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Customer Newsletter for 10/30/2019

Last Chance for Halloween Sale! Find Treasure Inside! New Print Books!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly product100 Gnomish Inventions (Where Safety Was Clearly An Afterthought)
by Official Dndspeak

One hundred fun Gnomish inventions that get the job done one way or another. Results may vary.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

Halloween Sale Ending Soon!

It's the last days of DMsGuild's Halloween sale! We're celebrating Halloween on Dungeon Masters Guild this month by hiding ghosts, pumpkins, and other spooky friends throughout the site. Explore to find them, and then click to add a free Dungeons & Dragons adventure or supplement to your cart.

Plus, haunt our Halloween Sale to discover even more spooktacular savings on all things HORROR until October 31st.

New Print Books!

Exclusive titles from DMsGuild's best-selling writers are available as physical softcover and hardcover books in addition to digital PDFs. We've added two more offerings to our print book selection:

Pipyap's Guide to All Nine of the Hells is intended to be a companion to Baldur’s Gate Descent Into Avernus that you can use to flesh out that campaign or make your own games, all while being useful for your D&D Adventurers League characters. Do you want to see the Blood War from a lemure's point of view? Or face down a conjoined twin pit fiend? How about drink other-worldly wines in the most decadent of locales? This is the tome for you!

Fresh from the archives of Bregan d'Aerthe, Jarlaxle's Guide to Traps is a collection of vicious traps, maddening hazards, terrifying hauntings, and general lethal nastiness intended to turn greedy dungeon delvers into puree. 

Pipyap Cover Jarlaxle's Guide

Featured PDFs: Treasure and Items!

Featured Title

Treasured Finds
by Andrew Cawood


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Featured Title

Don't Slouch On The Pouch
by D Taylor


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Featured Title

Batterbee's Lost Workshop
by Massimo Tartaro


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekKnarl's Candy Compendium
by Makenzie De Armas & Levi Phipps

Hi!!! I hope you’re doing good, or whatever Ms. Adrienne says when she starts off her letters. She’s very fancy.

Anyways, my name is Knarl, said like “KUH-narl” because I like it better that way. And this is is my book! Well, Ms. Adrienne helped me put together all the notes I made, and she filled in all the spaces I couldn’t read because they were covered in sticky sugar, but it’s mostly mine. I hope you like it!

Compiled by the goblin child Knarl and her wizarding friend Adrienne Ro, KNARL’S CANDY COMPENDIUM is your go-to guide for the spellbinding and saccharine. With fifty new candies ranging from common to very rare, this supplement is perfect for DMs looking to expand the possibilities of consumable magic items in their games. And be sure to keep an eye out for notes from Knarl, the magiconfectionary expert herself, throughout the pages!


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