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Customer Newsletter for 08/13/2019

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Stone of Skarð
by Krysta Scripter

The village of Skarð has been decimated by a deadly disease called the Black Ash. Skarð legend tells of a magic stone said to protect the village from curses and ill fate, but if it ever existed, it was lost to the High Forest long ago.

A young warlock left Skarð in hopes to find it, but she has not returned home. And more are dying every day….

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RPG Writer Workshop and More News!

RPG Writer Workshop!

This newsletter features titles from the Summer 2019 graduates of the RPG Writer Workshop, sponsored by Dungeon Masters Guild! The RPG Writer Workshop is designed to help aspiring authors write, produce, and publish their first RPG adventures. The Workshop is held twice a year and has an active community with more than 1,000 writers. Explore some of the graduates' top titles in this newsletter or purchase the RPGWW BUNDLES (save over 33%!) to read them all!

RPGWW Bundle Cover 1 RPGWW Bundle Cover

DMsGuild Design Dash Joins the D&D Twitch Network!

DMsGuild Design Dash premieres on this Friday 8/16 at 11am PT. Hosted by the Guild's Lysa Penrose and Matt McElroy, each episode of Design Dash challenges DMsGuild's best-selling designers to a 15-minute fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons design jam based on a secret theme. Our first contestants are Alex Clippinger, Oliver Clegg, and Jen Vaughn. Which designer will reign supreme? Watch to find out!

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The latest PRINT books, available as softcovers and hardcovers, bring you sickening encounters, diverse and inclusive NPCs, and the world of Dark Sun!

The Malady Chronicles cover Dragon Kings (2e) Friends Foes and Other Fine Folks cover

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Ire of the Wilds
by Christopher Harding


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Featured Title

The Fox & The Fey
by Aran Moon


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Featured Title

Hair of the Dog
by Leon Barillaro


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekI Am Your World
by The Gallant Goblin & Theo Thourson

Mr. M is a mind flayer protecting a small village on a well-traveled road. Except... no visitors ever pass through and the villagers seem oddly forgetful and there's a warehouse no one's allowed to enter.

Wake up. Take your place in this village. You have always lived here. Those memories of past adventures and future goals are but dreams slipping from your grasp.

I Am Your World is a Dungeons & Dragons (5e) adventure module for Tier 2 (levels 5-10) characters. Explore new identities, unravel the mystery of Mr. M's village, and maybe, just maybe, you can save yourselves and the other villagers caught in a web of lies.


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