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Customer Newsletter for 07/16/2019

The Blessed and the Cursed! ENnie 2019 Nominees! New Print Books! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Cultist's Cookbook
by Fletch Helle & Brad Berthiaume

From new artifacts to a brand new class, the Cultist Cookbook is a recipe for disaster! Included within the 51 page book is the Cultist - a versatile caster, new backgrounds, new mundane and magical items, new spells, new feats and more.

Try out equipment with the new blazing keyword and command incredible forces with the new reliquary artifacts. Load yourself up with some temporary hit dice, you'll need it to face a brand new threat - powerful manifestations that can infect miles of terrain.

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What's New on DMsGuild?

Dungeon Masters Guild and the ENnie Awards!

Congratulations to Ma'at Crook, Darryl Ho, Anthony Joyce, Jason Koh, Rich Lescouflair, Ashley Warren and the Uncaged Writers, and the Adventurers League administrators on their nominations for the 2019 ENnie rewards! We're proud to share that DMsGuild creators have 6 titles in the running this year in the categories of Best Electronic Book, Best Free Game, and Best Organized Play. Find all the nominated titles here and vote for your favorites here until July 21st.

New Print Books!

Our library of print books available in softcover and hardcover grows. Here is our latest offering:

The Art of War Cover Uncaged Cover A Paladin in Hell Cover

Featured PDFs: The Blessed and the Cursed

Featured Title

Legacy of Heaven & Hell
by Micah Watt


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Featured Title

Ishavar's Guide to Curses
by Matej Budimir


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Featured Title

The Bearded Devil
by David Stephens


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekWarriors of Sehanine
by Florian EmmerichJVC ParryAshley Warren & Poison Potion Press

How dangerous is a wounded dragon?A black dragon has seized Ravenglade Keep, though not without resistance!Badly wounded in the fight, the Warriors of Sehanine have fled their home and now turn to theoutside world for help.There’s no time to lose! Can you arrive at Ravenglade Keep in time and discern allies from foeson the way?

Warriors of Sehanine is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure module for a party of four to five characters from 3rd to 5th level.

• Experience the Wood of Sharp Teeth on the way to Ravenglade Keep in a 12 to 16 houradventure of 38 pages, written by Mithral Best Selling creators Florian Emmerich, JVC Parry and DMsGuild Adept Ashley Warren

• Rock the (virtual) table with five breathtaking maps by Dean Spencer & Erin Harvey that come with player and DM versions

• Bring the adventure to life with stunning artwork and player handouts by Raluca Marinescu,Henrik Rosenborg & Nathalie Lehnert

• Show the NPCs with selected exclusive Trash Mob Minis


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