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Customer Newsletter for 07/30/2019

Expand Your D&D Essentials Kit! NEW Sidekicks! Featured Adventures! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productPrismatic Ally Sidekick
by Steve Fidler

To introduce you and your group to the all new Prism class, we have the Prismatic Ally! This is a sidekick template, using the sidekick rules from the D&D Essentials Kit adventure Dragon of Icespire Peak! In addition to rules for a Prismatic Ally from level 1 to 6, we have two new spells, Muddle and Bright Strike, and an example Prism: Nobock Brightforge.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

Sidekicks Galore!

The new D&D Essentials Kit from Wizards of the Coast introduces variant rules for one Dungeon Master, one player games using SIDEKICKS. The Dungeon Masters Guild community creators expand on these rules with a bounty of new sidekicks to choose from in these PDFs and more:

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Featured PDFs: Adventures!

Featured Title

Wolf Lord of Yol
by Cauldron & TowerJohn Bultena, & A.R. Rye


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Featured Title

Petey's Pork Pie Emporium
by Remley Farr


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Featured Title

The Ghostly Library
by Catherine Evans


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekSidekicks Essentials
by Paul Metzger

Play D&D with as few as two people with this supplement to the sidekick rules introduced in the Essentials Kit boxed set!

The official rules for sidekicks in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition first appear in appendix A of the Essentials Kit Rulebook and are designed to allow the game to be played with as few as two people: the Dungeon Master and a single player. Sidekicks Essentials expands these rules and provides additional types of sidekicks and example personalities to round them out.


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