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Customer Newsletter for 08/20/2019

Great Old One Bundle! Celebrating Lovecraft! Player Options! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productGuide of the Damned
by Massimo Tartaro

The Wall of the Faithless is a wall formed by souls of someone who'd never believed in a deity, it surrounds the City of Judgement, home of Kelemvor the God of Death and Judge of Damned. Devils and demons buy or stole these souls that become fiends, such as lemures.

Your psychopomp powers come from the contact with a fiend creature you killed and its soul is bound to you now for example, in some way you claimed a soul once at the service of some entity cause you have an unnatural power to attract and sense bound souls, this feature may comes from an aspect of your personality or life. Your goal is to free souls bound with otherworldly creatures such as devils, even warlocks are your enemies in this crusade. Otherwise, you are interested in judging souls to become not just more powerful, but a rightful judge of dead upon souls sold, stole or bound with otherworldly entities.

Guide of the Damned is a subclass option for the psychopomp class.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

Cthulhu BundleSave 77% OFF Cthulhuesque Titles from the Abyss!

To celebrate the birthday (Aug 20) of H.P. Lovecraft, we've gathered a bundle of community-created Lovecraftian content at 77% off! Available for a limited time, this bundle is packed with haunting adventures, endless madness, and aberrations galore.

Featured in Geek & Sundry!

Dungeon Masters Guild best-seller Friends, Foes, and Other Fine Folks was featured in Geek & Sundry this past week. Read about how this supplement gives your D&D campaign even more character here.

"Your players are dying to meet this intriguing new person… and you were not prepared for them to strike up a conversation. But don’t bolt from the table in a panic! A talented group of contributors has crafted a Dungeon Masters Guild supplement for just this and many other occasions. Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks puts over 50 diverse and compelling Dungeons & Dragons characters at your fingertips. Who knows what adventures they might lead your players to?" - Kelly Knox

Friends, Foes, and Other Fine Folks is available as a digital PDF or hardcover book.

Watch DMsGuild Design Dash

Watch the premiere episode of DMsGuild Design Dash, a monthly show on the D&D Twitch network that throws three Dungeon Masters Guild designers into an arena with 15 minutes to fulfill a fifth edition D&D design challenge! 

After you watch, vote for one of the contestants to return in next month's episode. Poll open til 8/23/19.

Featured PDFs: Player Options!

Featured Title

Neverember's Guide to Urbanization
by Massimo TartaroDaniele CusumanoBeatrice D'Amico, & Pietro Ingallina


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Featured Title

Cat Burglar
by Jessica Marcrum


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Featured Title

A moth-like character race of susurrant scholars
by Walrock Homebrew


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekBearthazar's House of Familiars
by Oliver Clegg

Over 50 new familiars, companions and critters for your 5th edition game:

  • Find the perfect pet, from familiar animals like Sloths to bizarre new creatures like the Teacup Chimaera, the Rug Mule and the Man Drake

  • Haggle with Mr Bearthazar over the price (naturally) and purchase from his suggested upgrades (such as changes in colour, fluffy baskets, or other miscellanea)

  • Learn the secret formula to summon your familiar once more should it perish (or if you kick it off a cliff for eating all your rations)

  • New Ranger Companions, Wizarding Familiars, Pact of the Chain Beasties and Unique or Powerful Companions are all included inside

Attend the knowledgable and urbane Mr Bearthazar in his shop, and allow him to help you choose the perfect new friend for your travels.

Each familiar comes with a name, statistics, a personality and advice from Mr Bearthazar himself on how best to care for them.

$9.99 Digital

$14.99 Softcover Book

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