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Customer Newsletter for 11/12/2019

Eberron Sale! NEW 5e from Wizards of the Coast! Cooking 'n' Crafts! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productAccursed Apple Twists
by Quickphix Club

Near the old dwarven road lies a tiny hamlet called Frohenfeld. Its not quite 40 inhabitants mostly make their living growing fruit. They are particularly proud of their cider, which has secured the village a decent income. Their business has been flourishing in recent years, thanks to exceptionally good harvests and steady demand. In good times like these the Frohenfeldians are regarded as friendly and open-hearted. However, there have been times, where the entire village was known for its fickle and calculating inhabitants. Usually, a place like this would never arouse the suspicion of the authorities. However, a few days ago one of the Archmage’s couriers vanished near the town on his way to the capital. Since he was carrying a priceless amulet, the Archmage’s agents immediately offered a bounty to anybody able to recover the lost artefact. Solving the case will therefore not only yield a princely reward, it will also grant some amount of political capital.

In this 1 – 3-hour adventure, a group of first to second level characters are sent to investigate the quiet Frohenfeld. Yet, what starts as an easy stroll through the countryside soon turns into a farce. A multi-layered intrigue which is bound to leave a sour aftertaste – or how the Frohenfeldians would put it: a truly “Accursed Apple Twist”!

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What's New on DMsGuild?

Infernal Machine Rebuild CoverMuk CoverEberron Sale

Explore a world of magic, mystery, and invention in the post-war setting of Eberron! Eberron titles across Dungeon Masters Guild are 20% off and select bundles of classic Eberron titles and some of our best licensed fifth edition D&D Eberron creations are up to 70% off. Make sure your table is preparred for Wizards of the Coast's Eberron: Rising from the Last War with encounters, artificer player options, and more.

Explore the sale today!

New 5e from Wizards of the Coast

We've added THREE new titles from Wizards of the Coast - all benefiting non-profit Extra Life. Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. Support Extra Life when you purchase...

Infernal Machine Rebuild - An adventure for 5th-10th level characters. A fallen clock tower holds components from an ancient artifact. Upon discovery of the components, competing agents look to launch expeditions to uncover additional components scattered across distant places—and times. The now-lost Temple of Moloch and the construction site of the legendary Tomb of Horrors are two of those locations. However great the risks, finding the components demands the effort, for whoever does so can reassemble the fabled Infernal Machine of Lum the Mad!

Adventure with Muk - An activity book to introduce children to D&D. Meet Muk, the very bravest goblin, and his best friend Birdsquirrel. Adventure your way through the Dankwood and search for a great treasure that is rumored to be hidden far beyond.

Infernal Font - The official INFERNAL font from Wizards of the Coast! Create hellish handouts for your Avernus campaigns. Includes a license for titles published on

DMsGuild Design Dash

Watch our monthly madcap gameshow that throws best-selling Dungeon Masters Guild creators into an arena with 15 minutes to complete a design challenge! Which creator will reign supreme? Only you can decide by voting on the @DMs_Guild twitter after the show. Watch LIVE Friday, 11am PT,! Catch past episode of DMsGuild Design Dash here.

Featured PDFs: Cooks 'n' Crafts!

Featured Title

Ghesh's Guide to Making Things
by Anne Gregersen


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Featured Title

Hedge's Herbal Handbook
by Oliver Clegg


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Featured Title

Cooking Rules
by Taron Pounds


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekI Need Healing!
by Sean vas Terra

New healing options, including nonmagical medics and physicians! A streamlined set of Injury rules to add lasting impact to deadly scenarios! Expanded magic items for healing and dealing with injuries!

4 subclasses: Bard College of Healing, Medic Fighter, Monk Way of Renewal, and Sawbones Rogue

New optional rules for Battle Fatigue, Massive Damage, and Impactful Injuries

12 Magic Items interacting with healing and injuries, from Common to Artifact.


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