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Customer Newsletter for 07/02/2019

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Witch
by Robert Murakami

Witches have always been subjects of fear and fascination, in stories and in actual world history alike. Dungeons & Dragons is no exception and while there are many opportunities to roll characters that fit a many-faced stereotype like "the witch", this document attempts to bring one of their more classic imagery to the table.

This PDF includes a sub-class, background, and tables that can inform your character creation process by rolling for quirks, trinkets, backstory hooks, and, of course, visible features that mark a character as a witch.

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New Bundle of Many Things!

Save 80% Off Best-Selling Titles!

Our latest Bundle of Many Things is packed with outstanding characters, despicable villains, and tools to create and manage NPCs in your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign! These 10 licensed fifth edition D&D titles from best-selling authors are 80% off for a limited time til July 15th. Snag this NPCs bundle while you can!

Including these titles and more:

Bundle Cover NPC Bundle Cover NPC Cover

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

The Chroma Sorcerer
by Manuel Olonia


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Featured Title

Biomancer's Handbook
by Kor-Artificer


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Featured Title

Volo's Volumes 1: Blights
by DropTheDie


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekUncaged | Volume II
by Ashley Warren and the Uncaged Writers

Uncaged is a collection of myth- and folklore-themed adventures written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Each original adventure subverts tropes around a female mythological creature or monster including hags, harpies, medusas, and much, much more.

Volume II contains 25 original adventures for tiers 1-3 (levels 1-16). Each adventure features a creature, monster, or character from folklore, fairytales, myths, and legends. Cover art by Samantha Darcy.


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Available soon as a hardcover book!

Uncaged Print Books

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