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Customer Newsletter for 09/10/2019

Random Acts Charity Bundle! Not Just for Dungeon Masters! Player Options! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productCollege of Rollin' Bones
by D Taylor


Many say the game of life is merely a game of chance. Lucky for you, you know just how to roll the dice to better the odds in your favor. With masterful displays of dice rolling you can change the very weave of the fabric of time and space with subtle nuance of a true Dice Master (or DM) with a roll of the dice.

The College of Rollin' Bones is a new Bardic College option to the Bard class, available at 3rd level.

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Random Acts Charity Bundle

Support non-profit Random Acts and snag over $90 of fifth edition D&D PDFs for only $10! Available for a limited time, the Random Acts Charity Bundle is packed with random tables for your table: dungeon generators, random encounters, adventures, and wacky tables of rumors, items, NPC greetings, and more. Available only til 9/20/2019. Here are just a handful of the titles included:

random acts barovian nights npc greetings savage seas ii hexcrawling random dungeon adventure atlas

Featured PDFs: Player Options

Featured Title

by Miłosz Gawęcki


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Featured Title

Career Faire: Everyday Jobs & Backgrounds for the Novice Adventurer
by Erik Arthur


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Featured Title

Ettinling Package: Two-Player Race Option
by Trevor Armstrong & Max Hickson


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekGrazilaxx's Guide to Ancestry
by Realmwarp MediaAdam Hancock, & Laura Hirsbrunner

Grazilaxx’s Guide to Ancestry provides a new and innovative way to use “race” in your 5e games. No longer do you need to settle for the restrictive language of race and tethered ability score increases! This product provides the following:

  • Removes inflexible Race restrictions, instead giving characters a customizable, modular Ancestry.

  • Removes ability score increases from Ancestry/Race, with options to place them using Modified Distribution, Backgrounds, Classes, or Feats.

  • Rebalances all ancestries with a Point Buy system (inheritances) for features.

  • Provides easy mechanics for half-races.

  • Provides all features for ancestries from the Player’s Handbook, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, Elemental Evil, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Eberron (including Dragonmarks), Ravnica, and Tortle.


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