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Customer Newsletter for 06/18/2019

Monsters & Magic! D&D and Mental Health! Friendship Magic! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productBracelets of Friendship
by Woopdeedo

Bracelets of Friendship are customizable magic items that you can share with your friends. Each bracelet has 4 abilities (chosen from 12) that can be used as a bonus action to benefit a friend who also wears a Bracelet of Friendship.

Templates are included to help you build your own.

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What's New on DMsGuild

Luciella's HeadshotAuthor Spotlight Bundle CoverAuthor Spotlight: Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett!

Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett is an author and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, who obnoxiously publishes under a name the length of an entire alphabet. She is best known for adventure supplements such as Yeryl's Super Happy Fun Murder Dungeon

For a limited time, save 65% off some of Luciella's best works in our first-ever Author Spotlight Bundle.

Plus, learn more about Luciella in her Featured Author interview here.

Guild Adepts Do Saltmarsh!

Saltmarsh Encounters presents 60 short encounters for the town, coast, and sea. Over 150 variations are included, making the encounters highly replayable and allowing you to customise them to fit YOUR game. The supplement is great for Ghosts of Saltmarsh or any coastal or high seas campaign!

This is a DMs Guild Adepts product. The DMs Guild Adept Program was started and is managed by Wizards of the Coast. It brings together talented creators to produce quality content for the DMs Guild. DMs Guild Adepts products are identified by the gold ampersand logo.

Magical Bundles!

Find EVEN MORE MAGIC in Aristobulus's Spellbook [BUNDLE]! Save 25% off an assortment of PDFs packed with magic and spells.

Featured PDFs: Monsters & Magic!

Featured Title

Kendal Santor's Treatise on the Mournland
by Alan TuckerCatherine Evans, & More


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Featured Title

The Chains that Bind: A Pact of the Chain expansion
by Steven Wallace


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Featured Title

Grandmother Crookbesom's Book of Hags
by Catherine EvansOliver CleggLiz Gist, & Jessica Marcrum


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekGardens of Fog
by Bill BenhamRaffael Boccamazzo, & Hannah Rose

A dear friend lies stricken, a prisoner in their own mind. Local healers are baffled, unable to provide aid, and without intervention your companion is surely lost. Steel yourself, enter the realm of the mind and face the struggles within.

Sales from this module benefit Take This, a 501(c)(3) mental health nonprofit serving the game community, and dedicated to eradicating the stigma of mental illness.

This module contains a Tier 1 Adventure optimized for five 3rd-level characters, as well as a new cleric sublclass inspired by Take This' mascot the Psychomancer.


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