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Customer Newsletter for 08/28/2019

Summer at Sea! New Print! Dragonlance!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productDestiny Abroad: The Voyage of the Rose Marie
by Matthew Gravelyn

Unhappy with their lots in life, an unlikely group of adventurers seek to find new lives and untold riches in the newly discovered continent of Izdihar. Across the Faragoth Sea lies fertile soil to be farmed, untamed wilds to be explored, and vast fortunes to be earned!

Destiny Abroad is a series of adventures set in a newly discovered continent, allowing players to start fresh and escape their pasts. The first adventure encompasses the voyage across the vast ocean, where players will acclimate to life on the high sea and deal with danger unique to lengthy sea crossing. Use this adventure in your own game, or play through the entire series and let your players explore this exciting new world!

This 11-page D&D 5e adventure is created for 1st-level characters, takes 2-3 hours to play through, and offers players a variety of encounters, like combat, skill checks, and NPC interaction. This adventure is also written with new DMs in mind, offering prewritten dialog, suggestions for adding to the encounters, and tips on how to tailor this adventure to your specific players.

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What's New On DMsGuild?

New Community Titles IN PRINT!

Dungeon Masters Guild isn't just for digital PDFs! Select titles from community creators are available as hardcover and softcover books printed and bound to order. Here are our latest additions:

Adaptable NPCs: Eberron containes 35 NPCs with unique statblocks, each NPC contains custom art, lore, and a stat block balanced for the 5e Challenge Rating system. Find inside a host of new NPCs for Dungeon Masters to populate their steampunk worlds: ATUMS, constructs, mechanics, pilots & tinkerers... Victorigoth at your fingers!

The Book of House is a 5th Edition Supplement for Dungeons & Dragons that provides a bird's eye view on lore old and new. It's jam packed with a variety of new player and rule options - all from a Barovian wizard named Sir House who's transformed his old spellbook into a chronicle of the people and adventures he's encountered since leaving his homeland. His account of the world goes into the finer details that most people never see, uncovering masks and revealing secrets hidden in plain sight.

Classic Dragonlance IN PRINT!

Many of our classic titles from the D&D vaults are available in print - now including two new Dragonlance adventures that detail the epic battles of the Chaos War! Get Seeds of Chaos (2e/SAGA) and Chaos Spawn (2e/SAGA) as digital PDFs or softcover books today.

Adaptable NPCs Cover Book of House cover Dragonlance Cover

Featured PDFs: Summer at Sea

Featured Title

Ancestral Weapons - Nautical Upgrades
by Dungeon Rollers


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Featured Title

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Wanted Posters
by Toban Barnes


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Featured Title

The Shanty of Boldbeard's Pride
by Jimmy Meritt


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest
Curated by M.T. Black

This volume contains 47 "one page adventures" created for the Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest around the theme of "Saltmarsh". The entrants include new talent, rising stars, and a few veteran designers as well! These adventures can be used as one-shots, extensions to an existing campaign, or as a source of ideas for your own work.

The competition was founded and curated by M.T. Black. The judge was Tony Petrecca. 


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