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Customer Newsletter for 07/09/2019

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Raven's Rocks
by Green Bird Rpgs

After a series of Undermountain encounters, we’ve decided to ascend to a different sort of depths – the treacherous waters of Saltmarsh. The Raven’s Rocks, our first Saltmarsh encounter, brings you to a reef filled with craggy cliffs, collections of shipwrecks and gardens of kelp. So, trade your pickaxe for a harpoon and bring along some sea shanties – the waters are filled with treasure, opportunity, and, as always, danger.

  • Explore five new locations in the central reef – from the titular Raven’s Rock, to the Wreck of the Siren, a noble vessel that met an ignoble fate in the depths.
  • A location designed to fit into the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventures, yet flexible enough to be used in any coastal setting.
  • Explore the rivalry between the local fishing fleets – both Skranky Jack and Oliver Cooper would appreciate some help in dealing with dangers of the seas. Will you aid the gruff old captain, or the ruthless newcomer?
  • Five adventure hooks for including the Raven’s Rocks in your game. Battle sea monsters, help to establish a lucrative oyster monopoly, rescue lost sailors or join an ancient spectral battle. The choice is yours!
  • As always, we include hand-drawn pictures to enliven the atmosphere. The Raven’s Rocks comes with watercolour paintings, including a painted map of the area.

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Featured PDFs: Trinkets & Artifacts

Featured Title

The Lamenting Lighthouse
by Sven Truckenbrodt


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Featured Title

Psychopomp Class
by Ranikirn


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Featured Title

The Mettle Kettle Tea Shop
by D Taylor


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekPsionics Handbook
by Jason Steel

Psionics have been a part of D&D for about as long as D&D has been a game, first introduced in a supplement in 1976. This is my take on the realm of far more subtle, hidden supernatural powers psionics tend to be.

If you're interested in a more subtle take on a caster, with unmatched versatility and consistency in exchange for notably less raw spikes of damage and comparable power, less ability to radically and blatantly change the world instantly for all to see, who can strike from plain sight without anyone being the wiser, psionics might be for you.


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