlims
by Aran Moon


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekBook of Seasons: Solstices
produced by essica Marcrum and Jennifer Peig

Book of Seasons: Solstices features 20 original adventures for Tiers 1-4, each featuring unique art, from the creators of the Uncaged Anthology, Eat the Rich, and Friends, Foes, and Other Fine Folk. Solstices features adventures based on Summer and Winter themes.

Book of Seasons: Solstices includes multiple new monsters, NPCs, magical items, and weird magic. Statblocks and handouts are included in each adventure as well as in their own appendix.

Attend a music festival with a sasquatch

Be devoured by a fashion-obsessed cat

Look out for bees, fires, and so many mephits!



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