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Customer Newsletter for 09/24/2019

All Nine of the Hells! Add to Your Descent into Avernus Campaign! New from WOTC! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productLair of the Tarka
by Puzzle-Trap-Monster

A monster- neither beast nor man- seeks the foolish and lost within its domain. Legends speak of a time when it served as a guardian spirit, but those days have passed. Now it serves a different purpose: as the story to keep children good… the boogey-man of the woods.

Lair of the Tarka is designed as a challenging adventure for low and mid-level players. The optimal strategy is to avoid the titular beast and collect the riches inside. If players are not prepared, they may meet their end on the claws of the beast or other creatures inside, so consider this fact carefully when adding it to your game.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

Astral Descent into AvernusImmerse Yourself into Avernus with Astral

Astral TableTop is the easiest way to kick off your Descent into Avernus campaign for your online or in-person groups. Create immersive hellscapes in minutes with brand new asset packs by Mythic Portal Games and import PDFs of your favorite DMs Guild titles straight into your game. Create a free account at

New from Wizards of the Coast

A successful adventure is really more about the friends you make along the way than it is the monsters you slay while you play! Locathah Rising is a new fifth edition D&D adventure from Wizards of the Coast for 9th level locathah characters and contains rules for the locathah player race.

All proceeds WOTC receives from sales of this PDF are donated to Extra LifeExtra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. 

Save 66.6% or More with these Hellish Deals

Our latest Bundles of Many Things are packed with everything players and Dungeon Masters need to create new heroes and rich campaigns for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons' latest storyline - Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus!

Packed with 6 titles for $6.66, the Hellrider Bundle for Players is full of new race and class options for beacons of good... or those ready to embrace evil. Save 76%!

Dungeon Masters save 66% with the Bedeviled DM's Archdevil Bundle, which has lore, scenarios, rules, and more for all the nine layers of Hell.

Find these bundles AND more recommended content for your adventure in Hell on our featured page!

Featured PDFs: Descent into Avernus EXPANDED!

Featured Title

Monster Loot – Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus
by Anne Gregersen


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Featured Title

Blood War Bestiary
by Darrin G. ScottMicah WattPatrick E. PullenDavid StephensSteve FidlerAnthony JoyceBryan Holmes, & Jason Mpakos


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Featured Title

Treausres of Avernus
by David Stephens


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Pick of the Week - Available in Print!

Pick of the WeekHellbound Heists
by Bryan HolmesChad LenschChristian EichhornSteve “Jaspor” OrrJohn ParkerRPGPapercraftsJustice ArmanRyan LangrZavier BatesChristopher Walz, & Anne Gregersen

Nine layers of Hell, nine heists, and the odds aren't in your favor. Explore each layer as a separate adventure or tie them all together for one hellish campaign.

Featuring 29 new monsters, 23 new items, one new background and innumerable terror.

The Avernus Job (Level 8+): A quick trip to Hell explores the short time Gruumsh spent in Avernus and what he left behind.

Mission: Dis Protocol (Level 7-10): Assist an infernal lawyer by stealing the proof of her client's innocence from the archives of Dis.

Come Hell or High Water (Level 9-13): Uncover the secret operations of Mammon that could upset the balance of the Blood War itself!

The Archdevil's Gambit (Level 13+): Untangle the mess surrounding powerful devils in the middle of the pain and pleasure of politics.

Mission: Broken Heaven (Level 14-16): A number of beings all want a trapped angel for themselves, and one of them is desperate enough to ask for the help of mortals!

Meltdown Masquerade in Malbolge (Level 14+): Glasya is holding a ball to humiliate Levistus. While she has her own plots to work through, so does every other guest present! But will the adventurers have enough time to finish their own?

According to Plan (Level 14+): Help free a rogue from a hellbound prison, and aid in the recovery of a valuable set of blueprints.

666: To Mephistar (Level 17-19): All aboard the coldest train in all of Hell! This non-linear train-based adventure has all involved in the ride for their lives, from the coldest depths of Hell right into the home of Mephistopheles!

Nessus: What's in a Name? (Level 17-20): Your adventurers are in for the heist of their lives! Reach the deepest part of the Nine Hells all to steal a most powerful name from the fortress of Asmodeus!

$25.95 as a digital PDF

$39.95-$49.95 as a print book

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