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Customer Newsletter for 08/06/2019

Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms! Vehicles and Bots! Tournaments and Games! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productFun for the People
by Quickphix Club

A campaign setting including three one-shot adventures and additional rulesets for tournaments and games

This adventure module contains three one-shot adventures, during which a party of any size or level can explore the famous “Lintoll” traveling fair. There are exotic goods to buy, lots of strong beverages to sample and several exciting games to play. However, how can a place with this many (drunken) people be this peaceful? Why does everybody know the fair, but nobody seems to know any of the carnies? Who are these people, who claim to just live to provide “Fun for the People"?

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What's New on DMsGuild

ENnie-Award Winning!

Congratulations to the AL Admins and Rich Lescouflair on winning a Silver ENnie for Minsc & Boo's Guide to Stuff and Things!

Minsc and his faithful ally Boo have seen much of the Forgotten Realms, and have been inspired by Volo to produce a guidebook detailing some of the more incredible things that they've experienced!

From the magic-infused cuisine of the Lantan Isles to the designers of massive urban frescos (well, they call them frescos but everyone else recognizes graffiti when they see it) to the divinely apathetic and beyond, these pages are told from Minsc's point of view. Because of this flawed recollection, the character options contained on these pages are only allowed in campaign play if additional, official documentation is acquired or when playing the included adventure.

Sales of this supplement benefit Extra Life.

New Classics in Print!

Fresh from our D&D Classics vault... these Silver Anniversary cover editions are available now as print softcover books:

Featured PDFs: Vehicles and Bots!

Featured Title

The Master Mechanic's Steampunk Manual
by Toby Lowther


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Featured Title

Clockwork Combat Championship: A Glittergold Donation Celebration
by Drew Dawes


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Featured Title

Medieval Ships
by Duncan Timiney


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekTaverns, Inns, and Taprooms
by DropTheDieDM_LSP, & ehloanna

This PDF is a one-stop gastronomic and relaxation resource for DMs and Players alike.

Explore 9 unique location-agnostic businesses, each one offering a different suite of services, amenities, NPCs, food, lodging, and drink for your 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Pour over 10 full pages of charts and prompts to build your own establishment, complete with pricing and descriptions.

Take a look at 4 unique planar locations written by Loren Peterson of the Nerds on a Roll podcast.

Enjoy 56 unique alcoholic beverages made to fit in almost any setting, complete with rare ingredients, prices, and rare effects.

Finally, entice your players with a suite of 12 unique magic items, for when the promise of food and drink is not enough!

Introductory Value: The first 50 copies sold will be 50% off! Get it while it's $5!


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