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Customer Newsletter for 12/21/2019

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Free PDF of the Week
By RPG Writer Workshop

Free weekly productA Darkness from the Stars
by Sadie Lowry

Descend into the Starpeaks in A Darkness from the Stars, a mystery adventure set in Eberron.

This 3-5 hour one-shot, built for characters levels 4-6, is sprinkled with Eberron’s celestial lore, bringing you a mystical adventure for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

When the researchers of the Starpeaks Observatory are put in danger by a creature nesting under the mountains, the characters must delve deep into the caverns to root out the threat. Nightmares wrack them as they descend, and the source, the great astral dragon slumbering in the depths, has a secret of its own.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

MapSave 50% with RPG Writer Workshop Bundles!

Congratulations to the Fall 2019 graduates of the RPG Writer Workshop! RPG Writer Workshop is an active community of amazing creators and workshops that teach you how to take your RPG from ideation to publication.

Interested in playing adventures from the newest talent out of the workshop? Try them all and save 50% with the RPG Writer Workshop bundles Volume 1 and Volume 2!

New FREE Creator Kit!

Created by cartographer Meshon Cantrill with Dungeon Masters Guild, for RPG Writer Workshop's Fall 2019 DMsGuild track, the "Aspects of Time" Creator Kit is now available as a DMsGuild Creator Resource for all! 

This FREE Creator Kit includes a full-page map with and without grids; customizable building interior maps with grids; and 3 themed sets of graphic elements to create a professional layout.

Why are the buildings crumbling? What lies in the central caves? Who dwells in such a place? Download the "Aspects of Time" Creator Kit, and create an adventure that answers these questions... or raises even more.

Featured PDF
By RPG Writer Workshop

Featured Title

The Ruins of Nightstone Keep
by Charles Smith


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Featured Title

On the Rocks
by C. Biscuit


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Featured Title

Goblin Heist
by Kai Linder


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Pick of the Week
By RPG Writer Workshop

Pick of the WeekThe Price of Freedom
by Steven Pankotai

A powerful new narcotic is making its way through the Spine of the World. Behind it is a secret that could change everything! Explore a lost city and discover the secrets hidden by the gods themselves.

(TW: some drug use and the possibility for players to use drugs)

Purchase includes:

  • A Tier 2 (levels 5-10) adventure designed as a one-shot dungeon crawl
  • A new monster and complete stat blocks for all combat encounters
  • A new fantasy narcotic with stats for usage
  • Easy adaptibility in setting
  • Exciting narrative points to launch an adventure path
  • A new anti-magical material
  • Original artwork and monster design by @CamTurnerArt
  • A screen reader-friendly PDF!


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